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The Ford Models Supermodel 2010 finale held at the massive Casa Fasano space provided the hordes of photographers with a feast of photo-ops, from the 36 beauties in competition, Balenciaga babe Chanel Iman, a Margiela clad Stephen Gan, local star Marcelle Bittar to every male model on Ford Brazil’s audacious board. Throw in a live samba band led by 4 sizzling dancers, hot beats by a banging DJ and floods of Sao Paulo’s beautiful people and what you have was a spectacle!

All pics Betty Sze for MODELS.com

The final judging at Hotel Fasano.

The bus on the way to Samba class.

One of the finalists, Bruna Tiedt from Brazil.

Spain, Lebanon and Lithuania with the eventual winner Baltics’ Karlina.

The Brazilians support their local Samba school.

Peru parties it up.

The flags of the school.

Girls on stage.

Kenya and Portugal dance up a storm.

Looking out at the audience.

Clovis, Ford Brasil agent, works the Osklen shirt.

Ford New York team, Fritz, Rachel, Juliana and Julie are on top of everything.

The girls take a well deserved break from dancing.

One last photo op with the ladies from the Samba school.

4 of the girls’ 6 bodyguards.

The incredible space at Casa Fasano.

One of the finalists, Australia’s Grace Quealy.

One of the finalists, Belarus’ Maryna Buniak.

The rehearsal.

V founder and creative director, Stephen Gan with Ford director, Caroline Poznanski.

Backstage, Portugal has a great smile!

Two of the finalists, USA’s Olivia and Philippines’ Charlene Almarve.

The fabulous spread.

Ford Directors Michelle Pryor and Caroline Poznanski with the indefatigable Doreen from Ford.

Made in Brazil’s Juliano and partner Leo.

Ford director Desio (right) with top Brazilian photographer Gui Paganini and his model girlfriend.

Ford’s beautiful Alexina Graham, a former Ford Supermodel finalist.

Katie Ford, scion of the fabulous Ford family.

All dolled up from the Ford team: Fritz, Kady, Natalie, Aaron, Julie and Rachel.

Chanel Iman with Stephen Gan.

The presentation

Chanel Iman and Marcelle Bittar make the announcement.

The Fab 5

The winner Karlina Caune from the Baltics.

The crush of Brazilian press.

Marvelous Marcelle!

Sweden’s Isabelle Storck and Philippines’ Charlene

A Carnaval dancer wows the crowd.

Beautiful Brazilian Ladies!

Ford agent Paulo shows his Brazilian moves.

Ford Brasil’s Desio with his stunning wife, Brazilian celebrity, Denise.

The Ford brand is bold.

Charlene sits with Fritz before jetting back home to the Philippines.

Good bye Sao Paulo. Thanks Ford for a fabulous event!


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  1. Netto says:

    The people, the food, the samba, the beach, the models…VIVA BRAZIL!

  2. Joao Pedo says:

    I love my country,brazilians models rocks.
    We Love Brazilians Models ;)

  3. Joao Pedo says:

    I love my country,brazilians models rocks.
    We Love Brazilians Models ;)


  4. peterModelObsessed says:

    Thank you Betty Sze for the fabulous pix…….made us feel the sights and feel of Brazil!

  5. cyril says:

    i like all the girls they look very diverse on each other especially the girl from the philippines. she looks unsual asian…….. hope to see her soon as a one of the top models…

  6. lanvinray says:

    Wayne & Betty! Thank you so much for this! more power to u guys :)

  7. Nikko says:

    I LOVE CHARLENE!!! SHE BETTA WERK!!!! and Chanel Iman ruin that Balenciaga skirt! :O

  8. Le Vengeur Masque says:

    Agent Natalie should be the winner.
    What an amazing beauty she is.

  9. James Gerrard says:

    Clovis looks fabulous in a great shape she could be on the contest as well!

  10. Samira says:

    So many nice candis. It’s good that Karlina has won.

  11. peterModelObsessed says:

    Karlina look like a TV starlet more than a model to me. I can see her in CW shows like 90210 or gossip girls. Others looked like models…..

  12. peterModelObsessed says:

    They should chopped and give Charlene a Bob cut. I think she will be edgier!

  13. peterModelObsessed says:

    Charlene is my favorite out of them.

  14. TpC says:

    Karlina is quite a beauty – a face that seems somewhat familiar.

    Brazil – what a great place – such friendly happy people who know how to live it up!

  15. Olga Shvets says:

    I like it.
    I would like to see as taking place in different countries.

    I have several times sent their models on Russia finals.
    but they have not won:)

  16. Edgar Alan Diva says:

    Well,seems my country Philippines is the home beauty queens and model too like charlene, oozing with sex appeal……..

  17. catch says:

    The “Fab 5” pics are creating a buzz. The people want more!

  18. Jacquie Mei says:

    Another spectacular job well done with Supermodel 2010. Iris and Robert I know you guys are behind it all, although I don’t see you both in any of the photos, why is that?
    Anyway, I remember what a marvelous job you did with us here in Sri Lanka and how successful the search was. Hope to do it again !

  19. felicity Setvonovich says:

    I am impressed that a star as big as Chanel sticks with the agency that hand-delivered her to fame. It is refreshing to see these days because so many rising star models don’t appear to show that same degree of loyalty and gratitude to the agency that served them so well at the beginning. Whether it’s Ford or any other top agency.

    It will be interesting to see if these new girls develop that same bond and sense of loyalty to Ford if/when they make it big, or if they will jump ship and not look back when other agencies try to lure them away. I don’t know why it bugs me when models do this, but it does.

  20. gerard says:

    CHARLENE of the philippines really stood out of the contestants cause she’s got the looks, body, smile…. she’s so beautiful…i’m so excited to see her as ford’s model.. She deserves the top seat!^^

  21. kevin evans says:


  22. dante says:

    troubled by the racist remarks. skin tone does neither a model make, nor break. it comes down to something much deeper. the girls here must ALL have qualities that set them apart from the other (equally) beautiful girls who participated in the competition.
    which girls of these girls will stand out in the real world of fashion won’t be known until the industry speaks, not the girls’ respective fan clubs, or those who harbor prejudice angst.

  23. Catch says:

    They look like a happy lot. young pups gotta keep up now so hope they stick together. It can be a mean business.

  24. AKO says:

    Philippine is Beautiful

  25. prusia says:

    OMG!!! I DIDNT KNOW CHARLENE WAS THAT GORGEOUS!!…F*CK! SHE BETTER WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. prusia says:


  27. Catch says:

    “prusia” i believe you are the imbecile who declared maryna fat. your opinions are worthless and shameful.

  28. John Burke says:

    Ford Models are faces of beauty and is top models.
    Karlina is tall and beautiful girl.
    The girls are participated the comptition into the models.

  29. mAxX says:

    charlene looks STUNNING and so is Gracie from Australia . . .KEEP these Girls working SOON!! I would be so Thrilled to see Charlene in one of these days walk for Marc Jacobs or DVF in NY Fashion Week! It would be major! GO Philippines!!!

  30. oats22 says:

    Yes, the European girls had it again, and they look stunning.

    I’ve just noticed something: last time, Philippines had Charo and now it’s Charlene. Wow! Beautiful girls. Just hoping they get the top spots. Seriously, why aren’t we giving the Asian, particularly the Philippine models, THE attention?

    Ford Supermodel of the World just wants to say here that alabaster white skin is not all what makes a model. Kudos to Ford Models!

  31. JLM[X] says:

    What a bigger difference seeing these girls in candid shots! They look more like models here than they did when they displayed their pictures in the top 7. OMG!

    Isabelle is so freaken pretty, it’s not even funny.

    Hm, China needs to keep working, despite its a gabillion population, there ain’t a stunnah that blew away Ford? Darn.

    The winner is gorgeous! And I am so happy that Chanel Iman came back to do annoucements. That girl is amazing. Plus she’s half asian (so bonus)

    Now, let’s call on search for shorter models, sounds like a plan? YUH!


  32. JLM[X] says:

    *Apparently I have duplicate comments..ok…

    Isabelle is perfect.

    @ Felicity: great comment. I agree.


  33. StarGAzer says:

    We’ll soon find out which of the girls will emerge as a true supermodel, but that won’t be until after they’ve pounded some real new york city pavement, not just amble along Ford’s sheltered footpath. Industry decides who becomes a supermodel, nobody else. The girls themselves know by this point, how they are being received. Ford does too.

  34. Felicity Setvonovich says:

    So exciting to follow them at this point, the very start of their careers. Each of this year’s winners possessing such amazing potential makes things interesting. I see at least 4 of them becoming top 50, and 1 who will undoubtably cross markets with ease on her way to becoming a future icon.
    It is true that the fashion industry (as a whole) dictates which star rises to super, but it’s all based upon the girl.
    As a group, this bunch is creating a stir, and just in time for the shows.

  35. brina says:

    from which designer is Chanel Imans dress and which season?

  36. Jimme says:

    So impressed with the showmanship of the girls!!! We got caught with their talents and beauties!!! This will be the start of your career ladies!!!Keep it up!!!!

  37. ARIEL ALLERA says:

    I’m so proud of Charlene, not only because I’m a Filipino but also because she’s got what it takes to be an international catwalk diva. Her look is unique; she’s got that X-Factor which is hard to find in most beautiful girls. I’m happy that people are beginning to appreciate her kind of look. Viva, Philippines! – ARIEL ALLERA, laraduttallerariel@yahoo.com

  38. thomas says:

    I like all

  39. ARIEL ALLERA says:

    SHAMCEY SUPSUP: Beauty, Brains and Beyond

    A beauty-and-brains combo can be quite challenging to find among pageant contestants. More often if a candidate is too pretty, her I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) is hardly high enough to finish the sentence and bring to the table. There may be others who are blessed with a little bit of everything — lovely face, smooth skin, curvy figure, height of five-feet-seven or better, or just enough guts to say something during question-and-answer.

    But if you’re judging a beauty contest, and there’s one girl onstage standing before you, alongside her equally gorgeous fellow contestants, and you knew that she graduated with Latin honors and she was a board topnotcher, why would you have to look around and find someone else?

    This year, our country has chosen its national queen whose charm is as unquestionable as her wit. Recently crowned Binibining Pilipinas – Universe 2011, Shamcey Supsup has proven a woman’s worth by defining beauty at par with brains.

    She’s not the first title-holder who has graduated Magna Cum Laude (from the University of the Philippines-Diliman), but her placing first in the 2010 Architecture Licensure Examination is what makes most of us hold her in higher esteem — than winning that coveted crown of the night. In a country where kids are told to study hard as soon as they start going to school, Supsup will serve as a role model for young girls out there who want to make a stride into the world of pageantry.

    While most national beauty contests require girls to be at least high school graduates who are between 18 years old and 25, a completed undergraduate educational attainment will still be the best preparation, let alone weapon.

    Not only will it have molded their minds, thus making them more confident throughout the competition, from pre-pageant interviews to the final question-and-answer in the coronation night, it will be easy for the winner to fulfill her duties and responsibilities during her reign. And then, she can pursue her long-term dream, be it in show business, or in the corporate world, or in the medical profession. It depends, though, on the girl’s physical potentiality, experience, exposure and mental preparedness. Mutya Ng Pilipinas 1993 Michelle Aldana was still studying Speech and Drama at the University of the Philippines-Diliman when she joined the pageant. Her stunning stature, smart spontaneity and fresh Filipina beauty won for our country the last Miss Asia-Pacific title.

    Supsup will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant come September, to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There’s no question to the way former Miss Universes have been selected, but almost always the Miss Universe Organization is hounded by controversies about their basis for selection of the semi-finalists. Many pageant experts and analysts have wondered how come that lousy lady from Europe made it to the semi finals, while this elegant lass from Asia barely did.

    It goes without saying that results are always unpredictable and that we can only expect the unexpected. However, as soon as the semi-finalists start strutting their stuff and pivoting their way onstage, we cannot help but notice one or two finalists looking so out of place in swimsuit and in evening gown. Our country has sent sexier and prettier delegates to all international beauty pageants out there, but to no avail. We might as well support someone like Shamcey Supsup whose resume is as eloquent as her personality, a representative who can interact well with her co-candidates, the press, the sponsors, the organizers, the bigwigs as well as the locals of the host country.

    Never mind the Final Question segment, for we cannot blame delegates who answer in their mother tongue. Intelligence is not measured by someone’s command of English, in a country where they’re using their native language as medium of instruction. But if we talk about a non-English speaking finalist’s gist in her answer, only the interpreter can admit to either translating her thoughts as is, or glossing over its content to make it sound more sensible.

    And if, God willing, Shamcey Supsup brings home the crown this year, then she will be the next brainy Miss Universe since India’s Lara Dutta clinched the title in 2000. Otherwise, she will always be a full-fledged, one-of-a-kind icon of beauty and brains, born to be our country’s cream of the crop, donning the sash as the Philippines’ most beautiful woman, wearing the medal for being the most intelligent architect around.

  40. Jimmy Coleman says:


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