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Jasmine Tookes. Digital courtesy of IMG

Jasmine Tookes’ journey through the three prior show week platforms, New York (Calvin), London (Tom Ford) and Milan (Prada, Versace) has her beautifully positioned as a breakout star of the SS12 season. Jasmine’s earlier track record which has seen her logging campaigns for DKNY and Gap ┬áis that sure-fire indicator that this is one girl who will be fully aware of the new editorial and advertising possibilites her high visibility runway streak is opening. And that’s the beauty of perseverance.

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  1. EVR says:


  2. Not on the guest list says:

    the new Joan Smalls

  3. Beauty Is Diverse says:

    Love Jasmine.

  4. Misty Jean says:

    Now I hope she doesn’t disappear!! Less Joan and more Jasmine!

  5. NRC says:

    Beyond super beautiful and an incredibly delightful personality. Stay tunes.. This one is going places folks!

  6. helenapowlowski says:

    she’s fabulous

  7. taylor says:

    i totally agree with that sentiment: more jasmine, less joan!!!!!

  8. Olivia says:

    She reminds me of Lais Ribeiro

  9. page says:

    some of you really have to grow up. stop the arbitrary comparisons. Joan and Jasmine don’t even have the same “look”. with that being said Jasmine is gorgeous in her own right.

  10. brucegisele says:

    Page.. thank you for saying that………….. Joan is puerto rican n Jasmine is a Cali GIRL WITH SOME EDGE… they dont look nor walk, seem alike….. yes n she does gives alittle lais Riberio… but all three are different n each REALLY OWN THEIR LOOK.. so stop saying that…. these girls actually read these things posts.. not cool! I want see u do it.. or they would compare you too… besides a SUPERMODEL GROUP HASNT BEEN FORM YET FOR MY GENERATION….. THEY ARE ALOT POTENTIAL GIRLS THAT CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN IN A MAJOR WAY!

  11. asa says:

    These comments are ridiculous. Comparing one to another due to the color of her skin? Wishing one less work so that another will work more? How about a simple congrats for being a great model?

  12. kiki says:

    Well said paige. Sometimes there is no comparison she is jusy beautiful! I’m really glad for her and her success

  13. Josh says:

    She will never be even close to the same level as Joan. Joan is destined to become an icon.

  14. Brandon says:

    Exactly Asa! You said everything I needed to say. Im extremely proud of Jasmine and she’s stunning in person. I met her backstage at Calvin and she has a presence that is out of this world. GO JASMINE!!!

  15. RO says:


  16. Damion Rochester says:

    She is very beautiful and I agree with the notion of stop being crabs in a bucket, tearing down one black girl for the success of another. I hope they both succeed! I am realizing that in this world success is made for those who persevere! It is that simple. Congrats Jasmine!

  17. Strawberry Swing says:

    I really dont think Jasmine and Joan look anything alike. Just because they both have a brown skin tone doesnt mean they should be compared. They really have quite different looks. Both gorgeous! Both stunning! And both can certainly produce great editorial and commercial work. But they dont look alike!

  18. sophie says:

    i follow u sometime now and i really enjoy your page!
    please check my streetstyle-blog too, i just went online a few days ago :)
    xx Sophie

  19. tessa says:

    I dont understand the joan vs jasmine comparisons. If anything, i agree that she looks very similar to lais. if i were to compare her to anyone’s likely future, it would probably be that of anais mali. jasmine has a very small frame. while she is a very beautiful girl, she isn’t quite as strong as someone like joan. joan has a supermodel presence and strength that’s evident at first glance. aside from that, because as we all know, a models career isn’t solely based on her looks. Joan has an amazing and electrifying personality. I’ve not only seen jasmine at shows but many of the girls even say that she doesnt speak. she’s lacking in the personality department. either way, we should wish each of these girls the absolute best. they look nothing alike. joan’s trajectory has been unparalleled over the last few seasons. jasmine has had a great start to the high fashion world, but she’s not proven anything yet. best of luck to both girls!

  20. Barrio Dimitri says:

    Reminded for a couple of seconds, of Jourdan Dunn or Anais Mali. But as most black models are, she is simply beautiful!


  21. Justin says:

    i prefer joan smalls. she’s more like anais. she’s cute but note fierce.

  22. Not on the guest list says:

    I compared her with Joan because they are too “commercial” I mean, let’s face it, she was meant to do Macy’s stuff, until Calvin Klein took her but I’ll wait until the big shows in Paris start, Joan proved that seh could do Parisian fashion houses.

  23. Things I Like says:

    errmmm…i wish both her and joan success…i really dont get the “less joan and more jasmine” :S they are two separate models…and they definitely DON’T look alike *sigh*

    anyway she looks cool but i’m still not sure about jasmine yet

  24. Supermodels Rock says:

    Jasmine is heating up the runways this season. I see a very bright future ahead of her. She and Joan are nothing alike. Jasmine looks like Jasmine. Not Joan, not Lais, not Jordan. Best of luck to her. I have my eye on this girl, she is a star! Mark my words.

  25. nick says:

    I love Joan and I love Jasmine… Go get em Girls…

  26. troy says:

    She looks exactly like Lais Riberio

  27. Alex says:

    Question: Russell marsh is now casting for versace, true or false??

  28. Kevin says:

    @Alex Russell casts for Versus, Versace is casted in-house

  29. ModelLover224 says:

    I was backstage with Jasmine at Balmain show in Paris and she is one extremely sweet and has an amazing personality. She’s always smiling and happy to have conversation with anyone. Splendid personality! I did and interview with her for Fashion TV and she had the most appropriate and cute answers that anyone could have. As far as Josn Smalls goes I think she has an attitude as if she is the only one in the room. She is not one of my favorites. Jourdan Dunn reminds me of Jasmine. They are both really sweet girls. I think Jasmine will rise to the top

  30. alejandrostyles says:

    honey shes beyond fierce!!!!

  31. Josh says:

    I think she is destined for long term success in the commercial department, but not high fashion. Joan is the most versatile one in the game, and that is why these other girls can’t touch her. Jasmine will be a great face for Maybelline one day, though.

  32. RICCARDO says:


  33. Constance says:

    She’s amazingly beautiful… some similarities with Jourdan but I prefer Jasmine…

  34. Landen says:

    beautiful girl! the long thing that pisses me off is the comments. why less joan? can there only be a few ethnic girl working at one time?? let them all stay up there.

  35. bagoo says:

    Captivating…Hope to see more

  36. Mary says:

    So absolutely stunning!!! Check out my photos as well!!

  37. Peter says:

    Such a pretty!

  38. Agent D says:

    California girls have been rep’in lately. Love Jasmine Look

  39. Sabrina X Lagden says:

    the next naomi campbell :)

  40. Dubious Lee says:


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