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December 16th, 2008 by betty | Boys, Girls, Interviews, Model News, Videos
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[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/12/vuid1.mov image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/12/otm-video-ashe22.gif width=480 height=360 /]

The Ash & Eliza show Part 1 generated an unprecedented amount of comments never seen before on OTM. Love ’em or leave ’em (and we love ’em).. here is The Ash & Eliza Show Part 2.

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  1. lubo says:

    first comment!

  2. lola says:

    haha it was so cute when they “modeled their hair cuts” in sync. ‘i fought you were jokin!”

  3. yeahright says:


  4. .. says:

    they are pretty..average…

  5. lubo says:

    fourth comment!

    c’mon guys, i thought they were interesting!!

    lets break 200 comments, yea!!!!

  6. beebug says:

    oh they are so cute together

  7. MDC_270808 says:


  8. annie says:

    Ash is sweet and beautiful… Eliza …less than average looks wise ,better than average personality, verve and charisma wise..(hey, you can’t have everything..she’s got a cute boyfriend too…haha)..maybe she should be an actress…

  9. Charlotte says:


  10. Jase says:

    um, i DO NOT get eliza’s appeal as a model
    and i used to like ash but iv lost total interest after all the hype.
    tbh, i could do away with them both if i had to..

  11. Susan says:

    It’s one thing to wear the punk look, it’s another thing to look and act like a complete burnout…….

  12. LP says:

    she’ll dump him the minute she’ll become famous…wait and see…

  13. m says:

    shes amazing your all jealous and hes not bad either
    wish i had their careers

  14. suki says:

    all i can say its a good job some of you have absolutely no authority or influence where the fashion industry is concerned…the people at the top can see their worth and thats all that counts…now i hope some of you can get a life….

  15. Charles Bronson says:

    Somehow the fact that there are negative comments on here does not surprise me. The majority of people in fashion, save those at the top, don’t know their arse from their elbow (that goes for Annie above as well). Most people failed to see Agyness’ appeal when she first launched and the same runs true for Kate Moss and a host of other big girls.

    Eliza and Ash are appreciated where they should be – by the people at the top of their profession and not by nobodies that spend their day tossing off over the internet.

    Get lives people and jobs then come back to me…

  16. 11th says:

    and why was my comment removed? i though it was a fair point and a very good question.

  17. lovisa says:

    i don’t know about eliza. ash i can definitely see going far in the business, but eliza.. i don’t know. even though i’m definitely into her look, it just doesn’t work in the end for female models unfortunately.

  18. london says:

    both are beautiful and very funny. Eliza could be an amazing model her facial features are perfect!

  19. ash says:


  20. ko says:

    you know its f up when you delete people’s comments. this isn’t a perfect world, no one is going to agree to everything. and like i said on my last comment, no one pretty much cares about this kids anymore.

    if you keep deleting comments people are gonna stop coming here.

  21. betty says:

    To Ko,

    As I’ve said before, we put plenty of negative comments as well as positive comments.. And as I’ve SAID BEFORE, if your comment was not published.. it means it was
    2-already said a thousand times
    3-did not move the conversation forward

    By the way, we do not delete comments. You think it’s published but the rest of the world does not see it until we approve it. Just FYI about the internet world, most reputable sites approve comments, otherwise it turns into a free for all.


  22. ko says:

    My not accepted comment was “No one cares about them anymore” I was actually replying to someone who commented about making this new video a 200 comment post. I don’t understand how my comment is worst then this comments.

    “filth” “next” “first comment”…

    But really, whatever. I guess those comments are interesting and move the conversation forward.

  23. irving says:

    They are the best!!
    that´s all i´ve got to say O.O

  24. Jeff says:

    I love ash!
    And i love how he commented on this video as well.
    He is so very Beautiful.

    Why is it that we can’t see more of the Thin Male Models??
    (they are all thin, but as thin as Ash.)

  25. Annie says:

    i love these two, who ever doesnt stop wasting your time bashing them

  26. eve says:

    thanks for pt2… just get em back once a week :)

  27. bloggerquest says:

    I definitely see them getting far with all the attention they’re getting, but just like the Slimane models, these are the faces that are bringing the industry down. It’s reverse snobbery – forcing the street look onto the fashion scene just for the sake of being different and edgy.

  28. Maddy says:

    I like them.

  29. foxy says:

    Betty deletes all the comments she doesn’t like because she wants to pretend life is perfect as MDC as well, Betty you should wake up for life and stop encouraging this kind of people to be in fashion, Agyness Dein, and these two are invention of some people and suddently everybody has to say it is cool, tatoos ,piercings and punks should be extermitated from the fashion world is has been used and reused but now can we have a break for the next 50 years?…Lara Stone is cool, actually the coolest model in world nowadays but this is 2 are cliche, considering this two as a models is a mistake, they are not and I hope never will be, even Kate Moss that I think is so boring and does not have a human height for a model, at least her body and looks are not dirty, I always remeber that Stella tenant when she first came with piercing on her face…God can people stop scouting in UK, Thanks!

  30. betty says:

    I wish I was the only one who deletes comments, there’s more than 1 person who works at MDC.

    By the way, life is not perfect but life is cruel enough without negative people adding stupid, cruel and useless comments that doesn’t add to any good karma in the universe.

    And by the way, Foxy, I put up plenty of comments I don’t like, I only delete the ones that are boring, mean or just plain old stupid.

    Oh why do I even bother posting the same old things over and over again, it seems like no one reads them.. If you’re going to put something up that’s negative, at least make them a little creative and intelligent.

    But I guess that anyone who calls themselves “foxy” probably needs a little help in that department.


  31. Sam says:

    a little warm Christmas message to “Foxy”. Kate Moss not being the “human height” is bizarre coming from an animal who can speak. I’ll tell you what Foxy if you ever come to the UK, I’ll be sure to leave a bowl of milk out for you. I’m thinking maybe your little problem with UK models could have something to do with Fox Hunting.. just a thought? i’m stunned you can type with your little chubby paws. PETA

  32. kim says:

    Sam, your hilarious! I totally agree with you, Foxy has some serious issues. Foxy, I will like to know whats is of “human height”?

  33. ryan says:

    Don’t lose your cool betty! These people got nothin’ on ya! You rock!

  34. moulinRouge says:

    Ash,you got something! Love your personality!!! You are a high fashion model!!

  35. moulinRouge says:

    But I totaly agree with you Charles Bronson!!!

  36. ko says:

    Foxy – Please don’t compare ash to Aggy when she is one of the nicest and most down to earth girls. She has a style, it might not be the style you like but it’s her style. And that has gotten her way way far. Aggy inspires designers, and she has a huge fanbase due to the fact that she is not just another boring model. Kids can relate to her.

    Don’t say, please stop scouting in the UK. The UK is not all about being punk. Believe it or not there are a lot of normal kids who dress normal. It’s funny you mention Lara Stone. She might be cool but someone needs to teach her how to walk on runway. Models are real people, they’re not here to please you in any way. Though I do agree Ash and his gf are pretty damn stupid.

  37. DooDiva says:

    Most negative comments made me laugh so hard. I feel sorry for them because they are really that CLUELESS.

    A few of them said stop scouting in UK. Hello, nothing new about that scout networks.

    For example, like Brazil then Russia then Australia, you get the idea.

    Thanks to Gisele, Natalia V, and Catherine McNeil, etc.

    Anyway, go back to the point: Fashion is all about IMPERFECTION. Of course, fashion always looks for flaw in the character like ASH but that’s what make him looks so interesting.

    Ok, now, what do I think of ASH and Eliza? Hmmm..

    ASH seems cool and I believe he will be on his “self-discovery” journey. He may be go far in the fashion unless he doesn’t want to or not.

    Eliza…I hate to say this, Eliza is too “fat” for high fashion. She should be better suit to commerical stuff and will be great in print works.

    That’s it. Oh! Betty and MDC crews…Please keep going and do your things to post fabulous stuff on your own MODELS.COM site! ;)

  38. kf says:

    oh wow.
    I really love ash’s look, he is such an amazing model
    but his personality is ohso lame!
    when he opened his mouth and started to talk
    i just wanted to mute the video,
    Im sorry im just being honest.
    but it doesnt change the way i feel
    about him as a model, just as a person.(like that matters haha)

    and oh eliza, i do not get you…

  39. betty says:

    Hi DooDiva
    First of all thank you for posting so frequently and usually always so positively, we welcome good energy, there’s enough bad energy out there.

    I enjoyed your post but the only thing I wasn’t crazy about was that you called her “fat”… Eliza is far from “fat”. She looks great and actually looks a little more lean than the first time we saw her on the MDX feature, Select’s 6 pack. She might not be a rail like Jourdan Dunn (who is very thin naturally) but her body looks totally fine.


  40. John says:

    well in my eyes the posters on here have resonance with what this industry is all about. Shallow, fickle and unhealthy.

  41. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    Hmm.. Posers.. :) I mean we need to be realistic and think about how edgy the real punk scene was to begin with.. Talking with people who actually were in the 80’s and knew the 80’s would say.. “If punks back then saw the punks this time around.. The punks now would get the shit kicked out of ’em.”

    Between female models looking like mail order brides and guy models looking like waif males with cracked attitudes.. I’m finding more and more the model scene to be rather sad..

    I agree with Naomi Campbell.. We need more ethnic models.. In which I think she was pushing for models with a bold appearance..

  42. Zoe says:

    I absolutely love Ash, and I’m surprised at how much I love the two of them together. I don’t mind the edgy idea in fashion–we have so much of it the other way that it’s sort of refreshing to see them. I know we’ve had other models with tattoos (Kroppmann for example) and I personally love it. It gives a whole new twist, and while it can be hard to get it involved, I think it reflects the way of the new generation that’s up and coming. Not just a new generation coming into the industry, but also a new generation of consumer. Fashion is not directed toward the select few but it is, at it’s very core, a market, based on the demands of the consumers, and all you need to do is look at modern media to understand that these two are a smart move.

    I absolutely love the two of them. They make me laugh watching them interact.

  43. sam says:

    i love Eliza and to who ever called her fat is a absolute idiot she is a healthy size 6 a lot of people use her because of her lovely bum and boobs she has an amazing body trust me i have seen it. her book is amazing just look on select. she is amazing in pictures she has just shoot some amazing stuff some of it is mind blowing. as for ash he is a sweet hart and is also an amazing model. i spoke to Eliza and she said she never wanted this to happen like this she didn’t wont anyone finding out about her and ash because she new this is what it would come to. so for all you bullies that like to slag off young 17 yr old’s back off because i am sure you would not say it to there face love SAM x x x x

  44. JC says:

    livin in east london right now, they are totally what most kids are like round here… being a ‘kid’ myself it’s a dream to grow up here as you can really develop your own sense of style however bold you want to be. Ash and Eliza happen to be a couple of us kids with amazing bone structure and i think that photographers who love their kind of energy should come here to east london and shoot away before the olympics invades us completely. Shoreditch rules!

  45. Grayson says:

    i dont mind the whole “british rebel” think. like the whole punk movement, but these kids just sound plain stupid, and quite frankly pretty trashy. i mean there is a line for everything and they totally cross it and go a mile beyond. if this was me on here, a 17 year old white american kid, talking about my “dislexic as fuck friend” and how fucked up i got with my friends at the bar, i would never go anywhere. i just dont think punk looks, and extreme hair cut, and tattoos, are enough to excuse tool bag behavior.

    its “quite wonky” to me

  46. jen jen says:

    I am not commenting to hate!.. I think these two are awesome, super chill and gorgeous people (the type that would keep me cracking up 24 seven). However, I will point out how they both seem to lack education and how they do not seem to worry about anything while I am a 16 year old who constantly finds herself stressing out about school, SAT’s,college …. Anyway my real reason for commenting: What do you guys eat? Are you constantly dieting and depriving yourself of complicated carbs? I really want to know. *(I am thin but I want to loose more weight lol)

    p.s I LOVE FASHION! MODELS!! RUNWAY SHOWS (I’ve never been but seen videos lol) <3

  47. FashionRocks says:

    I just can’t believe all this negativity.
    Are we in 5th grade? Common now.

    ASH – amazing, STARRR!!!
    ELIZA – sweet girl and cool personality, but she is not a high fashion model, however could do commercial work…

    That’s all

  48. steph says:

    they are both amazing.
    ash has been my best friend for 5 years now and is the funnyest and most entertaining person you will ever meet!
    and as for the uneducated comment he is suprisingly smart but lacks common sence !!!

  49. steph says:

    check out his band the mannequins. there playing razzmatazz in barcalona on the 27th dec !! x

  50. ben says:

    I am so in love with eliza she is the woman of my dreams I saw her at a casting and feel in love she is so beautifull she looks like a boy but in a good way I love it so ash watch out buddy ben is about x x x x

  51. Hannah says:

    nice look.
    not easy to forget them, they stay in the mind.

  52. DrissisAdrien says:

    I love the dyslexic TATTOOO bahahaha

    Modest and Honest ==> cool

    A bit too much like the “Sunday morning Shoreditch version of the Britney Spears white trash…” So yeah, they sort of crossed the limit between acting cool and acting like a complete pothead…

    But hey, people used to like it, when shoreditch was actually alive…


  53. Julian says:

    You’re both actually kind of sexy (esp. Ash!, sorry Eliza I’m gay, but you’re hot in your own way too!), and I love you guys’ haircuts!

    Fascinating, but slightly offputting with their personalities (they seem uninvolved and just blah.. like going nowhere), but there both very fashionable.

  54. tracy says:

    i dont no y eliza is with ash. i love eliza she is such a down to earth girl, but ash he is just such a little, well sorry to say but (bastard). god eliza you do pick them down you!!!!!!!

  55. sam is eliza's man says:

    i cant stop looking at her she has the most beautfull face i have ever seen, with the little bow lips and big blue eyes and the perfect jaw line. i just wish i had met her befor she met ash i would be her slave so eliza if you read this i am in love with you……….

  56. Marco says:

    I love them both!! eliza her face looks like edie sedgwick…really cute with her beaty spot…and ash is a totally hotstuff…fresh, versatile and most of all very cool!

  57. Bri Skye says:

    They remind me of my friends and well… myself!

  58. j_ryan says:

    it’s fierce….
    amazing models…..

  59. Kino says:

    They’re so hilarious and endearing! =^_^=
    And ASH’s nipples is so juicy!

  60. sami says:

    they fucking rockkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

    someone should make them into a tv show :)

  61. carlos says:

    they have great natural beauty and their skin is so perfect

  62. Josh says:

    I love both of them! there both legends hahahahahaha


  63. Steven says:

    hahahaha, made me smile watching this, and to think all along this is all that fashion needed :)

    ash and his girlfriend just scream YOUTH!!!!

    i think we have found our new teen icon :)
    but saying that he is oretty ucking stupid :) haha

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. :) says:


  65. Heather says:

    i love ashley
    he is my best friend and is amazing :)
    and i agree with steph about the common sense.

  66. lo says:

    hey, well i heard they broke up. gimme yo numba ashley. :D

  67. alex says:

    Love Ash’s haircut

  68. eliza says:

    thanks betty you are wicked me and ash are back out in new york soon so will have to meet up x x x

  69. juan says:

    you have to do an interview with FOXY … she has more comments than those 2 freaks

  70. MDC_387849 says:

    Most words ending in unstressed -our in the United Kingdom (e.g., colour, flavour, honour, armour, rumour) end in -or in the United States (i.e., color, flavor, honor, armor, rumor).

    Here in the states your tattoo is a-okay.

  71. Conor says:

    Those two are legends :)
    im going to get my hair done like ash’s

  72. jk says:

    eliza is amazing.
    i’ve met her, and she is so much fun. and she IS high fashion. she’s going to be on the cover of italian vogue. i don’t think italian vogue hires commercial models. she’s also been in some pretty amazing shows like marc jacobs and rodarte.

    she’s going to be big.

    o, and ash is an asshole. he cheated on her.

  73. jess says:

    i love them both, together, separate, i don’t care.
    they’re both extremely amazing models and i think
    that anyone who says otherwise is delusional.
    they’re exactly the kind of people that the fashion
    world needs to embrace and i’m glad that their
    kind of beauty is being recognized. half the kids
    i know look and dress exactly like them and it’s about
    time people start seeing us as just delinquents

  74. steph says:

    Stymest is one of the hottest models i have ever seen in my life by far, and as much as i want to hate Cummins, shes absolutely gorgeous.
    they’re perfect.

  75. Georgia says:

    Ash Stymest R.I.P.

  76. Burf says:

    i know ash
    and his brother
    go me

  77. Manal says:

    I think they’re pretty rad
    You people are all kinds of crazy.
    Eliza and Ash are so darn lovable!

  78. kara says:

    i think theyre hot. ive wanted to do my hair like that for yonks.

  79. lily says:

    cute kids :)

  80. valerie says:

    i love them! and their hair!

  81. Alana says:

    Ash is adorable, aw!
    he’s just so interesting, same with Eliza! :)

  82. noah says:

    I love the interviewers American accent in contrast with their harsh London accents.

  83. kate says:

    love them both

  84. jade says:

    what is ash’s brothers name?

  85. Leo says:

    I like them both – so rock’n ‘roll- love it. . especially ash , I just love that kind of look on guys . I personally don’t really think this extreme punk look is beautiful on girls but I totally accept and admire if someone has found his own style and doesn’t care about what others say .
    But when I heard them talking I wondered how old they are ? Because when they were talking about getting really drunk and being so freaking cool beacauese of that I thought that people in my age usually behave like that ( and I’m 16 ! ) ..
    oh well , but anyway I think that kind of look is the future of the model business

  86. Savannah says:

    What is Ash’s siblings names?

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