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Olga/Nathalie (Paris). Image courtesy of Nathalie (Paris)

OTM sped through Paris last week during the S/S 07 shows to track an intriguing signal streaming out of the city. Since NY and Milan failed to come to a booking conscensous, it is Paris that now has the opportunity to give the current stream of newcomers a defining context. Looking especially compelling are these two new faces from Nathalie’s, starting with Olga a Russian beauty who logged stints for Miu-Miu, Chanel, Valentino and McQueen.

Dasha/Nathalie (Paris). Image courtesy of Nathalie (Paris)

Also catching our eye was Dasha who walked a Prada exclusive in Milan. On the heels of the sensational Patricia Schmid…

Kinee/Nathalie (Paris) Ph. Sterling/MDC

…as well as the incredibly elegant Kinee who swooped in at the last minute to clinch berths at Vuitton and Lanvin, it is certainly looking like Nathalie’s is now a prime new faces destination. Stay tuned for more updates on the Paris model scene.

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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