Diversity Rules! Part 1: Ford

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 15th, 2015


Diversity Rules! Part 1:
“For many seasons the activist in me tried to figure out what to do about the problem at hand regarding the lack of racial diversity on the runways, in editorials and fashion advertising.

I have addressed the industry by having town hall meetings, gaining international media support, even naming those who lack the sense of responsibility of incorporating models of color. And after being given the CFDA’s Founders Award in June 2014 for upfront confrontation and determination to change how things are done and seen, still we lag at where we should be as an industry.

Surely there has been some improvement.

Where there is clear improvement over the years…are the model agencies. They have improved their inclusion of the model of color and continue to seek those beauties.

So I decided, instead of looking at what and where it isn’t happening (for now), to show where it continues to grow. There are agencies with far more ethnic models than others, but there are many still open to growth.

I decided to reflect what I saw here with the support of Models.com and the model agencies.

I start with FORD who reached out to me to say, look at our efforts. I knew then it had to be an ongoing series…to include all that are making that same effort.

It was truly my pleasure and pride, to see and meet the models that I selected to represent their agencies and to link the others the agency represented as well.

No doubt, it’s a beautiful movement.”

Bethann Hardison

All Models: Ford Models (New York)
Edited by Bethann Hardison

Photos by Hans Neumann (De Facto) for Models.com
Hair: Andre Gunn
Makeup: Tracy Alfajora
Retoucher: Tatiana Chebotareva
Bethann Hardison portrait by Hans Neumann for Models.com
Video interviews by Bethann Hardison
Art direction: Stephan Moskovic
Video editing: Andrea Fumagalli @ Blue Barn Pictures
Producer: Jazmin Alvarez

Iesha Hodges
Kayla Scott
Khadija Otero
Miyanda Jacobs-Newton
Sarah Marie
Ting Gong
Tsheca White

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13 Comments to “Diversity Rules! Part 1: Ford”

  1. Caroline says:

    Obsessed with Kayla

  2. clados says:

    Yes that are some very beautiful girls!

  3. Tommy sen says:

    I want to be a model doing it…

  4. elle says:

    Khadija Otero looks so interesting!! why no video for Ting Gong?

  5. Mal says:

    Absolutely stunning ladies. England is still so far behind!

  6. Jessica Fresh says:

    This is amazing and this woman is an inspiration.

    What an exciting time to be apart of this industry.

  7. Tiggles La Fare says:

    What an amazingly beautiful group of women. Simply superb choices. I agree with what Jessica Fresh says.

  8. Emma says:

    That girl from Dominican Republic is gorgeous !! Bethany is perfection.

  9. RyoStylin says:

    Kayla is cool stuff. Love her!

  10. ebencipe says:

    Love ting gong and sara marie – true standout 🙂 since we are talkng about diversity, the casting director of this post should’ve included even just 1 of the 3 filipino models on the “ford women” board. They are the only filipina girls who represent the filipino race in the highfashion world since Anna Bayle. They deserve much attention just like the other ethnicities in this post, knowing that they are the so-called minority in the Western fashion. Hopefully, the mdc team would include Sherita Dehon if a post regarding this will be made about DNA models.


  11. Luis says:

    This is a great movement. But there is a problem, Hispanic beauty is not represented in Fashion, Runway, Editorials. I want to say I got rejected from Ford Models Chicago because of racial discrimination toward wanting to represent Guatemala as a male. I want this to change, I want Hispanic men and woman to be involved In the Fashion world, Runway, Editorials. Also guys have to be given a chance to at least Model if their height is of 5’8 tall like a girl so there is EQUALITY

  12. Prudence says:

    Yesss Bethann!! This movement is soo needed. NYFW was sooooo incredibly white and I do not even recall seeing any of these models and its terribly sad. I am so glad Bethann is still pushing for this because there is soo much work to be done.