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September 3rd, 2009 by betty | Girls, Model News
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Ali Stephens. Pols courtesy of Elite New York.
The blue chip girls are polishing it up for the shows. Take for instance, Ali Stephens in these exclusive polaroids courtesy of Elite, with a new cut by Garren, and a lighter color by Laurie Foley. So sleek!

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  1. stash says:

    wow I don’t like these at all

  2. jesus says:

    wow. true beauty!!!!
    her eyes and face bones really pop out with the lighter hair!

  3. devore says:

    It makes her look more mature. She looks like a 90s supermodel hehe. Lol now she reminds me of ali larter I like it

  4. janelle says:

    A lot of haircuts this week, no?

  5. Janelle says:

    Whoa. Bingo on the Ali Larter resemblance!

  6. KatModel says:

    up and up and up she goes…

  7. Tommy Fields says:


  8. christian says:

    they should do the color he had in russh Mag. she looked so strong! now she looks , well commercial. its kinda too bad, i hope she doesnt fade away, she has such potential.

  9. dee says:

    the hair is very commerical….

  10. raie says:

    she looks alot more mature, but not as edgy as before she looks more old school now haha i don’t know but shes cute :)

  11. dee says:

    i agree that the hair is really commercial. i wonder how it would look bleached! or maybe black…

  12. Modelizer says:

    How is this color commercial?? It looks super edgy- very grunge, very summery, very cool kid, very Lords of Dogtown. I love how it highlights her gorgeous eyes. Looks much like how Ali’s hair looked when she started modeling two years ago.

  13. jaime says:

    wow, major bummer. she looks like any other girl out there.
    she should definately go back to her natural color where it fits her best
    and she stands out

  14. carola says:

    I love Ali but I don’t like this color on her. She doesn’t look bad but she looked sooo elegant and gorgeous in darker hair. Captivating face though, I don’t think it will damage her career or anything.

  15. vika says:

    She’s a fantastic model but this hair (cut and color) does her no favors -at all-. What was Elite thinking?

  16. caroline says:

    synonyms for blue-chip: best, boss, choice, chosen, cool, cream, culled, delicate, discriminating, eclectic, elect, elegant, exclusive, exquisite, favored, first-class, first-rate, handpicked, limited, number one, pick, picked, posh, preferred, prime, privileged, rare, recherché, screened, selected, selective, special, superior, top, topnotch, tops, weeded, winner, winnowed, world-class.

  17. Antonio Barros says:

    Wooow! She is so pretty! Amazing eyes!


  18. Pony Ryder says:

    The great thing about Ali is that with time she’s not only getting a more mature look as a model, but she’s also getting a slightly more commercial look, and a more commercial look means more money, which is good both for the model and the fashion industry in general.
    The editorial clients are definitely going to keep booking her, and she might be a great new discovery for some of the best commercial clients in the industry.

  19. sissi says:

    vika i completely agree with you!

  20. breaker says:

    Wow, looks like it’s 1992 and she just walked into the agency. I love Ali and I love 80s/90s clothes coming back as well, but the hair is awful. It takes away from her true beauty and makes her look more common.

  21. gem23 says:

    Dont make a real judgement until you see how she works it…these are only 2 pictures it could look very different in person or on the runway. It does look very similar to when she first started and it totally suits her look now as a more mature woman and model. Also agree with modelizer-very grunge, reminds me of jay in lords of dogtown!!! :) SO COOL- good job elite!

  22. l says:

    i think she looks gorgeous.

  23. dr.s.rakesh bharti says:

    beautiful face, grooming still in the making, need a professional touch to carve this raw diamond

  24. Joe says:

    Love Ali Stephens . The blonde is so different I don’t know what to make of it .

  25. debby says:

    she looks very old school
    love the eyes

  26. kels says:

    love the color, hate the length.

  27. Daniel says:

    I actually saw her walking down the street this morning and she looked GORGEOUS, i think these are just AWFUL pictures…
    She is so cool, was hanging out with her sister i think…

  28. Eamon says:

    I don’t know why I’m thinking Belinda Carlisle.

  29. ryan says:

    She actually stands out more now to me anyway

  30. marcus says:

    a very beautiful cover is coming out soon where Ali had her old colour and she looks amazing!!!

  31. ocean says:

    WhoaZers gorgeousness

  32. ocean says:

    …oh there was a haircut??? I was looking at her face!

  33. nancy says says:

    just something about her that’s makes you want to route for her. I hope this doesn’t affect casting in the up coming shows. Her hair color is almost the same when she first came on the scene. The girl is gorgeous the haircut… maybe elite knows something we don’t.

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