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November 19th, 2008 by doshka | Boys, Model News, Model of the Week
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  1. rider says:

    vouh, good genes in the family.

  2. Matt says:

    is it me or if he had short hair he would look like eddie klints brother?

  3. Ed says:

    Great to see him as MOTW! I can’t wait to see the big thing he’s in that is coming out soon ;)

  4. Rei says:

    well, he looks fine to me… with that cute hair that is. way to go!

  5. MDC_359289 says:


  6. romeo163 says:

    sees a litte shy!
    but also very cute!

  7. Marad says:


  8. liela sun says:

    he’s so attractive

  9. Long Tran says:

    Not quite..

  10. Keith says:

    He loves Mick Jagger, what could go wrong?

  11. Jimmy2sticks says:

    Bloomin ‘eck, i don’t even think he’s good looking…with my looks i’d blow him out the water…..

  12. Emily says:

    he looks like a guy version of freja beha! :0

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