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December 31st, 2009 by Janelle | Girls, Industry News, Model News
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Our second preview from V Magazine’s Size issue celebrates the sexiness and beauty of curves. Solve Sundsbo‘s seductive photos of models Tara Lynn, Marquita Pring (above), Michalle Olson, Candice Huffine & Kasia P, have the visual impact of Avedon’s classic Versace ads and a charm that is all their own. Whether they’re in denim, lingerie or nothing at all, these girls radiate sensuality – check them all out in our exclusive preview.

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  1. *Monika* says:

    Great story. Sexy. I love the pic with the naked girl on the floor.
    F-ing sexy!

  2. AMH says:

    Wow, what an incredible– stunning!– photo!


  3. Former Booker says:

    Holy Shizz…some of these girls/pictures look super beautiful & hot…
    I love this black and white picture above…and the girl seductively laying on the floor…. its fire!

  4. Samira says:

    Well, this picture shows a real beauty with curves. It’s a great work. I in my opinion prefer seeing thin faces, which isn’t meant bad. She’s beautiful

  5. Antonio Barros says:
  6. Mango says:

    Amazing picture.

  7. vivian ierace says:

    gorgeous girl, great photo

  8. stacey says:

    blonde in the leopard print, wow. All these girls look great.

  9. Alexa says:


  10. Jan says:

    Love, love, love it!

    Show the average woman as sexy, she will be sexy and therefore buy the advertised sexy clothes – genius! These women are sexy and gorgeous – there shouldn’t be just one standard for beauty as the world is so diverse. I applaud the magazine and photographers for this.

    I want to see more!

  11. royy4 says:

    so much sexier than those anorexic models

  12. A says:

    They look beautiful, and I’m glad V is running this story.

    However, I don’t think this is successful in addressing the issue currently being brought up about the industry. The problem is that women are being fed extremes- extremely thin on one end, and plus-sized on the other. I know these women are probably only a size 12-14 at most, but what about featuring a size 8? That seems (to me) to be a more accurate, healthy, international average size.

  13. Kees says:

    oh hell no! These are not “normal” people, these are chubby people! Just because a lot of people in the western world nowadays are overweight does NOT mean that being overweight is normal. People should be healthy, not too fat, not too skinny.

  14. Him says:

    I agree with Kees.. both extremes are incorrect…

    That’s just too fat

  15. Janelle says:

    A you bring up a good point, I think we also need to see a middle ground. Regular sized models, plus size models and women who are somewhere in between.

    I feel it is important that we do get these images of plus size women too. Even with this issue and the current focus on incorporating more plus size girls into fashion magazines I think it is still very rare to see any plus size models in magazines. It is almost a once in a blue moon thing and that shouldn’t be the case. I think ideally it would be nice to see all different types of people represented in a positive way within our magazines. That way it wouldn’t have to be a special occasion every time we show someone different, it would just be a normal every day occurrence.

    I do love this story though, I think that that Solve and Nicola did an incredible job.

  16. Yiska says:

    This is the wrong approach.

    As mentioned by Kees and Janelle, we should not encourage both extremes of unhealthiness – being overweight or underweight. Why do we have plus-size modeling? To show how clothing may look on “real, average” women, and not just the extreme skinny minority? It is unfortunate for the “real” women who are indeed naturally petite, and slender, or those who aim for a healthy lifestyle, ostracizing them in the same way that fuller women felt originally if we continue this path of using bigger models. If we want more of a realistic idea of how fashion will look for the majority of women, we should be more open minded to different heights rather than different weights, since majority of women are not 5’9 or taller. Now with the current industry’s standards, anyone with Kate Moss’ height will be rejected right away, while Kate Moss herself, only being 5’7, is such a successful, fashion icon.

    I have seen many beautiful models who have been rejected by the high fashion model industry just because they were an inch or two shorter than the mammoth height requirement. Instead of encouraging bigger sizes, we should first accept women of different heights. Accepting overweight models merely seems an attempt to hush the unhealthy Western audience from voicing their insecure feelings when they see a skinnier person in magazines, so that instead of complaining they’ll be more likely to buy clothing during these hard economic times that are also affecting designers.

    With that said, I do not mean to undermine that actual quality of these very photographs. The team behind them did a great job, but there is still a underlying problem here that needs to be address, and a middle-ground that needs to be met more than ever now.

  17. K says:

    I agree with the above comments. Size acceptance is great, but being overweight is a health issue, as is being underweight. I am a size 8…5’7″ 135 lb woman, not 5’10” 190 OR 5’10” 110. I am an average, healthy woman and I very rarely see women my size modeling clothing.

  18. coco says:

    I agree!! Why too thin and overweight?? BALANCE is good!!!!! Can we see healthy??? These women are beautiful no doubt, but clearly promoting being ‘fat’ is as bad as promoting being ‘anorexic’.

  19. x says:

    Hey kids, everything is a fucking health issue, okay? If being a size 12 is such a horrible life-threatening issue, then you guys might as well call the psych ward for me because at size 18 I must be completely suicidal to continue on with my life as such a horrible fatty.

    No, get off your “I’m so perfectly average” pedestals and realize people come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, even fat. Even fat can be okay.
    God. The fat-phobia here is sickening, and yet you will all gleefully buy magazines chock full of girls who look like starving aliens. Yeah, that’s not detrimental to ANYONE’S health, is it? NO GIRL IN HISTORY has ever staved herself to look like that.
    Well get this straight you ninnies, no girl is going to gain weight on purpose to look like these thicker women, so stop worrying your pretty little heads about it and will you PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET US FATTIES HAVE OUR ONE GODDAMN DAY IN THE SUN?! THANK YOU.

  20. welp says:

    If you airheads think this is too fat, then you have clearly been brainwashed. The average American is size 12. Also, people come in many shapes and sizes. Stop being such Nazis.

  21. Janelle says:

    I think there is some confusion here…

    All women are real. All shapes and sizes should be a part of what is represented as beautiful. I think the goal of this issue is to show that ALL people, even those who are not traditionally showcased in fashion magazines are beautiful.

    The use of plus size models in a story like this is meant to challenge our definitions of what is beautiful. Fashion – or society in general – can be very negative when it comes to weight, very narrow minded, showing these girls as sexy and confident is a positive step forward. It isn’t promoting anything other than the idea that this to can be considered beautiful. I don’t think the goal was to ostracize anyone – in fact I think the theme of the issue is about acceptance across the board. Perhaps that will be become clearer as more previews emerge.

    I also think that it should be noted the plus size models are typically used to model clothes for the plus market. Which generally represents women sizes 12 and up. With the exception of a couple Crystal Renn editorials every now and then you almost never see a plus size model in a fashion magazine. Personally I think that is a shame.

    Yes there should be more women of different heights shown in magazines but I don’t think that it has to be an issue of one or the other. We should be pushing for different sizes, different heights, different ethnicities and so on so forth. Fashion should encompass the best of all things and as we head towards a new year we should strive for a more accepting and open fashion community.

  22. ron says:

    I am sorry, but I do not agree with pushing over-sized women as any standard of beauty to compensate for being in an industry which traditionally encourages starving itself. I am a personal trainer and a nutritionist, and do not approve of starving oneself into a size 0 any more than justifying complacent maintenance of a plus-sized body. Accepting oneself as you are may have some value psychologically, but self acceptance is never an appropriate substitute for either undernourishment nor overindulgence. Beautiful is best achieved by proper nutrition and exercise… not by stroking your self esteem. Too small… too big… and too average… are not beautiful, nor healthy.

  23. Chaos says:

    The only reason these plus sized models were used were for that shock factor and so we can all applaud them for using such models. But I will not applaud them, its just another extreme of fashion which is not right. People should be healthy, not thin or fat.

    Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima need more high fashion editorials and magazine covers. Doutzen already has tons, but that was when her size was less. Now she has curves, fashion industry should embrace them more, not reject her like Gucci did.

  24. Yiska says:

    Wow. Incredibly gorgeous.

  25. JJ says:

    These women are stunning! And the photography is beautifully done.

    My initial reaction to these photos was a combination of relief and joy. My body looks like this, and these women are *beautiful*. A lot of people would be a lot happier about their bodies, and would spend a lot more on clothing, if this kind of imagery were widespread.

    As for promoting unhealthiness, I disagree. There are many different kinds of unhealthy, whether a body is thin or curvy. As I’ve said, my body looks like these (though I’m by no means that pretty), and I run 6 miles five days a week, lift weights, and have been a vegetarian health food nut for over 20 years.

  26. betsy says:

    i love this! it’s nice to finally see some body diversity in a magazine!

  27. rlm says:

    I think some of these comments…

    Why are people who are smaller than these women (but still larger than size zero) complaining? This is RARE to see. I am this size and NOBODY in fashion magazines looks like me. I like fashion, I have a budget for high fashion and I’m served rubbish by the world of couture.

    Secondly, these women are probably a size 12-16 or so, tops. They are not unhealthily obese or unfit.

    And I notice how many people note that the photos are “sexy” and “hot”. The last time that happened was the age of the supermodel. Cindy and Tyra had curves. I can’t remember what they wore to save my life, though.

    And hence the problem. When models aren’t coathangers, you don’t notice the coats.

  28. unan says:


  29. Bernadette says:

    they are so beautiful, especially the blue eyed girl with the honey colored hair…GORGEOUS…WHY CAN’T PEOPLE REALLY SEE THIS?

  30. Kelly says:

    I think the reason that some of these models look fat rather than average or slightly bigger than average (read: sizes 10-14), is that the folds and bumps are showing. even those skinny biatches can have muffin tops, but its usually air brushed out.

  31. Kelly says:

    … and if I may add, you can be just as healthy (or unhealthy as the case may be) as a size 6 and a size 12. your size is not adirect correlation to how fast you run or how many steps you can climb.

  32. Erwin says:

    V knows how to create sensation to sell their magazines, huh? First, white woman painted black, now this? What’s next V? If you really support ‘curvy’ women, then I will expect to see more curvy women in next V edition, and not only this spread.

  33. Kenn says:

    Stunning. Now if we can have male models ho look like men rather than boys (or girls) 2010 might be even more interesting!

  34. ghreg says:

    I’m sorry. Rolls and folds of body fat are not my ideas of sexy and hot. Why go to the trouble of doing the hair and the makeup and then letting everything else go “commando”? Clothes (and undergarments) serve the same purpose for the body as makeup does for the face: they de-emphasize the imperfections and highlight the assets. Nowhere is this needed more than for women whose bodies have a little too much of this or that. Body fat and curves do not automatically equate. That said, designers should not ignore big or plus sized women; they deserve to look good too. But “plus size” is not the norm or ideal any more than the anorexic look is.

    The photography is outstanding – especially the black and whites – and the women are gorgeous. A better choice of wardrobe would have sent these photos over the top.

  35. J'aime says:

    I find this very, very controversial. My initial thought was WOW, and then I started to dig deeper, and say to myself, the world is changing, to appreciate all sizes and shape. I love these photos very much, but I don’t know why, because I am not used to seeing such shape in editorials, and I sort of blame that partially on myself, and then on the media for influencing me to believe skinny and slim is beautiful! These should be shown all around the world! C’est fantastique. I love volumptious women! This is definitely something to look out for in fashion.


  36. J'aime says:

    I have read through all the comments, and in ways I do agree, that using different sizes is a step forward. Maybe they are over-weight or maybe they are not, maybe we should use the average size. But if we are bring up these questions about weight, we should bring up questions about ethnic minorities, that there is a lack of in runway shows, and campaigns, and many different other things. Because Caucasian people have always supposedly been the superior of the human race, we are obviously used to that aspect, and it would be totally diverse and “abnormal” to add any other in. As you see in these photographs, only one woman, can be defined as a coloured model. If we changed everything up, weight, height, race included, we’d have to find many people. I would thoroughly get confused with all of this. And if this was all accepted, there would still be a question popping up that asked, why isn’t he/she in this piece. The human race cannot perfect everything, and everyone, and obviously they have chosen this piece to just switch everything up, and be that little diverse. I think we should appreciate this difference, and look forward to new changes. I think we do need to remember that fashion is art, and in ways, it doesn’t have to speak reality all the time. I would definitely like to hear your opinions on this, and whether you agree with me or not. Please contact me on jazmino64@gmail.com, thankyou.

    And everyone, have a wonderful new year, and look forward to the future, and remember, that not everything can change over night.

  37. Britt says:

    I find these photos to be really lovely and refreshing. Also, while I agree with above commenters that we really need to get more models in the size 6-8 range, I disagree with those who say these women are promoting an unhealthy ideal. At sizes 12-16 and heights of 5’9″ and above, these women are probably at a perfectly healthy BMI. They only look so big because we are so used to seeing skinny teenage models and photoshopped celebrities in our magazines.

    Additionally, recent studies show that being underweight reduces your life span and quality of life far drastically more than being a little overweight does, so this is still a healthier “ideal” than what’s currently being promoted. Until we start getting healthy mid-range sizes in the 4-10 range, I’ll gladly take this over the current body type being promoted on the catwalk.

  38. kiki says:


  39. rachelle dalton says:

    I would love to do something like this i need updated images
    stunning curvy women

  40. Jeremiah Van Wagenen says:

    God .. Starting to think about it.. You think really.. Gemma Ward left Modeling over her weight issue with being fat for the industry? That definitely upsets me seeing this knowing how great of a Model Gemma Ward is..

  41. David D. says:

    Twelve Upper East Side Teenagers could live off of one of those Models..

  42. model Sophia B says:

    Wow so stunning. They did a beautiful job

  43. model Sophia B says:

    They did a beautiful job

  44. Delilah Mae says:

    As a med student, I can tell you that “size” means nothing. I am 5’10” and weigh 170 lbs. with a BMI of 20.4% – hips are 40”. I would NEVER be able to model in the traditional fashion industry, but I will likely outlive most of these women because I don’t smoke, use drugs, or otherwise screw my body over to get in a dress. I don’t obsess over exercise or food either. I basically don’t eat like an American and I move my butt on a regular basis. (NO, I DON’T HAVE GYM MEMBERSHIP! I am a med student, so I am too poor for that!!!)

    Therefore, those focusing on size “diversity” aren’t addressing the “issue” either. I would want to know the BMI of these women and take a battery of tests to see if they were “unhealthy”. Belly fat is bad for the most part, but if they have a high fat/muscle ratio, I would even cut them some slack there.

    And for those of you obsessed with fitness, I see some trainer comments here, there are virtually no trainers in France, Greece, and Japan and those populations are outliving most HEALTHY Americans by more than a couple of years. Don’t be an extremist with that either. Move your butt, but (no pun intended) don’t spend your life in the gym. And don’t punish your body in your youth and like so many weekend warriors do on a regular basis. (Trust me, your body keeps a running tally of your punishment, and it always collects later in life!) One of the 3rd years here has a mantra, “People should treat their bodies like Porsche’s. Keep them well maintained, take them out for a spin and open it up once in a while, and then enjoy the ride of a one of a kind machine! You don’t need to show that the car is fast and awesome, its reputation proceeds it!” (And BTW, my nana-pie is 96, has never step foot in a gym, and is probably in AC right now partying. But then again, she spent most of her life growing and preparing her own food, so there you have it…)

    Okay, going to pop the bubbly – sparkling cider in the lab next door. Working over the break in a lab on NYE is lame, but this site is cool!

    Love yourself ladies and all the best in 2010!

  45. vicky says:

    Full figured, beautiful, fleshy women on a fashion magazine spread – it’s about god-damned time.

    And as for you silly health Nazis who would presume to say that these women aren’t healthy looking – tie millstones around your necks and go jump in a river.

  46. Meshel says:

    These women are gorgeous! I feel bad for the people that can’t see that. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I wish all the sizes were represented in magazines more often.

  47. Fene says:

    Beautiful Beautiful face

    Though whether its a healthy body or not really depends on the person’s natural metabolic rate, body type and bone structure.

    For some it may be…for others, it probably isn’t

  48. Marcie says:

    I’ve always been a fan of fuller-figured models. There’s a great site with many images of Crystal and other plus-size models here:


    They’re all gorgeous.

    The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  49. Camilla says:

    Wonderful and refreshing!! They are so confident and sexy. In my opinion the pictures are way more interesting to look at than the ones we are used to see. I am so pleased, and hope to God that this will come more often!

  50. Natali says:

    Something new and fresh.I absolutely love it.Especially brunnete,the one wgo lies on the floor, is stunning.

  51. Adam says:

    This is gonna be the next groundbreaking issue after Vogue Italia’s “All Black issue”. Yes, fashion needs to have a MAKEOVER! Let the diversity rules!

  52. qbee53 says:

    Try being a plus size model. Look up the stats in the Plus divisions at American agencies. The majority of these girls shown are size 10. Yes 10. This shows you how warped everyones’ perspective is.

  53. lisa says:

    I’m surprised that no one mentions that we are all being seduced by these beautifully produced images because they are so heavily photo-shopped!These women do not represent any kind of reality fat or thin, they are just too perfect, no cellulite, no blemishes what so ever and their curves are so perfectly curvy..it still feels like fantasy and we’re just swapping one unrealistic female body image for another.

  54. JAY KAL says:

    Great B/W Photograph above with Lovely Model,Fantastic Job!
    Have a very happy New Year 2010!


  55. Peter says:

    Really good portraits and amazing looking people, but these girls would never be used on a run way or a campaign. Fashion is about dreams, illusion,fantasy. It is not about real people. It is real people however who buy the product in an attempt to ”buy” into the fantasy of the collection. Also, these girls curves would take too much away from the cloths being modeled. Models are hangers, mannequins with personality who personify the collection. Nothing more.

  56. JULIE says:


  57. Lulu says:

    In America maybe these size is average but in Europe it’s simply FAT !
    Models should not be size 0,maybe 2-4 and average women should have 8-10, these is healthy, not too fat not too skinny.


    Stunning! A complete joy to behold but I dare say the beauty herein isn’t only in the eye of this beholder!

  59. Jillian says:

    These women would have Rossetti, Doc Smith, and Waterhouse reaching for their tools (and pens and brushes, too). There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with admiring the female form in all of it’s curvy, feminine gorgeousness. These are the women our myth cycles dreamed about, our ancient writers praised, and artists worshiped. There is no mistaking these women for anything but Women as goddesses of the feminine divine. There isn’t any ingenue-itis, ‘may I have some more, please’, beaten waif here – just Women in their full power as seductress, the alpha, the omega, the mother, the lover, the strong, the hearth, the divine, the Female and All It Means.

    We have forgotten that in the past century. It’s time to reclaim it for all women, not just the select few.

  60. Julia says:

    It’s a shame that nobody put any thought into this. They obviously wanted to feature a different look and show off a little more diversity but why do it using boring old studio shots complete with wind machines and poses that remind one of a Walmart ad. This could have had an impact, as such, it simply doesn’t distinguish itself in any way.

  61. matimus says:

    Well if we all are going to complain about showing “real” women. Then I want some real men. Do you know how much I work out to get that perfect 8 pack?

    Where is the mens plus division!?!?

    This is discrimination. I will not stand for it!

  62. Kelly says:

    This girl looks gorgeous, it’s nice to see such diverse models.

  63. Jovi Monreve says:

    oh,masterpiece! that is called—art…

  64. trumancapote says:

    n what s the point? they dont even look real…

  65. Keith says:

    Happy New Year…With in the New Year Visionaries have AWESOME AMAZING INCREDIBLE Tricks and this is awesome to see a different medium used to express or interpret fashion, music, art, models, design, etc….BRAVO Standing O V Mag…can’t wait to copp!!!

  66. Erica says:

    She’s a brickhouse…she’s might, mighty…I don’t know which model is more beautiful, these images are ravishing, not in a PC way like “look, the women with curves” but I am just drawn to their faces, it’s impossible for anyone to look at these faces (some of them Ford plus size models) and not see an old world painterly classic gorgeousness. And what makes them beautiful is their flesh, because if they were really really thin, I would not look twice, and their faces would not seem as pretty, and I certainly would not see their sex appeal. Sorry skinnies, this time, the brickhouse girl got you BEAT.

  67. Tamika says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. This is true beauty- a real masterpiece of feminine beauty, something that our culture has lost since the introduction of the androgynous, stick-thin, unnatural standard.

    I second http://www.judgmentofparis.com as an amazing site full of gorgeous images of true curvaceous femininity, and fascinating insights on body image, art and portrayals of women, and the degeneration of our culture in general.

    It’s truly frightening and sobering to hear the twisted, weight-bigoted, curve-o-phobic comments from some of you on here, hiding behind the banner of ‘health’. The minds of so many have been twisted and bent into thinking that natural signs of well-fed womanliness and flesh are somehow ‘unhealthy’. You’re so used to seeing anorexia that the healthy, plump, replete beauty of natural womanhood looks alien to you- when in fact it is your aesthetic that is the alien one.

    This isn’t about showing ‘real women’. It’s about ideal women. These women are a beautiful, natural ideal we can all look up to as shining examples of Beauty. ‘Diversity’ or ‘acceptance’ shouldn’t factor at all. It’s about Beauty.

    Fashion is indeed about dreams, illusions and fantasy. These beautiful curvaceous women ARE the fantasy. They are dreams of beauty, illusions of a more perfect world than our own.

    Lisa, would you rather have all ideals done away with? Nothing to look up to, nothing to comfort us- no beauty, no goodness, no perfection to serve as an ideal to follow? Humanity needs Beauty- it is essential to our existence. Modern culture teaches us to resent beauty rather than look up to it as something inspiring and pure. Just goes to show how much our culture has been corrupted.

    And I find it both hilarious and sad that some of you think they should have ‘average’ size 8 models. The average size of a woman is a 14. By that logic, the average size of a fashion model should be a 14.

  68. Tara says:

    I just have to say, yes, these women are definitely beautiful, but what bothered me the most is that this is one spread. In one issue. There are tons of people praising the magazine for this. Why not all the time….? When it becomes a norm, is when they deserve the praise.

  69. Edwin says:

    My wife wears a size 12, and she is a beautiful woman. As for the tards proclaiming Europe the pinnacle of health, fashion, and moral order, have you been to any of the European museums full of oil paintings of chunky women painted long ago? Don’t feed me your shit about size when history has proven you wrong.

  70. paul says:

    beauty healthy

    healthy curves are in for 2010

    beauty sells

    this attenpt to sell curves may work but it will remain a risky enterprise as long as the populace remain uneducated on Humans that respect the individual and grant Dignity to all ……regardless of Shape and color

    hopefull V can bring respect to women’s beauty ((body))..I wish them GodSpeed 2010

  71. Doctor says:

    It’s not healthy at all. Fashion likes to take the extreme road. Either too skinny or plus size. it’s hard to see a normal figure in this industry.

    If you go on a healthy diet, you won’t look like that.

    Fashion definitely has nothing to do with health.

  72. Nigel S. says:

    Talk about a hot topic! These woman look so beautiful. Could change actually be upon us?! It’s about time we step off the high horses and abandon the Nazi thoughts that bring us absolutely no where. Most of those whom feed off of established beauty ideals don’t even fit the bill. It’s like brunette producers/casting directors etc. only wanting to cast blondes. Or like Shitler going all Aryan Ape on the Euro states though he would’ve suffered his own wrath had he not led the charge. All in the name of preserving a master race…which is what the fashion/beauty world has participated in to a point. (And by the way, saying that anyone fat, skinny, black, brown, yellow, blue etc. should stop “complaining” and create something themsleves is missing just how much the world looks towards certain outlets of idealism. It needs to be a collective charge). But I suppose if enough tire of the status quo, a shift can most likely be attained.. Brainwashing folks into beliefs of defenslesness has been a mighty weapon!

    Step off the bullsh*t folks. The world populus doesn’t look like the standardized beauty ideals. It’s amazing how the world has been bastardized into such mindsets. Like so many have already stated. Skinny does not necessarily equal healthy and larger does not always mean unhealthy. (Then of course some say “well if you want to “fit in” just loose the weight, “it’s not something near impossible to change like skin color/sex””). The fact is that we all have different genetics..You can’t want everyone to look like you or like your ideal because the fact of the matter is that it’ll never happen…unless you move to Mars and establish your own colony…just a thought. You’ve got alot of work to do…

    Like others have so eloquently stated, historically woman have been full figured and it had been applauded, admired and desired. A man wouldn’t want a woman if she didn’t look fed (not that this movement is specifcally about the male desire). But somehow being a waif became the all the rage. Skinny became the new “it” bag. We suffered a polar shift of our own. Now skinny is associated with being wealthy and healthy.

    Now I’m not acting as if I don’t have body preferences. I do. I prefer those who are fit and very active/capable and healthy above all. But we musn’t forget that people are people. We live, laugh, cry, see, touch and feel, some fly even! There are souls inside many of us and our body types should not be used to indicate the self worth of another human. Each and everyone of us can be a model for social acceptance. It’s so important that young children see all the worlds people as beautiful and as a part of this world. Life would be better for us all.

    Happy New Year!…and how’s about some world peace?… Seriously!

  73. Jeff says:

    Very Very Nice.
    See, size does not matter. It is the beauty that does.

  74. Eleigha Lazorovski says:

    The girls do look beautiful in the pictures. But as with all the hair, make-up, fairy-dust that regular (skinny models receive for photoshoots, it is easy so see why they would look beautiful in these images. They are very fortunate to have beautiful faces, so you can look past a lot…

    It is unhealthy to be ultra skinny just as it is Fat. I hate how the fashion industry / press play tennis with this this debate year in year out in the run up to the shows.
    Not every fat girl is blessed to look as beautiful as the ones in the V mag feature (they do look amazing), the reality is low body self-esteem and stretchmark-city. I have been struggling with weight issues all my life and have accepted I will never be a size 10. I’m happy as I am, but just because a few women look awesome in a flattering photo shoot, doesn’t mean we should promote that as “OK” and acceptable. You may as well have an anorexic bunch of girls on the cover with a feature claiming that it is “OK to be waif.

    Once this initial excitement of the Fat treatment is over, everything will go back to focusing on the Skinnies. Everyone wants to be thinner, no matter how comfortable we think we are in our own skin.
    Why can’t we reach a sensible balance. I find this shoot a little patronising.

  75. Pippa says:

    People, there will be 8 – yes EIGHT – separate photo editorials in this magazine, all featuring larger models. If you can’t hack it, then don’t buy it. Turn away. Go on a diet for our sakes or whatever. I am happy to have you all whinge and complain about it, because it means that it is challenging your ideas on what beauty looks like and that can only be a good thing. Also, anything that shows how pathetically underserved we have been (in terms of size diversity) by fashion magazines is worth talking about.

    V Magazine, you have my money – at least for this issue. And if money makes the world go round, then the success of this issue will lead to many more, and you can have that money too.

    For more campaigns from these models and countless other hot larger models, visit http://runwayrevolution.com and it’s sister site, http://curvesmart.blogspot.com

  76. Stephanie Petula K. says:

    Wauhwww, nice pic, and she has a beautiful face!

    Greets from Holland!

  77. ellen says:

    Nazi thoughts @ Nigel S?
    Do you know what you’re saying? You can’t even compare that with these comments, really you’re out of your mind.
    Anyway, i find this UGLY, i can’t imagine that someone love those lovehandles and find the naked woman beautiful. Overweight is also deadly, just like underweight.
    A Normal size with no love handles is heaven.

  78. Beanie says:

    Beautiful and bravo!

  79. Joey says:

    The photos are fantastic!
    Thanks for showing that we are beautiful too!

  80. Irene says:

    These ladies are beautiful and I have nothing against full-bodied women but models are models. Please let models do their jobs. Having full bodied women as models on catwalks or magazines is just like a singer without a singing voice or an actor without his ability to act. There’s a reason why models are called models. A model doesn’t have to represent what a woman should be or how a woman should look. Models are not the standard of beauty. People who think otherwise are misled. Models should be skinny because in pictures people look 3 times heavier. Models should be skinny because there should be no lines on their body to distract us from scrutinizing a dress. I disagree that some people resigned from their jobs because some designer uses heavier models. That is just stupid and extreme. But still models in my opinion should be skinny.

  81. Vane says:

    They are making a nice job showing the opposite of the size 0 but too much is not beautiful Im sorry… More then this is not healthy a woman with 90cm waist have much more chance to have a heart attach, diabetes and God knows what else… and this is not a “MODEL” ( Isnt it what this word means?) to follow at all… Crystal Renn is a nice exemple of what really mean a great model and an amazing real woman !
    Well in the end, fashion is changing and this is good!
    Brasilian regards V

  82. frank says:

    its ok, big girls will never be in

  83. Inna V. says:

    very very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Fashion Photographer says:

    The have beautiful faces… But no, I don’t like their bodies at all. And I don’t think that anyone actually does. And who says they do are probably looking for an excuse for their own body???
    And damn, it just doesn’t look healthy.
    I am not for 00 size either, don’t get me wrong.

  85. Yuliya T. says:

    Gorgeous! :)

  86. Model C says:

    I’m sorry but that first photo is just awful and a good chunk of them are boring.

    Everyone is so ready to praise this purely because it uses plus sized girls. Look again, this spread is dissapointing.

    Sad because these are such beautiful women. After the preview with Crystal Renn I got excited about this, but of course they turn it into just photographing plus models instead of photographing plus models just as they would photograph straight sized models.

    This isn’t progress, they’re still being treated differently.

  87. Wendy says:

    I have a couple of comments and responses:

    First of all, Yay. Lovely models, and while I wouldn’t necessarily define them as PLUS SIZED, they definitely make an attempt to represent curvier women. I would avoid the word diversity, folks… Really.

    Second of all, to the person who said ” we all want to be skinnier”- NO. Some folks are skinny and want to be bigger/more stable/more resistant to colds and immunity crap that my skinny friends complain about and some of us are just happy with our bodies! Believe it! It happens at all sizes.

    Thirdly, am I the only person who thinks that the rolls and curves and stuff actually look out of place enough to suspect that they painted them ON TO skinny women? Really. The leopard print woman could be a thinner woman with airbrushed thighs. Not to say that we are all proportioned a certain way- it’s just surprising. I also am conditioned to look for where the industry’s fu**ing with my mind, so I guess I’m expecting it..
    Nice start, V! Let’s see some REAL diversity and you might just get my custom.

  88. jake says:

    there are much more beautiful plus sized models out there than this editorial is showing!

  89. Terence Fuller says:

    i absolutely love the pictures,i think theyre stunning and all of the models are working it better than the thinner 1’z and i give them a round of applause, well done!!!!!!!!!!

  90. lidia says:

    these aren’t normal people, they’re too fat, i’m sorry.. they’re beautiful, i agree, but shouldn’t be shown as models for the people.

    and what bothers me most, is the fact that they’re maked up like thin models. look at their faces: the blush imitates thin cheeks. i don’t ANY face who actually match with the body.
    what’s more, they certainly photoshopped them: there isn’t any cellulite, anything.

  91. Prurito Gonzales says:

    Loco, creo que realmente se fueron al joraca. No quiero bardear, pero posta que flasheo re mal al atajar esta. La milonga e la milonga, capanga o no, pulenta o no, pero posta que flashea mal esta onda. Todo bien, pero todo mal. Lo corremo hasta Lanú, pero así no va, cualquiera man! Realmente se fueron mal. Cualqui, man. Pónganse las pilas y déjense de jorobar. Así no es. Garca de perro. Escuchame. No sé, todo bien pero no.

  92. sizeVSheight says:

    100% agree with Yiska on the height issue!!!! when can people focus on height instead of size for a change? there’s enough debate over size….it’s ridiculous some of the models got picked simply because they’re super tall, even with bowed short legs!!! esp. in Asia, it’s all about being super tall (178cm+), no matter how badly propotioned the body is. isn’t having a nice figure about having a well propotioned body? and look at Kate Moss, Devon Oki, Latitia Casta (all around 170cm) – they rule the runway as much as the tall girls, if not better!!! lots of girls with amzing faces and a well propotioned body got rejected simply because they’re not super tall, that is really ridiculous! you don’t need to be that tall to look good in clothes, esp. on editorial, so what’s the fuzz all about being super tall? very annoying indeed! @@~

  93. Kim says:

    I have to agree with Model C – the shoot itself is actually boring and dull. Grey backdrop, cheesy ‘glamour’ make-up and lighting, average styling. Yawn. I expected more from Solve and his team. When Nick Knight (for i-D) and Sean Ellis (for The Face) did shoots with plus sized models 10 years ago they did a much better job IMHO. Now those were groundbreaking/sexy/creative editorials.

    As for whether this issue of V will have any impact whatsoever on the industry at large… I doubt it. At the end of the day it will all come down to sales (as everything does in our consumer culture).

    It will be interesting to see whether this issue of V sells well at the newstand!

  94. matimus says:

    You people are ridiculous. They give you plus size and its not plus size enough and now some of you are saying you also want the models to be shorter?!?
    Ok. So if all models are short and heavier than what the hell is the point of having models. Might as well go to the bus stop and scout for campaigns. As someone who models and works very hard on my body for what I do it is appalling to hear all of you talk about this. Models are models for a reason, that is, because they are different than the norm. They are tall, thin, and their faces photograph beautifully even though a lot of them in person are not thought to have a classically beautiful face.
    I always read the comments on the posts on the site and all of you just complain. Nothing is ever enough. Let the industry be what it is, if you really despised the choices of agents, photogs, casting directors, and designers so much you would not be on this site on a daily basis looking through every blurb and putting in your two sense on what you believe is wrong or right.

  95. Erica says:

    I think people are always drawn to what’s hard to attain. What’s rare in nature? Blonde hair. What’s rare in a woman? Being really really tall. Thus you get the current supermodel: a tall skinny blonde who looks like Agness Deyn, Natasha Poly, Jessica STam or Lara STone. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I prefer brown hair myself, but I just think it’s the RARITY of these girls that adds to their value somehow. A lot of women are a size 12 or 14, so they want to look different. But I think this shoot was super sensual, I would love to have the face and curves of ANY of these models.

  96. Amina Jones says:

    I think these models
    look gorgeous in the skin that
    they are in & they embrace it so well.

  97. Veracity says:

    These women, though artfully photographed, are not ennobled with the degree of refulgent beauty that many of you posters are vaunting.

    Quite simply, they are overweight – and consequently do not appeal very much to the carnal mechanisms of most men. I for one find them a touch repulsive in figure; their girth distorts the natural female proportions that evolution has taught me to crave.

    Certainly the withered, shorn-of-all-flesh haute models are not erotic gems, and few of us will contest that, but these women are no more so. They represent another pole on the spectrum of human bodies, not something more near the center; and before you chastise me for disregarding the legions of women who do have these forms, bear in mind that most of the world, and most of history, does and did not consider them normal – they consider and considered them fat. What is called “average” in the Western world today is not average by historical definitions at all, nor by international definitions. It’s an inflated average – not pleasantly plump.

    I understand the allure of viewing them on the glossies, though. After all, women have been instructed to disdain their curves for quite some time now; but believe me when I say that the lavish adoration of all you female posters is derived more from your own insecurities than from honest appreciation of their beauty. Truly. There has even been some vitriol directed at the thinner crowd, a pompous, misplaced sense of victory in the air. These models are not what men want, so consider your triumph a hollow one.

    Eat properly and exercise – that’s what we all require. What we do not need is vapid, false flattery for attributes of ours that are not attractive. You may feel an entitlement to the word “beauty,” but the aesthetic world is one of unequals and always, always will be. Do yourselves a favor and come to this revelation before it comes to you.

  98. Zeus O says:

    I personally think the lady in the blond with the leopard leotard looked serene but I seriously think they pushed the envelope on this one. Really, if you’re gonna give a “plus-size” model, or any other type of model, a fashion spread, at least make it look appealing. I understand it’s called “The Body Beautiful” and it’s meant to show appreciation of another type of figure but this one just doesn’t do it for me (and I’m pretty sure there are others out there who agree.) Regardless of whether it trickles on peoples’ perspectives on “true beauty,” this could’ve been better IMO.

  99. MACK says:

    http://corioblog.com/concert.jpg <~~Wasn’t that what we used to consider beautiful?!! I’m 5’9″ and 120lbs..rather thin but thats the way I have been my whole life..It might sound unhealthy but I am very healthy…We are all different and come packaged differently..Yes there are “fat” people and super skinny people, but what I think we should worry about is Health as stated many times in the comments..if these girls have some extra skin and meat, so be it! as long as they are healthy and happy. People are going to think however they want and not change because they are likely closed minded but I truly appreciate the effort in trying to gradually show different types of beautiful people. It would be a wonderful day when we can just all shut up and embrace it.. HUGS everyone I think we need them! Happy NEW Year!!!


  100. julia says:

    this is too much

  101. Ellen says:

    I soo agree with Fashion Photographer, their bodies are awful. but nice looking faces.

  102. Joe says:


  103. Mario says:


    You’re rocking the world!

    At last woman & girls shown as they are “BEAUTIFULL”
    We have seen enough skin and bones, let the flesh RULE

  104. erich tinggi says:

    I love it, very much! I have like that too, and i’ll made much more. I love this, i’ am sure!

  105. MDC_407993 says:

    I love it, very much! I have like that too, and i’ll made much more. I love this, i’ am sure!

  106. Natascha says:

    I love these pictures! Finally some real women!

  107. Ralse says:

    Mmmmm yummy pics, too bad there aren’t any phone numbers with thme :D

  108. Naomi says:

    this has nothing to do with curves…this is just overweight! awful so much fat, not healthy! now if feel like that i don’t want to eat anymore, i don’t want to be come like them. i think a plus-size model need a size like 6-8-10 (eur. 36/38/40). I agree that underweight isn’t good also, but this is the other end…
    although, i like the faces of the woman on photo 2(the one under the naked woman) and the second last(B&W pic in underware).
    I also agree with Irene

  109. amazon says:

    I think it is fantastic that these photo’s depict both beautiful and real-sized women, however, the issue for me remains to be that when I go shopping for clothes, sizes aren’t made big enough for me. I`m 5’10”, 163 lbs (smaller than all the models photographed in these pictures) and never have I been able to squeeze myself into a pair of Guess jeans (as one of the models is seen wearing). It is one thing for designers to start using healthy women for their ads as long as the actual clothing begins to follow suit.

  110. RA says:

    Wow, incredible good looking models
    Finally somebody got the guts to do this
    Lets hope this is the start of something seriously.
    These women are more beautifull then the skinny types

  111. Kate says:

    I agree with matimus

  112. K says:

    the problem with designerclothing is that the designers look at it like a from of art.(im am not going to look further in to that)So what he wants people to see is the clothes, not the model.So if there were models with cameleon skin he would prefer them. You wouldnt even see the model then. Just the clothes. the next problem is that besides that it is art,it is also a product. They want to make money. So they have to sell the art. But people dont want to hang it on a wall, they want to wear it. it is the world upside down. People should not have to make themselves fit into these cloths. The clothes should be made for the people, the practical side of clothes, not as a form of art. If you make really beautiful designercloths, the purpose should be to make people even more beautiful. All people, not just a few. So show that.
    The pictures and the clothes (if they have any) are very beautiful. And i am happy to see the clothing is available in all sizes. applause for this shoot and these models.

  113. dennis says:

    OMG, these photos are awesome. I really like the focus on “real” women. The models are beautiful and so are the clothes. People of all shape and sizes are beautiful and this shoot contributes to that thought.

  114. Kim says:

    Stop being in denial, that’s not “curvy”, that’s just plain fat if those fatrolls are any indication. Sure, they have a pretty face, but the body ruins it, even WITH Photoshop.

  115. Rachel says:

    Beautiful! :)

  116. Eric says:

    Now THIS is what a woman should be. STUNNING!

  117. Chris B says:

    Love, love, LOVE it!!! Gorgeous! I’ll be buying this issue for myself and my fiancee-who will flip. I hope that sales soar and that other publications take notice!

    Beauty is NOT defined by size.

  118. Christian says:

    You know what, for a split second let’s all be realistic. Bottom line is. These women are fat. I love, love, love the idea of doing a dedication to Plus Size Issue. I just don’t like the concept of the accentuation of the rolls. Even though its considered what women in real life look like, everyone still wants to see some sort of unattainable fantasy. If the rolls were retouched out then I think they’d look amazing AND you’d still be able to see that they’re plus size. But its kinda hard to stare at a girl who’s doing a high fashion shoot, looking gorgeous in the face, and then completely focusing on their rolls. That’s not hot. That’s not fashion. If we’re sticking to high fashion and trying to move the industry into a different direction take things slowly. But you can’t jump from one extreme size to another. 0-2 is ridiculous. Way too small. 4 sounds great for a thin high fashion model. 8-12 sounds great for a plus. Anything above a 12 is a bit unhealthy just as if a girl was the same in a size 0-2. You want to dedicate an issue to plus size models then you use the best of the best. Just like the All Black Italian Vogue Issue. All great supermodels. Liya, Sessilee, Chanel, Arlenis, Jourdan, Noami, etc. As for plus all I can think of is Crystal Renn. She’s a great plus size (12, I believe). And I don’t know how or why but she always tends to look alot healthier than the other plus size models. Crystal is a great example of what women’s body’s look or should look like and I am very excited to see her in this issue. I can only hope that Meisel does another groundbreaking Italian Vogue Plus Issue and have her be the main focus of the story but at this point it doesn’t even matter. I can only think that Crystal has already garnered so much attention from the industry that she will now and only be the only consideration for any designer ever even thinking about adding a plus model to either their shows, editorials, or campaigns. I applaud for V Magazine trying to do something completely creative but the shoots themselves are very simple and bland. Along with the models being “too” big which looks completely unhealthy. Other than that, I absolutely love Crystal’s spread and in all honesty, she’s the one and only plus size model that I would consider a Plus Size “Supermodel” Success.

  119. Ryan O says:

    Absolutely stunning. These women are gorgeous, as are all women with curves. Hopefully this is a first of many publications honoring these healthy beautiful women. More of America and all of its little girls to young ladies should see this, embrace it and realize that this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Women are made with extraordinary curves and should accentuate, flaunt and be proud of those curves. Hopefully women of all ages, race and size are smiling because as long as you are healthy you are and can be beautiful and proud of it. Well done!!!

  120. russabella says:

    After looking at this, I feel that fashion and the female form are not necessarily congruent, no matter how perverse that might sound. A woman of a size 12 can project incredible femininity and be totally gorgeous, yet she wouldn’t normally become an epitome of the fashion zeitgeist. John Galliano is not Rubens, and it’s been proven by many decades of fashion photography that the flow and the cut of the clothes are enhanced by a slim and rather angular frame – essentially, it’s technical, not personal. And yes, a photo does add 10 pounds.

    Regarding health…well, it seems like the North American society is just desperate to justify their average size 14. I don’t know many people in Europe who eat healthy and rise up to that size. There is nothing wrong with wearing a 14, but don’t you find it extreme that it’s the average??? Besides, the “painterly” women of the old world people here are referring to are not exactly the poster girls for health and moderation.

  121. donnie bobber says:

    If you’re gonna do this, stop photosopping. And show the cellulite on these women!!

  122. ilonka says:

    bleee to jest niesmaczne. Thats for sure not beautiful

  123. Tracy says:

    wow…these women are lovely. i am 5’7″ and a size 16. I consider myself average if not a little heavy. I am going to Guess to look for jeans since they will obviously fit me! This is the way you advertise to the American woman!!

  124. K says:

    i have to agree with you partly.
    It is true that fasion and being a woman dont mix to well because of the approach of designersclothing being art. The question here is: why doesnt it mix? is it because it is in the eye of the beholder or is it because the designs aren’t made to look good on a plussize model. Fact is that fashion is more noticable on a small model these days. But that is not a realistic view of the world in my opionion. I think designers should be more realistic and also make plussize designs. I think designers want to make it easy for temselves and design for small models. When you can make designclothing for real people, i think you are an artist.
    The age of surrealism in fashiondesign is over. it is time for a realism trend as artform in the approach of fasiondesign.

  125. Patia says:

    These models are GORGEOUS.

    I am amazed how many commenters think these women are fat. You have been brainwashed, people! Stop letting Hollywood and fashion magazines tell you what “normal” is. Try going to a museum or taking an art history class and looking at bodies through history. You’ll be amazed at how “desirable” body types change over time.

    I stopped buying fashion magazines years ago because of the distorted body image they promote. I might start buying them again if more models looked like this.

  126. skicanada16 says:

    What a joke this is.

    Promoting that it is okay to have no self discipline is disgusting. This won’t last..

    Eat right, run, and hit the weights people. Anyone can achieve a healthy body if they choose to become dedicated.

  127. Marcia says:

    Yeah, thin is healthy…if so, then Karen Carpenter and Brittany Murphy are so healthy they are dead now. There is nothing wrong with a little cushion, that keeps you from catching colds. Models like Chanel Iman actually make me want to give them a hamburger.

  128. Summer09 says:

    btw Marcia good one making fun of the deceased. so they can’t pick on you back. Stay classy.

  129. Jillian says:

    Okay, folks, a little history lesson on fashion and modeling through the ages:

    For the longest time, the symbol of a beautiful healthy woman had been curves. Skinny women were considered unhealthy because they couldn’t afford proper nutrition and had to starve on the streets. In essence: skinny=poverty&sickness. For clothing designers of the Victorian era, their models were usually artists’ models because of both their beauty and healthy appearance.

    (On a side note – societal standards of beauty change about every twenty years. Just look at a book of historical costuming to get an idea of what’s popular from one decade to the next.)

    The the Great War came. Women became more independent, able to find work in previously male-only fields of the office and marketing. A fashion revolution came into the 1920’s – the non-corseted young tanned women who were athletic and sporty. Lillian Russell had been replaced by Coco Chanel (who did her own modeling up into her 70’s). The petite boyish figure became the New Standard.

    The 20th century saw variations of this theme – the long straight lines of the 30’s (Jean Harlow), the boxy shoulders and slender hips of the 40’s (Joan Crawford), the wasp waists and wide hips of the 50’s (Marilyn Monroe), the androgynous waif of the 60’s (Twiggy), the tall glamazons of the 70’s (Jerry Hall), the extremes of the 80’s (Iman, the one married to David Bowie), the sickly look of the 90’s (Kate Moss), and whatever we have today.

    Any student of clothing and costume history can tell you that the great fashion houses had dictated the silhouette of the era and chose the models that would best fit their clothing; it was not the popularity of the models themselves that promoted the ‘physical ideal of beauty’ (for after all, they were just walking coat hangers), but the clothing designers themselves.

    Thing is, we just took the whole thing too seriously. After having grown up with Barbie dolls and Supermodels, the shock of seeing a ‘normal’ sized woman with her skin acting as it’s supposed to AND being treated like a model is a slap in the face to our ingrained cultural thinking.

    Personally, I think shock is a good thing in fashion; it keeps people from being compliant and makes them question the reality they’ve lived with.

    As a personal aside, after years of being in gyms, I find that dress size and how taut someone’s skin is does not reflect how healthy/unhealthy they are. It just means that they have good genes and/or they fit in the current mainstream’s ideal of beauty. It all depends on the condition of the insides on what real health is. Thank the Great Mother we all don’t have the same body type – it’d be smegging boring.

  130. Marcia says:

    to SUmmer 09: I guess you are unaware that Brittany had an eating disorder. She is a fave actress of mine, but she was too thin for words. I am not “making fun of her”. I think narcissism contributes to starlets like Nicole Richie starving themselves for attention, and it should be pointed out that if you’re not eating, you’re not exactly healthy. You are just chasing an imaginary standard, and skinny is not always attractive.

  131. no says:

    so many “this is how a woman should look” comments, so being naturally skinny is wrong? Healthy can be skinny too. Whatever works for people, big or small, just go with it, there shouldn’t be one ideal standard.

  132. ellen says:

    There are lots of skinny people that are healthy and beautifull. So dumb are some people. I love curves but this is way to much.

  133. JB says:

    These photos are beautiful, as are the models, but they have still been subjected to the high degree of post-production work that all published photos go through. These women would have cellulite, spots, moles, other lumps and bumps, uneven skin tone etc just like the rest of us, but all of that has been erased.

  134. Nemesh says:

    They are all beautiful.
    Away with those anorexic types.

  135. aj says:

    This is what a women, a real, sexy and confident women looks like! MEN like a lil something to hold on to!!
    they are gorgeous!

  136. aj says:

    skicanada16 – you ignorant dick

  137. Nora says:

    i just don’t know why people keep saying “away with those anorexic models” and so on. Let me just say this, ALL SKINNY AND THIN PEOPLE ARE NOT ANOREXIC”. Its just so dumb when people say that and as a skinny person myself who models, i was born this way due to my genes and i am fed up of people saying that because i am skinny, i must be anorexic. hellloooo…i love my food..curries are my fave but i just have a high metabolisim so i just don’t put on any weight. I think that people who ARE ACTUALLY ANOREXIC shouldn’t model as it does send out a bad message but i don’t think that its fair on people like me who are naturally skinny should be told that they are anorexic. I personally think that the models above arE gorgeous and that EVERY SIZE AND SHAPE SHOULD BE ABLE TO MODEL.
    Please though, for all those people who look at skinny models and at once label them anorexic…just stop and think and don’t be so ignorant.

  138. Tom says:

    Not sure what you are trying to say. With 50% of the population considered obese and a significant portion of them being considered “morbidly obese,” the cost of overweight Americans is costing billions in additional health care. I watch what I eat and am neither fat or thin but am concerned about my weight for health resons. Maybe MODELS.com consider its role to educate people on eating healthy, exercising and help others to take care of themselves.

  139. Al says:

    Why fashion is always in the extreme ? Anorexic or overweight are both unhealthy ! The perfection is in the middle, in a normal size !

  140. Nigel S. says:

    Alot of these comments give just a sampling of the rampant state of ignorance…Beauty comes in more than a few sizes.

    @ Ellen…you must be very new to the addressing of perfection standards with the use of Nazi reference. I know very well what Isaid. I’m “really out of my mind”?… Yeah? That’s a stellar notion. But yet in the same breath…

    You: “i find this UGLY, i can’t imagine that someone love those lovehandles and find the naked woman beautiful.”

    Need I say more? You’ve contributed nothing and you’ve got the loose screws hun. Don’t you try to take me on on such topics. These women are NOT morbidly obese. Obviously you know nothing of such matters so don’t act as if you possess any clout. Your “argument”? equals: Fail!
    Banished back to the crevice beneath your rock you are!
    In the words of BryanBoy (& mine): Baboosh!

    And to some of the others. Not EVERY large woman has cellulite. Where did you learn that? There are alot of average skinny women with dented legs out there. The women above and their skinny colleagues are models after all. A level of pristine epidermis should be expected! They are representing the push for a more mainstream acceptance of size, not just within the confines of fashion.

    Sure if a woman/man wanted to fit into something, things can be done.
    But this is about addressing the larger picture of rampant animosity, within fashion and on the streets. Heck I was teased for being skinny. Neither form of dismissiveness should be acceptable. Many types possess beauty. And again, people are more than exteriors. Why are so many missing that?!

    I believe that the rest of us who understand and accept this movement know very well that those so visciously against are of the *plastic* variant. So obessessed with being “in” and carrying the torches of your ill-informed cause. Stop trying so hard. You’re so in that you’re actually out. You flew past “cool” x miles ago.
    **Earth to Plastics**… Get a clue!

  141. MLB says:

    Well. So much for fashion spreads being aspirational.

  142. J'aime says:

    I too am a fan of fuller sized models! But with the clothes they’re wear it’s hardly flattering. The stylist is not considerint the style, they are just saying, well we’re going to put fuller sized models in, and they have not thought to change the style. I’d gladly be happy to see a fuller figured model in something sexy like: a corset, that still shows their assets! I’m not saying, all we have to do is cover them up so we don’t see “Flab” but atleast put the fuller sized models in something supportive, and flattering, I mean we all love cuves, so get one of those firm control pants or something. I think fuller sized women would look great in something elegant, but I’m not saying we shoud catergorise the things they wear, just to consider actually what they are wearing, consider everything.
    I don’t think the style thought about, they just quickly said, ow yes, lets get some fuller sized women in, and put them in swimwear that doesn’t suit them. What they’re doing is picking what the size 0 would wear, and then transferring it. I mean, I find the picture thats in black and white with the woman, from the first picture in a just a top, I mean, whats that going to do! Theres no consideration in this. I think what they need to do is consider the models, they can’t wear anything and everything, I mean, they are supposed to be STYLISTS! and yes, they have whole sexual seductive theme for V magazine, but site, something elegant, classy and sexy will work perfectly, doesn’t me you have to show so much amount of skin, even some materials like lace is perfect.


  143. Vanessa says:

    Well, I must agree with some and disagree with others. In themodeling industry, anything above a size 9 is considered a PLUS size. However, just because you are 12 to 18, that does not mean that you are unhealthy. On my good days I am a 16, and on my bad days I am an 18. However, I can get on the treadmill and jog for 45 mins, or I can do 5 miles out in an an hour. I know these numbers are not the best for I know people that can do 5 miles in under 30 mind, however, these are ATHLETES. I never excersized prior to turning 24. I’m 28 and now I can do the above mentioned. In comparison my friend is a size 6 or 8, and can not be on treadmill more than 10 mins at 3.5. Whereas, I can on it for 45 mins to an hour at 4.3.

    In conclusion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, just because you are a size 16, it doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. I’m living proof of that.

    Now, if I could only have the opportunity of a photo shoot like that! AMAZING & BEATIFUL!

  144. Shanna says:

    I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s the first photo shoot I see that I really think the fuller women are stunning.

    To all people that prefer (stick)thin and think this is fat; Just because we’re used to models looking skin and bones, doesn’t mean these girls are fat, it’s just that you’re used to an extreme of way too skinny models. And now everything compared to a skeleton looks fat. They look massive compared to anorexic people, but they’re actually average sized. And some people are just afraid of changes. Not to worry, thin will probably be in again decades from now.
    I’m aware of the fact that naturally skinny isn’t unhealthy, many of my friends are extremely thin eventho they wish they were fuller, but I have to say I’m actually really really glad to see models that I can relate to for a change.

    First time I actually feel proud of my curves! love it :)

  145. Peter says:

    Outstanding work, delicious-looking models. I think I fell in love maybe 5, perhaps even 6 times. As an artist/illustrator this is EXACTLY the “body ideal” I most want to draw/paint. Great job, and I do hope we’ll be seeing much more of this on a regular basis and not just for this Very Special Issue(TM), otherwise it loses its meaning.

  146. HelB says:

    To over-state the obvious: You can be in amazing health at any size, just like you can have unhealthy heart, lungs, blood at any size. (it all depends on your alcohol consumption and drug habit, isn’t it?)

    PS: Those girls aren’t fat. But to be fair, this is going to the other extreme – I would like to see ‘regular’ size people. Size 6, 8, 10? In shape? Not strung out,? Not promoting ridiculously over-the-top ideals of how a wowan should act or be?

  147. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    Can those who don’t like this spread PLEASE STFU and GTFO? You guys come on here and run your mouths about how “they are fat” and “this is sending the wrong message” and all this other crap. Please. SHUT. THE. HELL. UP.

    If you actually READ some of the messages here, this spread has brought nothing but a POSITIVE message. Women who like to be fashionable and are not typical model industry size are actually looking at this spread and saying “oh. My. GOD. She looks like ME. And she’s BEAUTIFUL.” You say they are ‘fat?’ SO THE HELL WHAT? For the first time, in maybe a LONG time for some, we are seeing plus sized women in a light that isn’t along the lines of the headless fatties you see in obesity reports.

    And to the chick from Europe who said that women should be size 8-10, please get over yourself. There is no size that a woman “should” be. You don’t dictate what ANY person should be other than yourself. These women are being published whether you like it or not. Their beauty is going to be shown around the world whether you like it or not.

  148. huh? says:

    to some of the comments above. I actually know 4 out of the 5 girls in this story. All lead pretty healthy lives. All are tall and not that big (to use the word extreme) for their sizes. If Marilyn Monroe was a size 10 and these girls are MAYBE 2 sizes bigger how is that so bad? I agree all grounds should be covered in fashion. From skinny to big, but to say that these girls are the extreme and other models are too small is just ridiculous. They are all beautiful as is this story. I for one am happy to see the full figured girls getting exposure in a magazine such as V regardless of what the magazines intentions are. It just seems that a lot of the comments are people who aren’t happy if the model is too thin or too big. Who cares as long as beauty is portrayed in different ways. It is art and art is subjective anyway. Bravo! These women are beyond beautiful as images and as people!

  149. Ash M. says:

    At the end of the day, the fashion industry will not continue to use plus sized models for the simple fact that “plus sized” is not the West’s perception of ideal beauty. The contrary is true in other parts of the world, but I’m talking about Europe and America here. The whole point of fashion, television, entertainment, etc. is to push an ideal on the world so that consumers will look at someone or something and think of themselves, “Gee, that’s what I’d like to be someday.” When we start using “everyday” people, you send the message that just any ol’ body can have this or that product. And how is that effective marketing? That’s just the reality of the business. You have to create an image that people will strive toward. You have to create a brand that emanates exclusivity, luxury, a ideal that only a select few can achieve and the rest of us want to achieve. Fashion is about showing shit most of us will never have on people most of us will never, ever look like. Even if these girls are plus size, they still have beautiful faces. These are not “regular girls” even if one part of them (weight) is “regular.” This is just a fad and using plus size models is novelty. Yea, we’re using maybe one plus size girl out of 20 in one show out of 100 every fashion week world wide (i.e. Mark Fast S/S 2010, London) but it will never become a normal thing. Because normal is not what this industry is about. Even people trying to sell you Coca-Cola don’t look “regular” so why would fashion people EVER be the first to do so?

    I think it’s much worse to push an agenda you don’t really believe in rather than sticking to what you know to be true. I’m willing to be the next issue will not have “regular girls” gracing the pages, neither in editorials nor advertisements.

  150. Laura says:

    PlusSizedFemin could be right but should calm down a little bit. There’s no need of shouting, especially considering that overweight people usually are cool aslo because are less nevrotic than skinny, anorexic ones. Personally I am not too much into this plus size thing and I don’t find sexy overweight people, neither male nor female. But mine is just a personal opinion, nothing more, and I am glad that there are so many people out there that think different from me. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fun!

  151. Tina says:

    It’s so nice to see real women with real curves as models. Perhaps this will be the start of showing average normal healthy women in media. People come in all shapes and sizes and this shows beautiful women don’t come only in extra small. Now if more swimsuit companies would make cute sporty swimwear for plus sizes. It took me a long time to find one that suited me, but I bought two plus size swimsuits from HydroChic and have been very happy plus size swimsuits

    The company is run by women for women. I just wish more companies followed their example.

  152. K says:

    @ Ash M. what Marketing conserns you are right up untill today but,……
    I dont think people take that crap from marketeers anymore.They see trough that and beyond. There are alot of ppl out there that are asking for some change. And if you dont hear that you will miss the train. You dont tell people what to do, you look at what ppl want and than you will make a product,..the cycle begins.
    There are some succesfull advertisements out there that use everyday people. Also there are brands in the clothing industry that use ppl from the street to advertise. I dont have a crystalball, but i think there is a movement comming on.

  153. Katie says:

    I refuse to listen to the haters justify their arrogance instead of (like Laura) admitting it’s simply not their preference. These are beautiful pictures of beautiful models. At one time Peter Paul Rubens saw this and art was made.

  154. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    Well Laura, if you don’t like it, then as I said, STFU and GTFO. Nobody is forcing you to see this. YOU made the conscious effort to come on this site, look at these photos, take time out to respond to my comments, and give your disdain for overweight people. It was YOUR CHOICE to do this. Nobody forced you to like the “fatties” in this photo shoot.

    And why SHOULD I calm down? I’ve had to put up with models that pretty much NEVER looked like me, and this is the industry standard. I’ve put up with people telling me that I am never sexy or beautiful. I’ve put up with fashion designers themselves (Karl Lagerfeld, I’m looking at YOU) that I shouldn’t be able to get nice looking clothing because of my size.

    The one rare time I see a model who looks like me and makes me, and many others like me say “DAMN!!!! I could look GOOD in an outfit like THAT!!!” we got tons of people coming in saying how HORRIBLE a message this brings? No. Hell. NO. I will not calm down. This is a BEAUTIFUL message. These women are BEAUTIFUL. These women are SEXY.

    And this “plus sized thing” you refer to? It’s what people like me LIVE THROUGH EVERY DAY. I’ve been plus for most of my life. And I’m beautiful. This is not a debate about the obesity epidemic and it’s attached emotional, political and commercial baggage. This is about fat women, for the first time, being shown in an image that is of beauty, and not of disdain. Let us have this, because we’ll probably never see it again. In the sea of fat hatred, this is but a raindrop of hope.

  155. c says:

    If fashion is wearable art, then the argument “Life imitates Art” or vice versa “Art imitates Life” is something to ponder regarding the use of curvy models. In the last 60 years, the former seems to be the ideal with a special emphasis placed on television and print.
    There is also a larger force at work here; advertising. If “ideal beauty” (in its current unattainable state) is the fashion advertising mantra, by all means destroy your bottom line. As a consumer (which is all I am to you), I see no reflection of myself in this “ideal beauty” you are selling. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Therefore I will not spend money on your products. This has been the prevailing method of advertising, but the tides are turning. While I look nothing like these models, I can see some reflections; the curve of a breast, the twinkle in an eye, the softness of an arm….This is Art imitating Life.

  156. Richardnl says:

    Wow! Much beter than the anorexic sticks that you normally see. Just show me more….

  157. Katrin says:

    I think many get the idea behind the whole thing wrong, for me it would be important that every woman would be represented in fashion, skinny, chubby, tall and short. There isn’t any “real” shape. Models with a size 6 are also reals as the ones with size 18.

    Something I think is even more important is, to get out of peoples mind is that everyone always says: too skinny is unhealthy and beeing overweight is unhealthy too. Thats not always true. You can be just natural skinny, or normal but not doing any sport, or overweight even if you do regular sport. People are so closed-mind, they always think of only one way the world can be. Fat people cant be healthy, normal weight people are healthy and skinny people are unhealthy too.

    I really love these pictures, and I am so happy that they don’t wear flattering clothes, it really looks like a fashion shot with runway clothing and not something that is just made to hide your curves or rolls.

  158. Angela says:

    It is sad to see how ignorant some of these comments are. The “where’s the cellulite” WOW! Not all overweight women have cellulite. And the comments about how women this size just need to eat right, lift weights and go for walks…Give me a break.

    I am a size 3 so it is not because I am (like someone posted) trying to justify my own body, that I think these women look lovely. Both their faces and bodies.

    And even if it is different than the “norm” who am I (OR who are YOU) to JUDGE ANYONE!!

  159. K says:

    @C Applause :)

  160. Ivy says:

    Thank you. I cannot say thank you enough. You could not possibly understand how wonderful it is for me to see women my size being shown for how beautiful they really are. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with my body and myself, and seeing this is an amazing boost for me. These girls are fabulous, and that picture of the model on the floor is fantastic. THANK YOU!

  161. jens says:

    I agree that models shouldnt be catwalk-skinny, but these were WAY too fat!
    Give me Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated… Seriuosly, this was just ridiculous!

  162. Nikkivante says:

    Thankyou to Plus Sized Femme you said what me and other people were thinking. I too am happy to see real size women looking beautiful in a real photoshoot for the world to see. KUDOS to the person who was bold enough to implement the idea and thumb their nose at society..Now if we could just take this movement to the next level and celebrate all colors of real women’s beauty then we will truly have revolutionized this industry. KEEP IT COMING I AM LOVING THE CHANGE !!!!!

  163. Stump Beefgnaw says:

    Hey, guys? If you’re going to say “eww, these women are fat” (which they’re not), at least have the backbone to own up to the fact that you’re making these comments out of an irrational hate for non-skinny women. Don’t pretend you care about anyone’s health. Admit you just can’t stand it when normal-sized women don’t hate themselves as much as the fashion industry says they should.

    And if being a size 12 were half as “unhealthy” as some of you sad, shallow, hateful people claim it is, then why is it that I’m able to run farther and faster and lift more than every single skinny woman I know? Why do I catch a cold maybe once a year and these skinny girls call in at least once a month with some sniffle or tummyache? But yeah, I’m the unhealthy one. Right.

    And I am so sick of skinny women whining about being treated badly. You’re the goddamned ideal. You are not being persecuted. Get over yourselves.

  164. Bill Eton says:

    OMG… those models are totally gorgeous! I’d date ANY of them in a heartbeat!!!

  165. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    Nikkivante, I appreciate your sentiment, but please remember that ALL women are real sized, from size 0 to 42. And yes I agree, the change should come. Bring in old and young, thin and plus sized and in between. With every spread like this, society gets a slap in the face. We’ve been forcefed the notion that there is no beauty with fat, and we have proven it wrong.

    Now, I want there to be a mens version of this as well. Seriously, men have been plagued with the Adonis complex for too long in the fashion industry, and I think that it would be beneficial to see plus sized men as well. Break the mold, V magazine.

  166. stephanie says:

    this is the greatest thing in the world to me. my whole life i have bought magazines and all i have done is daydreamed and hoped and wished i could look like these girls who are a size 0 or 00…… finally a magazine ran some pictures where i dont want to stick my finger down my throat. this is the best thing i have ever seen. it shows what real woman look like…. not what they should look like. it shows that you dont have to be a size 2 to look good in clothes or let alone in your own skin. thank you thank you!!!!

    with that said its scary to think that there are people in this world who think its not right to show this side of woman, to think its not ok for woman to be larger then a size 0,2, or 4. All these negative comments above just prove who narrow minded America is. Fat is the worst word in the world….. whats fat? i dont understand what fat is….. i know what unhealthy is i know that larger then normal or skinny people all have health problems. For JENN to say these girls were way to fat im so sorry for you. They are GORGEOUS!!! It takes more courage for a larger woman to take her clothes off then a skinny one. i am proud to say i look that way….. I would rather be my size then a size less then 4 and worry that i might gain weight, or i might loose my model career if i gain weight. Why is it so important to see someones ribs or bones protruding. Its so gross. Its about time a FASHION magazine puts a thicker woman in their spreads.

    again THANK YOU!!!

  167. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see real women in a magazine for a change.

  168. Eleri says:

    I am frankly confused at the assumption that just because these women have some curves and even some *gasp* rolls, that they are ‘unhealthy’. None of these beautiful women look overweight enough to have any major health problems, and in fact look to appear quite within the range of healthy, normal, female weight options.

  169. Whitney says:

    Alot of you people are just pissing me off on here. Unfortunately, I do have to agree with x. I am a size 22 and 5″6. Yes I am fat. But you know, many people still tell me I’m beautiful. Women come in all shapes and ALL sizes. Someone on here was stating that plus size models are the same as skinny, because it’s still pushing women to extremes. You need to go look up what plus size models are. Plus size models are not really plus size women. They are at the smaller side of plus size, and I have not seen one yet over a size 16. To the person stating that average people should be used, rather than anorexics or fatties, the average size in the US is a size 12. You need to quit stating that size 8 is average and well, I made an apt with my Dr after seeing this, and he stated that if I managed to get below 135 or so, I would be anorexic and even then because of my bone build it would be unattractive. SO the plus size models are about average. I did agree with the person asking for a variety in height, and I agree that would be good as well. For the most part, you people need to realize that it’s not about EVERYDAY women. It’s about picking statuesque beautiful women, in whatever form they make come. You don’t see average models. People don’t turn to look at what they see everyday. Their eye gets caught by something different, which is what caught many people’s eye about this article I’m sure. The point is not to find models that look like you, and that’s not what many of us actually want. We just want more variety in the models we do see, along with affirmation that just because we are not sizes 0-6, we are still sexy and stylish. That’s why Lane Bryant is so expensive. It’s one of the few brands here that has plus size clothing that doesn’t appear to have come from Omar the tentmakers place. Just cuz my ass is big doesn’t mean I want to cover it up!


  170. Nathan says:

    Wow. I guess those of you complaining about how this spread is somehow promoting “unhealthy” lifestyles always post the same kinds of complaints when you see a photo of an underweight model too, or a picture of someone smoking a cigarette? How do you know these women are unhealthy? Are you a doctor who can magically diagnose someone’s overall health from a single photo? Do you even know how much they weigh? or what kind of lifestyle they have? Please. If you don’t like the way these women look, fine. That’s your problem. I think you’re wrong — they’re gorgeous, in my opinion — but whatever. But don’t camouflage your subjective aesthetic preferences (not to say hang-ups) by pretending that what you really care about is people’s health.

  171. Ashburn Eng says:


  172. www.svetozar.com says:

    i don’t think that those who say “this is beautiful” would actually be happy to subscribe for a fashion magazine that comes in those “sizes”.

  173. Svetozar says:

    overall i don’t agree with having such stuff in a fashion magazine and especially on a website, where people can leave comments – many people will get offended, simply because the question here is NOT “is this beautiful?”

  174. Kirri says:

    See, this is why I want to see more fuller-figured women in fashion magazines. I want to know how a certain garment would suit my body type, but I rarely see anything I like on a woman who isn’t a beanpole. Models are referred to as ‘clothes hangers’ merely to showcase a garment – if this is indeed the case, why not show us how a dress or a pair of pants will look on a woman with a body shape more like the average reader? If I see a straight-up-and-down woman in a nice dress, all I will think is, “OK, that’s a dress”. However, if I see more women like those featured in V’s shoot, i’ll get a much better sense of the structure and flow of the dress.

    Then, and only then, will I consider buying whatever you’re advertising.

  175. Nigel S. says:

    *Correction* – I’d subscribe!

  176. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    Kirri, I agree with you. Clothing on bigger women needs to be thought out more, because the fabric WILL stretch on us. Having a plus sized “clothes hangar” will give a better sense of where the flow will go, what would be unflattering, etc.

    And quite frankly, I see it as a failure of the designer if they can’t MAKE clothing for plus sized people. I have been told by quite a few people who are in fashion school that they don’t teach a THING about the plus sized body. At. ALL. Here’s a challenge: You want to show the world you have talent? Make clothing that makes a size 16 look good and put it on the runway.

    @ Svetozar: Yes, I WOULD subscribe if I knew there would be women my size, on a REGULAR BASIS, in that magazine.

  177. Manny Roman says:

    I love that V Magazine did a story on these beautiful curvy women. I wish I would have known about it earlier, as I would have submitted a model that I manage: ANCHAL > : http://romanmanagement08.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-post.html She is 5’11” 34D – 26 – 38 and agents in NYC find her way too large which is sad because She, along with these beautiful models fetaured in V Magazines Size Story are the ” REAL DEAL “.

  178. kim says:

    WOW nice photos! I wish I could be that model for one day :D


  179. Nick says:

    some curvy women CAN be attractive but let’s face a few facts, here:

    ** back in the 60s and 70s — very few women were NEARLY as overweight as these models

    ** while these models make us feel good about ourselves it also lessens our likelihood of seeking to improve ourselves

    ** acceptance that this is better than having slimmer bodies reduces what we’d consider to be the benchmark, and several decades from now the same situation will likely happen — forcing us to lower the bar again.

    in conclusion — while i personally like my women to have a little bit of meat on them and not look like complete toothpicks — encouraging women to be overweight rather than seeking to inspire them to obtain a healthier body is not the answer.


    Being a photographer (a male at that) I can only conclude that people only get into heated debate about extremes – either far too skinny or far too overweight. The normal distribution puts females at a certain weight but that’s not to say that the average is the “best” weight. The best weight statistically is the weight with the smallest deathrate! However, I know for a fact that women find it easier to be over average than under average! Personally I prefer the tall, skinny side of average-shaped women – but I can see the beauty in a good photo regardless of whether it’s a woman or a landscape!


    By the way. It’s my 54th birthday today. Oh Joy!!!

  182. l.e. says:

    The pictures are beautiful, but these women are as unhealthy as the anorexic models V magazine has proudly been featuring ever since its first issue. Beyond the fact that an unhealthy weight can range from size zeros to size sixteen or more, I find this an incredibly hypocritical move. There is ONE feature with fat (because they are fat) women, and the rest of the magazine is filled with skinny models. One editorial does not a difference make, and it would be nice if magazines actually made an effort to feature healthy women on their pages. I am sorry, but I find this absolutely ridiculous. And at the end of the day, do we want little girls eating unhealthy food in large quantities in the hopes of becoming plus size models?

  183. isabel says:

    If we all agree on the thing that models on the catwalk are skinny anorexic we should also agree on the fact that these ones are fat! Beautiful and stunning as much as you want but still fat.

  184. justsayin says:

    these are gorgeous, cant stop looking at them!
    if only the fashion world can once and for all show REAL women, as in no photoshopped pimples…stretch marks…celulites…
    i have curves but these women dont have any flaws in their skin and thats not real!!
    but nice photos regardless….’sigh,,

  185. antha says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finally! Real WOMEN!!!!!

  186. Zoltan says:

    Great & Sexy. F-ing sexy! All is Good picture! Congratulations!

  187. Quennar says:

    Great photos. It’s really refreshing to see real women on the pictures. Good job!

  188. titli says:

    its awesum…real….n finally sumthing which doesnt luk like a sucked out dead body which sumhw manages to walk d ramp…n show all their bones. these pics r v classy and most of all when u talk about models they just dont mean 1 type, models r being used to showcase an outfit,so as outfits r for difrnt sizes models should always b of difft sizes as it will surely help the market.
    as far r these pictures r concerned …luks like an art

  189. pdl says:

    there is no real need for flame or discussion here. beauty is independent from weight. the last few years of “population prefers slim” will be balanced out somewhere in the future for sure. some of them are nice some of them are not. just like with the slim girls…

  190. Svein atle Kleiven says:

    Beautiful girls. Love them all!!!! :) :) :)

  191. Gina says:

    For any of the people who have the nerve to insult these women’s bodies, I’d like to see what you look like stripped down. Then again, perhaps I would NOT like to see you naked because I am sure it is substandard next to these gorgeous women. People need to watch their words saying stuff like “these bodies are not ideal just like the anorexic bodies are not ideal.” Says who? I know plenty of women who LOVE their curvy bodies and would not trade their chest and hips for a size 2 or a size 8 at that (including myself). I also know plenty of men who would take a curvy body over a boney, boy body. Also, this is NOT one extreme or the other. One extreme is these anorexic women who die from it and the next extreme are the people who are so Morbidly and Super Morbidly Obese that they die from it. These women are gorgeous and perfect the way God made them. To be a plus size model you have to work out and eat healthy, look up the requirements.

  192. t&a says:

    1. these pix are f-ing sexy, and if the fashion industry knows what’s good for it, we’ll be seeing more curvy peeps like these and maybe even some fatties.

    2. ‘phobes on this thread can quit wringing their hands about “health.” you can’t tell how healthy someone is by how fat they are.

  193. Nikkobya says:

    I’m slightly overweight, but I am healthier than most skinny bitches. I eat well and I exercise regularly…but my body was not created to ever be “Thin.” As a little girl it would have given me much more confidence to see beautiful women of my size…instead of every magazine’s attempt to make me feel less than because I’m naturally a bigger person. Thank you V for showing how beautiful we are!!!

  194. God's Favorite Shoes says:

    These modesls, the clothes and the photos are pure perfection! I find it all beautiful and a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for these photos! Hopefully it’s not a one time thing…a fad…a trend…but hopefully will become the norm.

  195. Chris says:

    Finally, REAL women. Why can’t there be more of this? There is too much focus on being thin to the point of being sick. This is more like the average woman and it shows that she is beautiful just the way she is, not some commercial stereotype. While yes they are models, its a step in the right direction for once.

  196. kevin says:

    These woman are beautiful! Need more pics like these of REAL women.

  197. Theodora says:

    Okay, first of all, I love the idea of this ‘size issue’, but I don’t feel like this photo shoot taken very seriously. I don’t see a real fashion editorial when I look at this. To me, these are just glamour shots, inch-of-make-up, over-photoshopped glamour shots. They look like they belong in Glamour or Cosmo, not a magazine as editorial as V. I mean, look at Iris Strubegger’s editorial. Why can’t this be more like that? Plus-size models deserve high-fashion editorials of that kind too.

    Second, and this is for some of my fellow commenters: Stop calling these women “real” women.(Chris said: “Finally, REAL WOMAN”) Yes they are real women, but us skinny chicks are just as real, whether you like it or not. No, I’m not going to head to my kitchen and binge until my waist grows 8+ inches to keep up with these girls so that I can please curve-lovers, but it still is degrading. What, so I’m not a real women now? Just because I’m 5’8 and a 32-25-35? I am healthy vegan and yogi, and treat my body like a temple. I love my body, so please do not make me feel like I’m not a “real woman” just because there are some pictures of curvier women to compare model-bodies to. There is no “right” or “wrong” body type, just the body type that a woman can be comfortable with herself in. It depends on the women, whether their preferred body type is skinny or curvy.
    Sorry for the long post :)

  198. Yellokake says:

    Folks are on here saying a lot of misguided and nasty things. These women are what? 5′ 8″ and up? and probably sizes 10-12? Thats not really OVERweight, so calm down with all of that. It is highly possible to look like these women and be more healthy than a size 8, as one of u deemed an actual normal size. I also read that these sizes will never be ‘in’. WRONG. Maybe not currently in WHITE society, but many communities of people of color have celebrated women with curves for a long time. People also forget that Marilyn Monroe was a size 10, so even in white society healthy women were celebrated at one point in time. Appreciate it for what it is, ART. After that? RE-freaking-LAX. That is all.

  199. Yellokake says:

    P.S. Hating is soooo Bush era, we’re w/ Obama now so catch up. Leave all the comments that are sideline in oh nine, this is the year of two thousand and win…

  200. any says:

    absolutely incredible.

  201. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    Theodora, you are correct. Real women are all women, not just those of a certain body type. But at the same time, your comments come off as condescending, implying that plus women binge all the time. There are many of us who “treat our bodies as temples” as well, and are still fat.

    And are the fat haters STILL here? Jeez. You guys never give up. According to you guys, only skinny people should exist. Sorry. We fatties have been here for a long time, and we don’t take kindly to our existence being taken away. You can’t stop this publication. It’s going to happen. Deal with it.

  202. Lee says:

    What happened to fashion?

    actually the real question should be what happen to women? Why does it take another woman on a picture to make you feel good about yourselves? Whatever happened to SELF-esteem? I don’t complain when I see only one Oluchi on the runway or in ads, yet I still can respect that the world doesn’t revolve around my looks so why should a magazine or an ad.

    I wish fashion wouldn’t be so political with the people who have so many issues with themselves that they shove their insecurities on others and tell them to accept it.

    All I want is clothing that isn’t overwhelmed by the person inside and faces that speak bounds without having the slightest expression.

    Although being curvy or round isn’t automatically unhealthy I don’t think these folks would look the way they do without some carelessness in what they eat or lack of activity.

    -One ticked average chick

  203. MG says:

    Wow! These women are HOT! This is how women looked (from what I could tell from media of the time)in the 50’s. Then it went downhill from there-skinny….skinnier and still skinnier. Not sexy at all. I think I can speak for a lot of men out there that I don’t want to see bones jutting out of legs, hips of butts. I don’t want to see a concave stomach that looks like some kind of ribcage tent, nor a ugly, masculine-looking sixpack. I want to see curves. To me, these woman are real, normal women. Not fat. Many women who are not in the entertainment industry look like this. Lots of ethnic women are more “plus-sized” and to me-those are the most beautiful women. These women are very very hot! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some…ahem…research to do with these photos!

  204. Jojo says:

    Nice job..they are so hot..

  205. clémence says:

    Beautiful ways of being a woman…

  206. Model C says:

    These comments are getting absurd.

    For the record, models are not supposed to be normal people. They are supposed to be an ideal. This includes the plus sized ladies.

    Translation: The majority of you will never see anyone that looks like you in a magazine NO MATTER WHAT SIZE THEY ARE.

    Were turning into a society that thinks that everyone is supposed to care about our feelings in EVERY situation.

    Guess what? No one should be required to give a crap in EVERY situation.

    Who cares if your kid didn’t make the cheerleading squad. Don’t sue. Ther are probably plenty of other things they’re good at.

    Couldn’t get into the college of your choice? Don’t scream discrimination, your grades should have been better, pick another school.

    Maybe we wouldn’t have so many self esteem issues if everybody stopped thinking they were entitled to everything and were taught instead that people are different and certain people are going to be better at certain things.

    So you know what, if you don’t like the way the modeling world works, kick rocks.
    Find something else.

  207. Kari13 says:

    I have to agree with you Theodora, just because these girls are big, certainty doesn’t make them real… if only really skinny or really big women are real, then what does that make me? An alien? I’m somewhere between a size 6 and 8, always depending on what brand of clothes I buy. What I would like to see is women of all shapes, sizes and height, meaning pictures of us aliens too. For me, personally, these women are fat, but that’s my opinion. I know many guys who love bigger women and to be honest, thank God. I also know guys who like women to be skinny as a rake, but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But most guys, they go for the average women… the aliens like me, whom seem to be left out of everything. EVERY SIZE WOMEN ARE REAL, let her be skinny, thin, average, fat or overweight… it’s a totally different subject whether being on or the other is healthy, that’s everyone’s own responsibility to decide.

    I would just really like to see some ‘alien’ women finally featured…

  208. Cathrine says:

    People here are talking about sizes, where this really isn’t important. You’re at risk of heart disease with all this belly fat on display. This applies to women of all clothing sizes. WHY is it so hard to find curvy size 12 women with hourglass figures? More on the booty, less on the belly, which is much more healthy?

    I also agree with a post way up there, WHERE are the normal men? The two standards that exist in the fashion industry is either super buff or super anorectic, depending if you’re on the catwalk or in speedos for D&G’s perfume ad.

  209. LaWana Hartman says:

    Rocking it Diva styles… Curvy ladies doing it BIG!!! Loving it

  210. edenroc says:

    I love the emergence of size diversity, now can we see some racial and color diversity please?? everyone knows black women have the sexiest plus size figures–the weight goes to our hips and breasts, less to our tummies, and our bodies are more toned–so why is it that most of the plus size models used in high fashion shoots are out-of-shape white women? let’s get real, here!

  211. Renata says:

    I think they are beautiful girls.
    Congratulation to them!
    Very sexy!!
    Greetings from Hungary

  212. Em says:

    Loving it! They are beautful!

  213. don says:

    Pictures are beautiful. Models are real.
    Many years we see skinny and tall woman, but average is not the same.
    If you have brain, you have to divide where is real where is commercial.
    Normal woman is what you love. Personal preferences are different.Why do I have to follow commercial adds? Big business use woman’s ego and made unreal standards which person will never reach – but business will make money.

  214. nicochile says:

    These women are beautiful..but they do not convey the image of the “average” woman. As A said, the industry does tend to go into extreme, from size 0 (extremely thin) to sizes 12-14 ( little on the heavier side. We need to show the average woman being from size 6-8. These are the types of women we see in our daily lives, healthy and beautiful.

  215. amnaye says:

    Gorgeous pictures.
    Size doesn’t matter ;-)
    The style is everything

  216. Tay says:

    @nicochile, Size 6-8 is not average.

  217. Casey says:

    Art or not art, it’s commercialised. At least they success in persuading me to buy this mag :P

    I’m a size 20 Asian and YES, I AM THE UNHEALTHY PERSON that everyone’s been complaining here. I work in art industry n I know what’s art is and I rarely read fashion magazine(obviously because they don’t cater my size, I have no point in reading them). I probably buy 1 or 2 fashion mag in a year and this mag would be one of it. Oh wait, I have to check whether this version of mag would have in my country. This part where I would like to say, if there were a plus size model featured magazine, I probably WOULD HAVE SUBSCRIBED.

    You people here are giving negative thoughts because you have never been a fatty ppl like me. I’ll let you know what a unhealthy ppl like me is tihnking rite now. The models look nice and their skin looks so uh..tights or toned unlike what normal fatties like me have, flabby skin that swing around in every part of my body. I can have one too. Don’t you think models like these can motivates us? Well, probably not much motivation there, because it would only be in like what…FEW PAGES only?

    And whoever said that oh, this is bad, this is extreme..bla bla bla.. I don’t think A FEW PAGES of these photograph would bring bad impact to the trends in fashion industry. You would think girls would start eating fatty food to become curvy? I guess it would like in a decade before you can see it.

    P/s: I am sorry for my bad English(with a lot of shortcuts, bad grammars and spellings) but I just want to let everyone know what a size 20 asian was thinking

  218. SB says:

    Really? These women are not all that big! I bet one or two of them are probably a size 10/12! That’s not big, that’s average by today’s standards…and to the personal trainer…some women DO have to do work to stay that size, we DO come in all shapes and sizes…we are works of arts…created by the CREATOR…(I won’t go into the industry’s faults, we all know them.)

  219. KVG says:

    WOW Pictures are awesome…
    Shame so many people think their bodies are “perfect” and cannot accept everyone even large ladies need to feel good about themsleves, as they sure get put down by the likes of some of these comments.
    It is great to see these pictures, very stunning and beautiful not everyone will find them attractive, which is why we all have different likes and dislikes, it would be boring if we were all attracted to the same “perfect” bodied person. I am glad my perfect bodied husband is not conceited like some of you are… we are all different and your ignorance is not attractive…

  220. mylisa says:

    Do you really look at these women and think plus sized or overweight? I thought that it was nice to see beautiful in all shapes enjoying their curves. WE ALL need to see positive reinforcements of beauty that WE ALL can relate to. I think sometimes we need to stop the labeling and realize that its a big world and we all want to be catered to.

  221. KM says:

    Nice pictures, but why are their faces so small an slim? I thought that a double chin usually followed a more chubby body…

  222. Gina says:

    To clear up some things such as what nicochile just wrote and others wrote, I do not know where you live but 6-8 is NOT the average size. In the United States, the average size is 14. The average British women is a US 12-14. The average French woman is 5’3″ and 137.6 lbs. The average Canadian woman is 153 lbs. and 5′ 3.4″. As for the attempt at offense from edenroc that black women have the sexiest bodies, that is very ignorant. All different types of women are sexy. It’s their entire package, not their color. Also, check the facts before you try to say that all these white plus-sized models have fat stomachs, the average measurements for women aged 36-45 is:
    White: 41-34-43
    Black: 43-37-46
    Hispanic: 42.5-36-44
    Asian: 41-35-43
    All are fine!

    Why do people waste their time coming in here to write ignornant things. These women obviously think they are beautiful as do many other people otherwise they would not be models. Accept others for what they look like naturally whether they are a size 6,12,20, whatever.

  223. Kari13 says:

    @ Tan
    What do you think is an average size? Because size 6-8 is petty average I think…

  224. Model C says:

    No 6-8 is not average.

    As many people have been saying over and over, it’s 12-14.

    Everyone is so wrapped up in making themselves feel better that they can’t look around and realize that just because you And those around you are a 6-8, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Pay attention.

  225. JM says:

    OMG people, size 6-8 is NOT average. I don’t know a SINGLE person who wears either of those elist, “this is perfect” sizes. These women are BEAUTIFUL. Are you seriously calling size 12-14 women fat, even obese? You all need your eyes checked. You’ve been brain washed you stupid idiots by the anorexic obsessed media. In the 1950s Marilyn Monroe was a size 12-14 and STUNNIGLY BEAUTIFUL. No guy or girl would have called her fat back then, but voluptous, curvy, GORGEOUS like these models. They’re not promoting obesity. Thats the dumbest comment I’ve heard all day. They’re promoting tolerance for REAL women’s figures. Not everyone is born a stick and not everyone likes starving themselves. Plenty of women who look like this go to gyms reguarly, eat fairly healthy and just have a curvy body. Theres nothing wrong with a softer tummy either. Thats another brain washing stereotype. Who decided that women were supposed to have thin waists and have huge boobs/butts? MOST women DON’T. Leave it to the ignorant American population to turn a beautiful thing into a bitch fest about why the minority (6-8) isn’t represented. You people suck.

  226. André says:

    Ça me semble un peu ridicule.

  227. t says:

    The young lady lying on the floor in nothing but heels and jewelry is absolutely stunning. She’s one of the sexiest women I’ve seen in a long time.

  228. petra reuter says:

    Wow… i like it !

  229. Kari13 says:

    Please don’t get this wrong, because the last thing I want to do is insult these women, because they certainty are beautiful… but in my opinion huge stomachs are not sexy and especially not healthy. The first women in the pictures is overweight. Not sexy but overweight. Her body is not toned and she has huge arms from being fat. I am not perfect. I do not have a model figure but I am not fat. I know that many people do not want to face the fact that they are fat and try to say that being size 12-14-16 is average… it’s just not. Maybe that is the average size now, but no matter from which way I approach that these sizes are big. In my opinion being fat or too thin is unhealthy. Neither is sexy. Neither is healthy. And in my opinion, neither is attractive…

  230. Josh says:

    Hooray for this. It’s a shame that it should cause such a fuss, we should be able to take this for granted, but it’s progress.

    One thing: much as of course I totally understand that what you’re on about with the “Nazi” comparisons, it’s perhaps a little ironic or something since, for all their obvious faults, women in Nazi Germany were discouraged from slimming as this was considered bad for childbirth.

  231. Woggle says:

    Truly, absolutely lovely women in these photos, although it would have been excellent to see them sans makeup and in regular clothes just as a comparison (and so gals with full figures and lower self-confidence could see that they too are equally lovely). Those photos definitely made my day. However, I have a very slight issue with the line that ends with “..,charm that is all their own.”

    Plus or minus size has not much to do with how much charm a woman has. We’ve been so brainwashed by advertising to see anyone over a size 2 as “fat” while not recognizing that everyone has a unique shape and size and some folks who are plus size are a just as or in many cases a LOT healthier than those who look like they’re on a hunger strike (and losing the battle).

    There are ladies and men who were born big and live large yet have active lifestyles (and amazing sex lives). Trying to force them to diet pill, stomach staple and purge their way into a size 4 or 22″ waist pant is as bad as (or worse) as going too far in the other direction. I’m sure the women in those photos are quite happy with their bodies as well as any positive responses they get on a daily basis.

    Rembrandt, PP Rubens and Titian and a few other old masters from different eras are definitely dancing around in art heaven, that’s for sure.


    Word for the day: Ru·ben·esque
    Pronunciation: \ˌrü-bə-ˈnesk\
    Function: adjective
    Date: 1913

    : of, relating to, or suggestive of the painter Rubens or his works; especially : plump or rounded usually in a pleasing or attractive way

    source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/

    I’d bet that other fashion mags will “suddenly” realize that this body type is more common than the wafer-thin waifs they usually use and start a trend of covering ALL body types in their dwindling pages. The term “Plus’ size automatically implies something negative, by the way. As soon as some folks hear or see those words, they think of some overweight mall-crawler in track pants scarfing down fast food on a daily basis, not the possibility of well-placed curves and a zest for life. Pity.

  232. Clarita says:

    My husband had ne watch this report last night and I was beaming with pride. My eyes teared up at how great these curvy gorgeous women have been portrayed. I am also curvy and gorgeous ;-) which my husband tries to show me everyday being that I have a tendency to show my unhappiness towards my figure. But I’m changing and am proud that curvy women are being shown in this light skinny isn’t the only beautiful. If nodels.com needs a curvy Latina….email me :-)

  233. Mara says:

    wow! what a discussion, i even could´t read EVERYTHING!

    this is a wonderful picture – because it is like it is….its kind of sad

    that everyone´s talking about her weight…. that´s maybe why they are now

    also “using” women with overweight, not only underweight…”normal” is

    just too normal, i guess ;-)

    one should just look what´s happening here because of this pix

    craaazyyyy :))))))))))))

  234. Anna says:

    I cannot believe people actually believe this is fat. You lot have been completely brainwashed by society. These women ARE average! Not plus size, but average. So many woman are shaped like this. Anything over a size 2 is fat to you guys, and it’s so stupid. Pull your head out of your behinds and look around. These women are beautiful, and thank GOD, finally some women that look soft and touchable instead of bony and weightless.

  235. peach224 says:

    You know, plus size does not automatically equate with unhealthy. I am a perfectly happy, size 22 woman. I have no weight-related health problems, so tell me how promoting healthy, larger women is a problem in encouraging people to be unhealthy? I personally do not have diabetes, my heart is in perfect condition, I have low bad cholesterol and average good cholesterol. I don’t think that anyone should assume that plus size equals unhealthy. The average size, as stated by several news agencies recently, of an american woman is a size 14. That is the very bottom end of “plus-size” as most plus size clothes go to size 28.

    I am beautiful, and I know it, and I am told constantly. Not just by my husband, but by other men and women. Size, like age, is just a number and if you are hung up on it, I am sorry for you.

  236. K says:

    Wauw wauw wauw this is beautiful. look at the following link.
    Thank you Karl!

  237. K says:
  238. K says:

    Why doesnt the link work? hmm o wel. There is a fotoshoot here on Models.com wich is also with plussize models from KARL LAGERFELD himself. Beautiful.
    I love them.

  239. K says:

    Look at the shoot here on models.com from Karl Lagerfeld,….beautiful. Thank you Karl, thank you.

  240. Plussize Girl says:

    I Love it, Love it, Love it! Seeing real women with real curves…these women are no more unhealthy than the anorexic, cigarette smoking, coke whores that are portrayed in every magazine and advertisement that has bombarded mainstream America. I spit on those who dare talk down about these beautiful women. Plus size girls have mainstream shaking in their Manolos!!! Holla’

  241. Teresa says:


  242. Sue says:

    wow, wow, wow! beautifull women, beautifull pictures, wow! I am truly stunned, such a releif to see average-sized women looking way above average, looking plain HOT! and it is about time! Too much starving anorexic girls have passed the catwalk. I hope this will set a new trend so we will get it all in balance. Thanx to whoever made this possible!

  243. julio says:

    mate—————– this is bloody hot.—————— this is definitely a new line in the world of modelling……………………..way better than the other sort of models………this are real women———————-greetings

  244. Barbara says:

    I think that seeing these women is absolutley wonderful. I have never agreed with the current views of what sociecty deemed as beautiful. Too many young girls have and still become anorexic or bulemic to try to be (socially beautiful) I have known people who were overweight and in excellent health. I have also known thin people with many health problems. Everyones body and systems health levels are based on more than the weight factor. There is heredity, lifestyle, type of foods eaten an a regular basis. I personally have been in the healthy and overweight (morbidly obese) catagory. I am 5’8″ and my weight throughout my adult life has ranged from 135lbs to 246lbs. Why? Becoming physically disabled and three back to back pregnancies. At 135 I was (socially acceptable) Anyone who knew me told me how sucked in my face looked. When I was in the military (best physical shape of my life!) I was 150 lbs)No excess fat, completely healthy! Weight is just a number as long as your doctor says your healthy. If your doctor tells you, your weight is affecting your health then you need to do something about it. I think these women are beautiful and I think its great to see models of all sizes. If you are like me and see clothes in a magazine or even online to shop, It is great to get a realistic view on how the clothing would fit your body if your not a size 0. Being that I am overweight, For me personally, I will continue to try to eat healthier and lose whatever amount of weight I need to lose to be healthy. Not an easy task with my physical disabilities but I never stop trying. I will probably never see 150lbs again but I still want to lose because for me, my genetics, my bone structure my current weight is too high for me to be healthy. When I was healthy at 150lbs I would never be a model by todays current standards regardless of the fact I was in perfect health and bmi. I don’t believe anyone with a brain would look at these models as a reason to gorge and pack on the pounds. It just simply shows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Sorry folks, I didn’t mean to write a book but this is important to me! Again, Beautiful women!

  245. David says:

    Boy, am I glad I DVR Neil Cavuto! Marquita Pring was a great choice as a spokeswoman. Great pictures and great models.

  246. sheila says:

    i think this is a great editorial and although i’m not a supporter of obesity, these women are far from that, and i find these more voluptuous women much more appealing and sexy then the size 0-4 women in the preceding editorial!!

  247. roche says:


    Each and every one of them

    Real women!

  248. ml says:

    utterly and unquestionably gorgeous

  249. t says:

    I know this defeats the purpose of this sort of thing, but I find the young lady lying nude on the floor attractive and sexy because of her body. She’s not an “attractive larger woman”. She’s an attractive. sexy woman. I’d love to see her sprawled out across my bed in this exact same pose.

  250. Jason says:

    This is still terrible. They’ve still gathered together what we as a society declare as beautiful. They just happen to be a little on the heavier side. The real progress will be when average people are used as models, but we don’t get excited over average, we want unobtainable. They’re still exploiting women as sex symbols. Where is the humility in that? Only when you cease defining what is beautiful can beauty be revealed.

    Yes these women are beautiful/attractive and sexy.

    But we’re still saying to our children: look, this is beautiful, this is sexy, be like that, or this. We’re not saying: be yourself, strive to be healthy, you won’t be judged by that which you can’t change. Too bad society continues to do this even when it’s trying to show that it’s trying to change.

  251. james says:

    Who is the sexy young lady lying on the floor? She’s absolutely beautiful. She’s got the body of a goddess and I could stare into those eyes forever.

  252. rosiel says:

    I want to know that I can look GREAT in fabulous clothes! That’s the REAL reason I want to see models I can relate to. I’m not a teenager. I’m a real, grown-up ADULT WOMAN with DISPOSABLE INCOME. I’m 47 years old and PROUD to say I can still fit into some of the clothes I wore in HIGH SCHOOL (how many women can say THAT?) Why? because I still wear the same SIZE – size 12!!!

    I’m a 5’8″ glamazon and proud of it. I hike, bike, swim, run and do yoga. I’m a vegetarian and can probably kick a door down and rescue your skinny butt from a burning building, and proud of it. I’m healthy as hell. So DON’T GO telling me I’m “fat. You’re fulla shit.

    The fact is, Americans are BOTH TALLER and BETTER FED than Europeans. Yes, I’d be the first to agree Americans can stand to improve their eating habits…BUT the FACT remains that super-thin, very tall 0-2 sized models ARE GENETICALLY 2% of the population. Which means they are NOT AVERAGE. Not at ALL. No offense intended to the MINORITY of skinny girls in this country, but LET’S GET REAL about BODY SIZE.

    I’m never, EVER going to be a size 0. Not even if I starve myself. I tried it in high school and ended up a size 8, who fainted if I just got up to walk across a room. My frame will NEVER be that small. My wrist bones alone are TWICE the width of someone like Kate Moss or MaryKate&Ashley. I work in the Entertainment Industry and I’ve seen these women up close. THEY ARE TINY, TINY, TINY. Most American women simply are NOT.

    Unlike the teenagers designers seem to be marketing their clothes to, I’m old enough to KNOW whether or not something I see will fit me and make me look fantastic. 90% of Vogue? On the scrap heap, immediately! If I like a LOOK (as opposed to a dress) I’ll create it from pieces THAT FIT MY BODY!!

    Karl, Anne, John-Paul and all the rest…you want me to buy your clothes??? SHOW ME how great MY body will look in them, or forget it. You’ll never see a dime of my money.

  253. JSJ says:

    so hot, so lovely, so nice.

  254. p49it says:

    Great pictures!

  255. fme says:

    Some of the snarky comments were actually amusing. I happen to know one of these young women. She’s on a basketball scholarship, she does not smoke, do drugs, abuse alcohol or her body. She has always been extremely athletic and fit. So much for “air brushing,” not “real” models, probably “sick and couldn’t walk a mile” and so on…..

  256. Rodolfo says:

    Beautiful curves. These ladies are beautiful and sexually curvy.

  257. nick says:

    GORGEOUS…more please…my kind of gals! if you want no hips, breasts or butt, date a man!

  258. kim says:


  259. curvywoman says:

    I am a gorgeous curvy woman – size 14. I am in excellent health, I work out 4- 5 days/ week and have an incredibly disciplined diet which is healthier than most of my thinner peers (no processed food, no sugar etc..). Yet- despite all of these efforts- I have a slower metabolism and have not been able to lose weight which I most want to do and am now addressing medically. So all of the critical comments on this site are completely clueless and uneducated – and ESPECIALLY ignorant from personal trainers when they make insensitive remarks about “just eat right, exercise and lose weight.” The assumption that someone who is overweight “must not be taking care of their body” is so ignorant it’s scary! It’s the same as telling a depressed person to just get over it.
    What a simplistic view of the human condition!

    How awful that these are the people who proport to be in the body business. I would NEVER work out with someone who was that critical and loathing of others shapes.

    Anyone who thinks these photos are encouraging women to “be fat” is crazy. I dont know how anyone these days can escape the self loathing our culture encourages if your body is anything but perfect. We all know that having extra weight can put you more at risk- but should you hate yourself if you can’t lose the weight or are willing to accept where you are….? There are also many overweight people who take very good care of themselves eating and fitness wise. How many fit people do unhealthy things like drink, live in judgment of others (which affects YOU most! by the way…!), work out to an extreme (exhausting their adrenal glands), eat processed food… ??

    It’s wonderful to see women who celebrate and embrace their beauty AS THEY ARE! Most overweight people struggle with wanting thinner bodies. So how wonderful to open up the doors for women who are a bit larger to accept themselves; to make peace with themselves. Self loathing never helps anyone change or live happily! This is why so many of the people who do lose tons of weight gain it back- the underlying self hate is still there and unaddressed.

    Even if a woman wants to be lighter- how amazing it would be for her to find acceptance for where she is at the moment. For those who judge, don’t make assumptions about how unhealthy they are based upon your own narrow, uneducated biases.How many women don’t want to date or shop or feel deeply self conscious about being a size that Marilyn Monroe used to be these days?!! how awful for any person so suffer and live with shame about how they look. We are WAY more than our size… this culture has us thinking we ARE our bodies and this too is a sickness and an illusion which as we get older- will be harder to face if we stay that attached to our “perfect” bodies…

    Hats off to this magazine for doing this gorgeous shoot.
    Wishing the rest of you that are so critical can find some compassion for people who dont fit ANY particular mold and look inside at how your judgment of others only really affects you and how you separate yourself from others.

    May those who struggle DAILY as I do with feeling ok in their bodies take deep inspiration from these beauties and know you are loved/ can be loved as you are- you just have to find it within yourself (and other loving people).Our society is really sick if thin is the only acceptable way to be okay.

  260. Pilar says:

    Okay, I’m a size 12 (it’s winter..in the summer I’m thinner, usually around a size 10) and I’m petite. However, most of my friends are SO much skinnier than I am! I go to the gym 5-6 times a week, I’m a vegetarian and I watch what I eat. I will NEVER be model sized. And just because I’m a size 12 does not make me unhealthy. Maybe heavier/chubbier than the average skinny girl, but I am not unhealthy! So, I’m glad to see another image in a fashion magazine-one that represents the other kind of woman you see in every day life. *just because they may be heavier does NOT mean they are necessarily unhealthy. Maybe they will do the in between model next! This is a great start!

  261. new curves says:

    Curveywoman has it right. Some of us are destined to be thin, some heavier, some short, some tall, and some everywhere in between. It’s all genetics and we should accept ourselves. And that’s what we should strive to present in ads — a variety of looks. I live what I see here as a start toward that variety.

  262. Melissa says:

    These are all photoshopped. Kinda obvious when you look at the face and know the proportions of a human :)
    Those sick bastards ;)
    Just don’t fake photos :)
    (I’m a photoshop pro myself.. i can see the difference between what’s real and what’s not.)

  263. CarolynVictoriaDay says:

    Take it for what it is. Fashion is art, not a moral compass.

    Personally, I thought it was a beautiful piece.

  264. Kagi says:

    I suppose it’s irrelevant to talk about the clothes? ‘Cause they’re hideous. Lovely ladies, though.

  265. LISA says:

    Finally a model magazine i can relate to! Its about time us bigger women can just as pretty sexy and desirable as any itty bitty skinny thing can ;)~~~~

  266. Kacey says:

    I love the fact that your using big and beautiful woman, I’ve been a big girl my whole life, and I love how your saying that no matter what size you are your beautiful and sexy… Its hard and I know from experience, on shopping for clothes because of your body shape, i know the girls posing are maybe a size 14 tops, but i wear a 22/24 I’m curvy and I love it… I’m a healthy beautiful woman and now i hope girls can look at these woman and see that your beautiful the way you are and they can have role models like these woman, who arent afraid to flaunt what your momma gave ya!!!!!! CURVALIOUS BABY!!!!!!

  267. HANNA says:


  268. Desiree R says:

    I can’t wait to pick up the issue. As a sexy, full-figured woman, I am proud that this magazine dared to do a spread showing how real women look. After this issue hits the stands, I feel that more full-figured, curvalious women will feel confident in themselves.

    In addition, when women at their present sizes, whether it be a size 22, 16 or 9 feel good and confident about themselves, then they better able to look at themselves objectively in order to improve themselves and do better.

    Best wishes to the V publication.

    Desiree R

  269. any says:

    Melissa, clearly you are terrible at your profession. They may be photoshopped a bit. But if you watched the fox interview with Marquita Pring, you would clearly realize that these are models. They still are not real people. Its almost as if they are freaks of nature. They have curves AND beautifully chiseled faces. GET OVER IT!!!!!!

  270. J.P says:


  271. DJ says:

    Stunning! I am an admirer or plus-size women. The photography was absolutely fantastic. Great viewpoints from both sides of the fence.

  272. mjc says:

    These are great pictures, but COME ON! These are “barely plus” models with tons of makeup and probably photoshopped! Show us the REAL PEOPLE!

  273. Kari13 says:

    Just one more thing, to the women who have written that they are overweight and they know, and they are trying to do something about it… I truly respect you. It takes a brave person to admit they are overweight… I’m just sick and tired of people calling themselves curvy and womanly to get out of doing or at least trying to do something to make themselves healthier…

  274. Jenny says:

    No one can say that these women are unhealthy or healthy. It depends on so many more factors than how they look! Of course each of us has an opinion on like or dislike and I’m personally glad to see that the majority (or so it seems) are in the “like” category. The vast majority of women have been excluded from fashion industry concerns for too long. This is another step on the path to a more equitable representation of real world female bodies and I applaud it.

    But more important is the understanding that a woman’s beauty is far more than the way she looks. “Lookism” is the cause of many grave physical and mental health issues for girls and women. The cost to society is great, both spiritually and financially. In addition to a more inclusive approach by the fashion industry to help society see average sized bodies as healthy and beautiful, we need to change our definition of beautiful to include inner beauty which, by the way, will last far longer and cost a lot less.

  275. Eavan says:

    I think these photos are stunning and the women are beautfiful. They are REAL healthy women. They are broad, curvy and drop dead gorgeous!

    I’ve got 3 friends battling with eating disorders and many more thinking they are fat when they are a UK size 10. Its ludicrous that we live in a 1st world country but they want to look like they live in a 3rd world way…?? Its sad when they’re are people starving because they cant afford food or due to environmental problems food cannot grow!

    The fashion industry should be ashamed that they allow girls, who look like skeletons, promote clothes and the skinny image.
    Who in their right mind believes that clothes look good on a woman who looks like they’ve walked out of a concentration camp????

    Most models of today look like they need a bit of plumpy nut!!!

    This is an excellent feature on what is the BEAUTFIUL BODY!

  276. Noa says:

    I wouldn’t call these women fat or overweight. Some people are genetically disposed to be a bit thicker than others, and are still perfectly healthy. “Balanced” is a matter of perspective.

  277. Anna says:

    These women are sexy. Being sexy has nothing to do with your shape and size. I wish women all over the world would realize that! The photos are also just stunning. Beautiful!

  278. AskBronny says:

    WOW! Love this shoot – WANT to see more of it in the mainstream mags x

  279. Marije says:

    BEAUTIFULL GIRLS. So much more class, than all those skinny girls.
    You go girls……be proud of your selfs.

    Greetings from Holland

  280. MikeG says:

    Hey!…I don’t give a rat’s patootie what other people think!!!
    I think these ladies are absolutely visions of Heaven here on Earth!

    If you’re voluptuous or even FAT: don’t let anybody tell you you’re not beautiful!!! You are the girls/women that make the world go ’round!!!

    Viva la difference!!!!

  281. yvonne says:

    Finally normal beautifull woman

    Looks so much better then the skinny models

  282. Nichole says:

    Okay, this is nice and all that they’re using healthy-sized women, but I’m not too impressed by the shoot itself. It’s kind of boring. The shot with the girl in the sweater-dress face-on looks very catalogue.

    Many of you are so excited to see curves that you seem to completely ignore anything but the “sexiness” of these “real” women.
    Hello, last time I checked, fashion is NOT about sex!

  283. romina says:


  284. 2cents says:

    These women have beautiful faces and project confidence. They are certainly sexier than most women in the real world of any size.

    That being said, these women have rolls of fat and those rolls are not attractive. And please don’t accuse me of loving on skeleton frames either. It’s just that a model has the job of selling me on a product or idea. In this case, it’s supposed to be clothing. The model should have a face and presence that inspires a certain mood or lifestyle and her body should be a hanger for the clothes. If she has a body that has fat rolls, you can bet that most women will notice the fat rolls and not the clothing. Regardless of how beautiful her face is or how confident she looks, the eyes will go to the rolls of fat. Not exactly what will sell the clothing, is it?

    That being said, V is using these models to sell…in an attempt to be edgy and different. It certainly has created a buzz for them that straight size models wouldn’t. But if they do this every month…well, the novelty would wear off. Don’t expect fat rolls to be the new black.

    Could be that we’re brainwashed into thinking thin is ideal. Could be that people twist fashion spread fantasies into a reality they should be living. Could be that people discriminate larger people.

    Those are all unhealthy viewpoints and need to be explored and transformed.

    Again, this conversation is about MODELS, not society.

    They are idealized versions of reality, just as with any other type of advertisement. Would you really buy the McDonald’s Big Mac if the photographer just shot the one you bought in the drive through, with the cheese on crooked, the wilted lettuce and the grey meat? Probably not, but when you see the beautiful, perfect one on TV, you start to think about buying one…

    Same thing with fashion people. Reality doesn’t sell. Fantasy does.

    I celebrate the INNER beauty of everyone and appreciate a wide variety of skin deep beauty. I advise you to get your emotions out of this model conversation. It’s about business and marketing.

  285. Zuzana says:

    very nice ladies… I love this womans!!!!!

  286. Lisa says:

    These women are utterly stunning, glowing, overflowing with luscious beauty! Oh, how I wish I could see more women like this (and more clothes for women like this) in all media all the time!!

    And, of course, I’d like to see more healthy women of ALL sizes (small, medium, and large) in fashion.

  287. Anna says:

    I would like to say that as a student of psychology and a tall (5’10”) and overweight (185) woman, I have mixed feelings about glorifying obesity. I read a study recently that when for people trying to lose weight, overcoming stigmatization through acceptance-based behavioral therapy actually helped the participants LOSE weight! In other words, people are more willing to take care of themselves when they believe they are worthy of taking care of themselves.
    But these models represented here are NOT clinically obese. I’m guessing that they are overweight, but not to the point of causing major health problems, assuming that they eat right and exercise (which even “average” looking women don’t always do). I for one am relieved that a variety women are being better represented, but this is only scratching the surface. I would have to agree with the poster that condeemed the “average” looking women for feeling left out. I’m sorry, but you are classified as “average” for a reason, you are the majority. Let those who are different have our moment in the sun and get off your pity pedistal.

  288. Anna says:

    Ahem… To comment on the average size being 12-14… while that may be the average size, it also means the average women is overweight. I can say this because I’m one of them. I went from clinically obese (5’10”, 220) to clinically overweight (185), and I am proud of the body that I have because I earned it. But I know I should lose more weight. I bet if every women in the US saw a clinitian and got their BMI measured they would be stunned how easily people qualfiy as “overweight”, “obese” and “morbidly obese”.

    P.S. There is such thing as skinny fat, meaning you look thin, but have no muscle and your BMI is actually overweight.

  289. Dee says:

    So what you are saying is its wrong to be slim but its great to be big and possibly over weight and unhealthy?.It swings both ways,for those saying these girls are of a healthy weight,how would you know?
    It would be interesting to learn of their BMI…just because they are bigger does not mean those clothes will suit or flatter them.Nor does it mean they are healthy.There has to be somewhere where it says “it doesnt matter what size you are,as long as you are HEALTHY! thats all that matters”.
    But it seems to go to one extreme to the other,skinny or overweight.

  290. BP says:

    “Promoting that it is okay to have no self discipline is disgusting. This won’t last… Eat right, run, and hit the weights people. Anyone can achieve a healthy body if they choose to become dedicated.”

    How do you know what these models do? You can’t assume they live on burgers and sit on their butts all day just because their dress sizes are in double digits. My sister-in-law eats pizza every other day, candy every hour, has not seen the inside of a gym, and she is a size 2. I work out 5 times a week and eat mostly fruit, protein, and vegetables, and have not been smaller than a size 6 or 8 after the age of 25. I have a friend who eats way less than either of us, is a regular tennis player and is a size 16. Whatever you do, you are restricted by your individual metabolism and bone structure, and I resent when people assume that health is represented by how one looks.

  291. AC says:

    Honestly, I don’t like the skinny 2s, but I think these women look overweight. Their stomachs roll…that in not a sign of being fit. Just because the average American woman is a 14, doesn’t mean the average American woman is healthy.

  292. Ray says:

    I think a middle ground is possible, that shows real, healthy women of a healthy size in fashion magazines, rather than the starved-looking models that the mostly gay men in the fashion industry insist on using as clothes hangers for their fashions. If straight men were in charge, I think you would find that models would be 20-30 pounds heavier than they are (though the fashion would likely be a bit less creative). This is nothing against gay men, who are awesome, but they are entirely interested in a figure that sells clothes, and have no idea what a straight man finds attractive in a woman: curves, health, and vivaciousness. Obesity is a serious problem in the US and around the world, but I don’t think this photoshoot celebrates obesity: none of these women, though some of them may be overweight, are “obese.” Studies have shown, as well, that men find women of a healthy, normal size more attractive than skinny women, with some real consistency, despite the fact that the fashion magazines push these clothes-hangers as the ideal. So curvy women — relax. We love you. And though you might not be runway material, we don’t need those bony-hipped empty-expressioned robots — we still want real women. my wife is a size 8, and she has an absolutely perfect figure. Why in the world would I need her to be a size 2?

  293. Anil says:

    Sexy Pics. The models are better than any other models which are artifical and size zero.

  294. Victor says:

    I love all women, shapes, colors, sizes, but curves…WOW!
    What do you think you’re attracted to guys?

  295. DynastyDoll says:

    If the question is what are men attracted to?, then perhaps check up the latest and past “sexiest woman on earth” polls and that will tell you.

  296. Raggaray says:

    Again how does anyone know that these models are not unhealthy? there is plenty of people on here assuming that smaller models are unhealthy but as soon as they see a curve its better and fits the norm and they are healthy.
    How so? we do not know the height and weight of these girls so if you can say skinny girls are ill then the skinny girls have every right to say well arent these ladies “overweight”? and unhealthy?

  297. Clare McAfee says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! I’m a professional makeup artist/photographer and I love to shoot curvy women…here’s the link to my before and after Portraits… http://www.wiggoddess.com/pinup.html I love doing pin up style portraits…early glamour….Classic..less is more…Pin up girls WERE NOT SKINNY…NO BONES showing please! This has made my day!

    Women should not judge their self worth by the size of their bodies!

    If a client comes into inquire about pin up style portraits with me and she has bones sticking out everywhere…I simply say “GO EAT SOME BEN AND JERRY’s and call me in 30 pounds”…not really…but I’m thinking it! LOL. FABULOUS!

  298. Tamriel Keefe says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Goddess-like. Simply jaw-dropping amazing.

  299. PlusSizedFeminist says:

    I find it funny how whenever plus sized models are used, people lament that we are just “glorifying obesity” and sending the wrong message to girls about how their body “should” be, but there is NOTHING wrong with putting out the message of ultimate thinnness, when there have been studies that prove that when there is a lack of body diversity, there is adverse effects.

    I find it funny that we are talking about how unhealthy these women are based on their appearance, but assume that all the skinny models are in perfect shape, while completely ignoring the fact that they are MODELS and MODELS HAVE to be in IMPECCABLE shape.

    I find it funny that no matter how little the positive is for fat people, others will tear it away, saying “NO!! FATTIES CANNOT BE HAPPY!!! EVER!!!!”

    Well finally, we have this. We have plus sized women, instead of minus sized women, in a magazine that is a pinnacle for many in the fashion world. I pray this does not stop. V Magazine better pay close attention.

  300. Sophia says:

    Clare if your gonna ask a skinny model to go eat should you not be telling an overweight model to go exercise?,stop contradicting yourself.If you dont like skinny then you sure as hell shouldnt like over weight either.
    What a horrible thing to think when you dont know anything about the model,for all you know they could eat like a horse and not put weight on.But im guessing you dont even take the time to get to know them since you judge them as soon as you see them.

  301. Jayna says:

    Yikes! It’s like some weird parody of sexy!

  302. don wakema resky says:

    very beautiful women once again though did not see a native american woman yopu dont see native american women, men ,or children, elders, from the different age groups in public forams and another thing in most all the clothing stores chain stores or otherwise for both men&women in various age groups not enough of the larger siszes are carried in suffent supplies to address to the population it serves comeon ppl step up speak up for all people of larger people yes iits not just women im addressing men women children thasnk you says wakema redsky redto trhe bone for his people medicine warrior nishnabe man sweetshy cherokeeman

    men women

  303. Mary says:

    I’m going to stick by my guns on this one. These models are not “curvy”.
    I’m angry for the sheer political correctness- The need to jump around what you MEAN. Why not just say, “A new wave of fatter models may be sweeping the runway!” or “Looking for something a little more robust?” or even, “How about a different alternative?”

    But no, they do not do this.. To call these women curvy offends me. It offends the English language. It offends intention.

    All said and done… PEOPLE WILL LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE… Regardless of what anyone else says. So go ahead and love these women or hate them… Just don’t lie to yourself about what they are.

  304. msladyj says:

    The skinny versus fat issue in fashion is so old. I think fashion needs to embrace models of all shapes, sizes and colors. Most models that are used for plus sizes shoots wear a size 10 to 16. Just for your FYI the average woman in the western world wears a size 12 to 16 weighs in at more than 150 pounds and stands about 5’5″. Healthy does not mean supper skinny, average or larger. It means taking care of your self. There are some woman who weigh well over 200 pounds that are healthier than there counterparts that weigh under 130 pounds. But yet walking down the street many people would think they are unhealth. Women for years have been taught to think thin is the only in and have ruined their health trying to reach that ideal. ( Not every badies body can or should do that.) Let’s instead say healthy is taking care of yourself no matter what sizes you are. I’m a curvy girl and proud of it. V Magazine I’m glad you have done this issue may you and other magazines keep it up.

  305. Zoltan says:

    Those models all have beautiful faces and voluptuous bodies. As a man I welcome the new trend wholeheartedly!

  306. nici says:

    We need to see more like this. These women are beautiful!!

  307. Moon says:

    I doubt that many of you realize just how much a product of socialization we all are- Our society’s current obsession with thinness is due to a capitalist influence on the media- fitness systems and diet plans make billions of dollars off of the conception that if we all just followed their plans and took their supplements, we too could like one of the “Beautiful people”. For many of us, even if we diet and exercise, we will never be a size 0. Those of you who find these pictures to be an affront to your sense of the acceptable need to examine why-is it perhaps because you have been bombarded by the opposite ideal image by the media your entire life? Do these make you angry because you have been repeatedly told that you were fat for being a size 8, and now these women get to be models at sizes 10-14?

    On this subject I would highly recommend checking out Jean Kilbourne’s “Killing Us Softly”. She talks about how the media has objectified and diminished women, glorifying a body type that statistically 5% of women have.

    I agree with some of the comments that this isn’t the best photo shoot-I think they could have done a lot more with it, but I would say that these ladies are probably a lot more healthy than their cucumbers and cigarettes counterparts. There is an evolutionary purpose to having some fat. We are all shaped differently-there are many sizes of beautiful women (And men!)

    Anyway, that is my little rant. If this photo shoot does even a little bit to counteract the negative body image that so many girls have, I’m all for it. Life is too short to spend it obsessed with your weight.

  308. TpC says:

    beauty comes in all sizes. . .still, I think this is just another side of an unhealthy body – being overweight has negative health effects just as being underweight.

    Although the women in this shoot don’t look obese, they do look like they are carrying some extra unneeded pounds.

  309. natasha says:

    What gorgeous women and images! True beauty captured on film.

  310. Don says:

    It comes down to personal preference, many people find excess fat repulsive probably because they associate it with having mental or emotional problems that lead to overeating in an attempt to cope (comfort eating).

    Similarly many people find inebriated woman sickening because of their apparent state of bad health often associated with mental or emotional problems.

    When viewing these images one is reminded of a the prehistoric Venus of Willendorf which I speculate an expression of a desire for plentiful food so as to avoid starvation which may have been a problem than. Although in this day and age it is not a lack of food that is the problem it is the lack of physical activity.

    Lastly these woman look like plastic dolls with their heavily painted-on faces although someone on the internet will find it sexy as was mentioned earlier it comes down to personal preference.

  311. OA says:

    X, the women featured here are plus size models. In other words they are big girls. If you look like them you are a big girl too. Nothing wrong with that, it is what it is. So calm the fuck down. Average women are not this big nor are they stick thin, they fall somewhere in the middle.

  312. Schlumpf says:

    Endlich mal nicht solche Hungerhaken, bei denen es klappert, wenn man mit ihnen ins Bett geht und sich die Hüftknochen aufreibt……

  313. Kari13 says:

    Dear OA, Your comment will most likely get deleted… I told someone to stop glorifying being fat and get off their rear end and do something about it, and my comment got deleted….. not surprised. Oh it might have something to do with the fact that I used real statistics defined by world wide health organizations that proved that these women and most of the “curvier” women here, who say they are soooo beautiful are, to be frank ,fat. Truth hurts.

  314. Luthien says:

    all this contention over what is average seems a bit silly to me… is there really such a thing? you are who you are end of story. if you’re healthy and happy the number on you pants shouldn’t really matter.

    i really liked these pictures, i’ve always struggled with my weight even though i’m really not very big, it’s just something women obsess over because we want to be beautiful and that’s the mass media’s normal portrayal of beauty, it took many years for me to accept that it’s not the only beauty there is.

    the problem i have with this stuff is the actual fashion. no matter what gimmick this magazine is trying out this week, fashion designers design clothes for anorexic-looking models. i can understand it, being an artist, that there’s something aesthetically pleasing about stick figure ladies, they’re fun to draw and dress. but if the fashion industry really wants to shake things up, they should design clothes for different girls. different styles work on different body types and these outfits are just the same old skinny style put on beautiful women with artful photography to make it work. they’re really missing out on a whole world of interesting designs by fixating on super skinny ladies.

  315. Catherine says:

    I”m dissapointed in those who say “beautiful face” true the models are gorgeous, this article is supposed to show the beauty of a curvy body. Why can’t people say, “beautiful model” Obviously some people do not understand the message of this article (although this article is strewn with hypocricy.)

  316. cat says:

    I think this is a very good initiative, but I too miss my own size in models (belgian size 38). I think these women are beautiful and very brave, just look at some of the comments :s They are overweight, yes, but I am convinced non of them have a BMI over 30 (obese) the ideal is 20-25 and the lowest mortality is around 23-24 so saying these women are very unhealthy is a lie. It’s fantastic that some of you are trying to live healthy, but, as always, don’t overdo it, orthorexia is a disease too.
    BTW for some of the male negative comments: and you want 0 size women too have D cup boobs I presume (idiots)

  317. Lauren says:

    When I was linked this spread by a photography buff I know, I was not expecting to get carried away reading the comments for far longer than I spent actually looking at the models. And what has surprised me, and rather hurt me, is truly the amount of hatred I have seen here. I’m sitting here actually feeling personally insulted, which is unusual for me — I’m a product of the internet age, and I know just as well as anyone what anonymity and a controversial issue can make a person say when fear of personal reprisal is taken away.

    Specifically, I’m coming at this apparently from the theoretically “unreal,” “abnormal” side of this issue. I’m a young woman in my 20s. I am, and have always been, chronically underweight. Currently, I’m 5’8″ and 110 pounds. I say this not to brag, but to give background to my point of view. I’m the size 0 that everyone here seems to happy to insult. Bashing women who are overweight is wrong, and I see people being taken to task for that all over this page. However, seemingly every other post equates being thin with being anorexic, with being “not sexy” and far from ideal or normal.

    I have had body issues most of my life. I was accused, more than once, of being anorexic, both as an insult and as a serious concern. I’ve been put on weight-gaining regimes by doctors, and been afraid of changing in the locker room just as much, I’d wager, as anyone else who is self-conscious about their weight. Needless to say, no, I am not anorexic, nor bulimic. Food is one of the great pleasures of my life. Being skinny does not equate with having an eating disorder, any more than being a size 12 does. I did not choose this shape, but it is the one I have been given. There is apparently, as is the case for many people, I would assume, not a whole lot I can do about it. To sit here and read about how somehow, by being skinny, I am personally insulting larger women, and saying they cannot be happy — well, honestly, it seems more than a little hypocritical.

    I am not an alien. I am not a “skinny bitch” or “anorexic.” Frankly, all of the posts about “finally, real women!” have been more than a little insulting. There is nothing unreal about me. Women are beautiful in many different sizes and shapes. It’s simply inconsistent to rage at anyone who makes a comment about the models being “fat,” and then retaliate… by calling another subset of women ugly, undesirable, unhealthy, and disordered.

    The models are very interesting to look at, as I find most women to be. The only thing right or wrong about the shoot that hit me was that their faces seemed to have been made up or lighted too strongly in contrast to the color of the skin on their bodies. It is fine to show support for this sort of photographic effort, or the effort of the magazine to send a message. The fashion debate about models is one I’m neither educated nor invested in, as I don’t tend to look at magazines much at all. Hypocrisy, however, and degrading women of any size, is something which I find most personally offensive. It would be nice if, if people must argue about the merits of plus sized models or larger women, other subsets of women would not have to be degraded in order to make a point. I, like many women on this thread, don’t have the best self-esteem in the world, and honestly, the hatred is a bit upsetting.

  318. Lara says:

    there’s no doubt that these women are very beautiful and they look amazing in the images. however, if you notice, supermodels and those that generally tend to be used in magazines are not particularly beautiful. it is not the face and charm of the model that sells the clothes, it’s the body. designers want people to look at the dress, the garment and focus on that rather than the model, therefore, strategically a women with a sleek, slender body like the average model will sell because the focus will be more on the brand product. Furthermore, and most importantly, you cannot deny that these articulate garments are more appealing on what is considered a supermodel rather than on a curvy women. there is no doubt that a chanel couture dress with great detail and ruffles will look better on a larger women. these models featured will not be able to sell those dresses. it is only their pretty faces that make the images beautiful. on the other hand, any model can make the image if they suit the styling of the shoot.

  319. Lara says:

    There’s no doubt that these women are very beautiful and they look amazing in the images. However, if you notice, supermodels and those that generally tend to be used in magazines are not particularly beautiful. It is not the face and charm of the model that sells the clothes, it’s the body. Designers want people to look at the dress, the garment and focus on that rather than the model, therefore, strategically a women with a sleek, slender body like the average model will sell because the focus will be more on the brand product. Furthermore, and most importantly, you cannot deny that these articulate garments are more appealing on what is considered a supermodel rather than on a curvy women. There is no doubt that a chanel couture dress with great detail and ruffles will not look better on a larger women. These models featured will not be able to sell those dresses. It is only their pretty faces that make the images beautiful. On the other hand, any model can make the image if they suit the styling of the shoot.

  320. shiri says:

    you know what amazes me is that most of these negative comments are coming from women.

  321. sofie says:

    Godwin’s Law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies)is a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin in 1990 which has become an Internet adage. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”


    Seriously though, being fat isn’t healthy, this seems as negative to me as underweight models, and I find both equally repellent. These women definitely eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

  322. gustavo albornoz venezuela says:

    Estoy sumamente sorprendido por la belleza de Tara Lynn, no quiere decir que las otras modelos no lo sean, sino que ella tiene una belleza única con sus curvas tan grandes y sobre todo lo bien que se ve en sus foto poses mostrándolo todo como dios la trajo al mundo, sinceramente es muy bella y si es verdad como escriben en todas las publicaciones que eh podido leer que no hay ningún tipo de trabajo realizado por photoshop, solo puedo decir que es lo máximo porque tiene una piel muy delicada y se ve tan tersa que no me la imagino en persona debe ser aun mas bella que en las fotos, y definitivamente es la mujer con la que me quedaría por el resto de mi vida. La felicito por tener tanta belleza y lo mejor de todo es lo bien que la sabe mostrar!

  323. Rick says:

    Wow! I stumbled across these photos by accident on the internet. I am SO happy to see beautiful, full-figured and healthy looking women in V-magazine. These women are not obese or unflattering-looking at all. They’re bodies are desirable and they handle their curves with confidence. I like all body types: thin, average and full such as these. Very surprising to see the number of women who have posted the negative comments. Society has surely brainwashed you to hating yourselves. There is nothing vapid about remarking on a full-figured woman and being larger than a size 10 should not illicit the criticism I see on this website post.

    Everyone has made this more than what it is: simply an appreciation of a wider selection of the female form. The thin women are beautiful, so are the average ones, but this photo shoot says: let’s not leave out the full-figured beauties. Stunning!

  324. Christie Mawer says:

    This is so exciting! The pictures are amazing, the women are beautiful and I hope that it will inspire other “not perfect” (whatever that means since we are all beautiful!) women to be proud of their bodies and themselves.
    Thank you for this great spread!

    And Sophie – oh my dear! these girls are NOT fat!!!!

  325. Hev says:

    I’m a size 0.
    My cousin is a size 12.

    Sometimes, it’s focking genetics- and that’s ok.

    I really like these photos. The women look lovely.

    (p.s., i’m not a ‘skinny bitch.’ it’s just as unfair to be labeled that as it is for anyone else to be labeled anything else.)

    Have a nice day!

  326. mb says:

    so all you fucking idiots must think the Boticelli is disgusting. All throughout history women of this exact form were celebrated up until the 20th Century when gym memberships became fads and peeople sought personal training as a profession. I am fascinated that so many people hide behind the “heath” concern for showing bigger women. These women are not obese. Fuller, yes. These women are probably more healthy than most of you holier than thou ones posting what an “average” model size should be.

  327. JustSarah says:

    I might have missed this whole discussion being hashed out…i’ve seen a lot of comments saying that they are advertising one of 2 extremes, super thin, or the above “really big”…these girls are average. Average size for a woman is a 12…these women are probably just that. Average is NOT a size 8. And although it’s unhealthy, at least it’s appealing to the AVERAGE woman.

  328. Lala says:

    This is not size 12, its more like sizes 18-21.

    Guys, in this society one will argue that this IS fat. And that is just the way it is unfortunately, but these models are, in reality, seen as fat and unhealthy. The same going for anorexic people; ultra-skinny and malnourished. However, women with curves are women like Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and the usual average women. These models here are not ‘average’, they just have more pounds in them. They are very beautiful either way.

  329. =D says:

    OW come n! how can you say this? Fat? For who, for you or for Botticelli? i REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND how do you say that they are fat LaLa! Being healthy is not being skinny or fat but it means to eat & to do exercice & everyone is different & You cannot say this is fat, everyone’s body is different. I have a friend that is absolutely skinny but actually she eats more than the most part of people that I know, she wants to become fat but she can’t! And I will be really angry if you say that Sophie is unhealthy ’cause she does excercice & eats healthy!

    Love these womens! I would like to see them more often on magazines!
    Excuse my ortograph faults! I’m just practicing my english =D

  330. superj707 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Curves are a beautiful thing. I think it is important to represent the larger ladies more than we do. Thank you so much for this. These women are GORGEOUS.

  331. superj707 says:

    Site like LoveTheseCurves(d-0-t)c0m have been supporting the idea of curvy women being sexy for a long time. I am glad the concept is really starting to be realized.

  332. thin says:

    i like it! At least they have a visible waist line. This means that they are not fat or obese. They are a little overweight. I think they have a BMI around 25. I once had bmi23 and looked like some of them.
    But the pictures don’t look real, because the models are photoshoped like the thin ones. ->(eg. no human proportions, clear skin,…)
    I cant explain why I like the pictures. I think i envy their self-confidence.

  333. Luna says:

    Just because one is overweight does not make then unhealthy. I approve of plus size modeling. Average modeling is not a size eight. I can only count maybe one or two people I actually know that are a freaking size eight. I am a fourteen, and all of my friends are either bigger or WAY smaller than me or the same size. I rarely ever come across women that are a size eight.

    I approve of Plus Size modeling, too bad if I am not always eating lettuce all the time. lol

  334. Chelsea says:

    I think its great to see more and more people advocating the integration of plus size models into the fashion world, but I think this sort of misses the point.
    The reason people are hungry for this, is because they are sick of the unattainable level of beauty put forth by magazines. These girls are still absolutely stunning, with perfect hair and flawless skin. I don’t see a single bit of cellulite (which 90% of women have) or stretchmarks in these photos.
    I love seeing this but there’s so much more to go! This level of beauty is still unattainable for most regular girls, except now they’ll think “wow even the plus-size models have nicer legs than me” … TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

  335. Michael says:

    I am a male bodybuilder, very muscular, very low body fat percentage (5% currently) and I am all about fitness. My opinion – these women are absolutely beautiful, sexy and are most likely more fit than the boyish, anorexic models that so many people seem to prefer (myself excluded). These are real women! Perfect? Maybe not. I am not perfect, you are not perfect. Why is it wrong to show the type of female body that some people prefer in stead of always showing just one type of body? The modeling industry is responsible for many women and girls who are literally killing themselves trying to fit into the “model mold.” I guaranty you, if you do a full physical on the “normal” models and on these women, these lovely ladies will be in overall better health. I would be willing to bet most “normal” models can’t even conceive or bear a child because their health is too bad with anemia, low protein, vitamin deficencies, etc.

    I not trying to talk bad against really thin models, I am only defending the choice the editors made to show normal women – and in this case, totally hot ones! I love it.

  336. Danielle says:

    When I saw this it nearly brought me to tears… I havn’t seen many normal women celebrated in this way. Being a woman with a less slender build, I appreciate seeing other girls like me being displayed like the beautiful women they are.

    That being said, seeing some of these comments made me emotional as well, but only because I think they are ignorant and disgusting. These girls are normal sized, nearly every one of them. And just because they do not fit your impossible ideal, that does not mean they are unhealthy. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, that she got as big as a size 16? Are you going to say that she was fat and unhealthy too? …Some women just are not skinny. Thats the way they were born, and they eat salad just like all the “perfect” people, and its just the way it is.

    These girls are drop. dead. gorgeous. Hoorah!

  337. Jr. says:

    The pictures are awesome although I do think a touch airbrushed. No heavier woman has skin that beautiful. I didn’t see any stretch marks, spider veins, or cellulite.

    The women have beautiful faces, but I don’t think their bodies are overly attractive. Right now I am in wedding dress mode because my friend who is VERY overweight is looking at wedding dresses. I can’t see any of these models looking very much better than she will.

    Healthwise, I am a 14 but I walk everyday (about 2 miles) and at last blood test, every measure was average. Every one. So, I am heavier than the girls half my age, but I don’t feel unhealthy. My only food restriction I put on myself is minimal chemicals in my food.

    The only thing that should matter to anyone is that they feel healthy and comfortable with themselves. If you like making yourself sweat, then go ahead. If you like playing video games for hours, then yay for you, but thinking that your way is “best” for the other is crap. If you want to feel better, maybe you should eat less, or learn how to play Tetris. :)

  338. ivee says:

    thank you – to encourage us women with bodies like that :) amazing pics :)

  339. Brigid says:

    What fabulously beautiful women! Bravo!

  340. Nancy says:

    Absolutely stunning! These are all gorgeous women. I wish to see more photoshoots like these in the future.

  341. snowshyn says:

    Several comments complain that the models are obviously photoshopped as they don’t show any cellulite.

    Thin models aren’t photoshopped to smooth out their imperfections? Bullocks.

    As a plus sized lady myself; I would like to enlighten those who are not familiar with the phenomenon. I exercise daily; eat healthy fresh foods. I don’t eat sweets of any sort. I don’t have cellulite. I’m strong and healthy and by most standards, an enormous size 18 and 195lb. I’m sorry that society would brainwash everyone into believing that if I were to simply eat right and add more cardio that I’d magically “slim down” into an acceptable single digit size. I’m sorry; but I went down that road and nearly died not unlike Crystal Renn. At size 14, 5’6″ and 145lb you could see all the ribs down my back, and I was covered in bruises and my hair fell out in clumps. And still too big to be a plus size model.

    The ignorance of many of the above posters is simply disgusting.

  342. juan says:

    she´s so beauty and exciting, i like the more or less big girls, not veryvery bigs, but like a tara is great, beauty and dreamed; or ann nicole smith and the most fascinant half/big woman SERENA WILLIAMS, i will like to see her (serena) in a review!like god bring to world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Dave says:

    Me encanta Tara Lynn que mujer mas hermosa con una mujer asi no le pido mas nada a la vida

  344. Ando says:

    I am so disappointed to read some of the comments above, i’m sure I’m not alone.. Dont we all appreciate beauty in all sorts of shapes and sizes?

    Isn’t a so called “plus size” model only called that because she is bigger than the teeny tiny professional models we are used to seeing? Not necessarily “plus sized” as in bigger than whatever you think a ‘normal’ girl looks like? I think people need to be careful of what they say, these girls in my opinion aren’t fat at all. Yes, they have fat on their bodies, but hello – that is how we are made.

    I feel really sad there are men out there who generalise so much to say “we are not programmed to find this body attractive” – YOU may not find that body type attractive, so you can opt for your preference, but don’t put people down just because they are not your cup o tea.

    I find these girls absolutely gorgeous, and I love the photos – whether they are photoshopped or not. Beautiful. And not just beautiful faces, but the whole package is hotty hot hot!

  345. Alexander says:

    Very nice photos and beautiful women.

  346. Tashi says:

    amazing pix and shots of the models – professsional, fashionable and tastefully done!!

  347. Yo says:

    No me parece del todo correcto que se exhalte la gordura como algo saludable. Estoy del todo en contra de la extrema delgadez, pero la obesidad es igualmente una enfermedad. Hay que buscar un balance! Les aseguro que hay mujeres que no se encuentran en los extremos.

  348. Tina Kanellos says:

    I am a photographers assistant and these women were shot beautifully. Their beauty was shown to it’s fullest. Wonderfully sexy women.

  349. marcel ledoyen says:



  350. Ken says:


  351. Tanja says:

    I think the photos were absolutely amazing! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time. Being a curvy girl my self, I really feel awful seing skinny girls everywhere in fasion and advertisement. It makes me feel ugly and unwanted because of the size of my clothes. I don’t know what size I am in America because I’m Norwegian, so I can only compare myself to the women in the pictures.. And they make me feel a lot better, I can relate to them, and I can feel like them. If they put on a sexy dress or something, I might dare to do the same one day. You know, there are people who like curvy women just like there are people who doesn’t. That being said, I really hope that fasion and advertising will make room for more variety in their models…

    Also pardon my English; It’s late, and I’m not up for reading my comment a second time..

  352. Rebecca Keesing says:

    These women featured in these absolutely stunning photographs are in no way any threat to the draining of any countries health system. They look pretty damn good to me.
    To say these women are unhealthy is utterly ridiculous.
    We have been brainwashed into thinking anyone over a size 12 is at immediate risk of heart failure and diabetes.
    People who find these photos abhorrent or distasteful need to get a serious grip on reality.
    To make hateful derisive comments about women with actual flesh on their bones smacks of misogyny and fear.
    Live and let live folks! Fat, Thin, Average, Blonde, Brunette, Black ,White …
    One day we all die and none this will matter anyway.


  353. Giselle says:

    You know what grow the fuck up people! ok niether extreme is sexy blah blah blah GET OVER IT there are sooooo many people out there that are both extremes so embrace the variety and extremes of sizes and stop being a damn party pooper! These models are fuckin fierce in there Versace heels jus like any other models, I love them just as much and what they are wearing just as much as any other model and you guys should too. so in conclusion suck it up bitches and just admire every size even if its not you prefrence…..
    Peace, Love, & Fashion

  354. emily says:

    haha i’m sorry but this isn’t extreme for those people who think this is wrong to show the other ‘extreme’.
    this is beautiful, not ‘chubby’ or ‘fat’ jeez get over yourselves. it’s a sad world we live in yes, as long as we feel comfortable about ourselves and don’t let anyone get you down, long live these types of photoshoots!

  355. demi says:

    I’m a plus sized model atm.
    And I ADORE these models !
    Go girls!

  356. HH says:

    I enjoyed this photoshoot very much!The models has such a beautiful face though I wonder why don’t they have double chin.Maybe they’re the selected few who are VERY bless to have just lovehandles WITHOUT double chin.

    But I would like to point out a few things here after reading the comments above. As what some of you had said,models are models.They aren’t selected to represent us,the real normal woman you can see anywhere.That is the fact and that is why fashion is still an important part of human history,no matter how bad the image they’re trying to shove on us.I’m overweight too, and no,don’t have that kind of a beautiful face.

    But I do know that’s not the reason for us to start hating the world,like how they love to put skinny girls to fashion their clothes.I mean,they think art.we think practicality.It doesn’t go together.
    I hate to see overweight girls like me goes on a rampage to the world.Just relax and be mature…

    That’s just show how fragile you are,how much you’re trying to get approval from the society,while sniffing at others about embracing every sizes as beautiful. I just don’t think that’s a good thing.I think that’s some kind of hypocracy.

    I am for one,being in the healthcare industry, I know and learned that to be healthy is the utmost important thing in the world.And overweights,lovehandles,cellulite are all PROVEN by scientific research that can increase the risk of getting diseases like heart attack,diabetes and whatnot.Though it’s true that our BMI and weight can’t show how healthy we are.

    Let’s not being in denial and ignorant.To embrace our beauty is precious and most needed in our society especially young teenagers who are very insecure(most of them)BUT it’s not to be use as an excuse to let us indulge and justify the action of being TOTALLY IGNORANT on the basic fact of living healthy.Anyone on his/her right mind will know this.

  357. nectoxicdragon says:

    I’ll take one of each!!!

  358. someone says:

    Yes, these are beautiful photos with beautiful women but…

    These ones are as much photoshopped as photos of size 0 models. These does not represent real beauty either! Where is the sellulite and pimples etc.? Yes, they are bigger women, but still as flawless as models.

    When I compare myself to these beautiful women, I feel myself as pissed-off as always browsing magazines or watching posters. I don’t have this perfect skin or perfect make-up or perfect outfit! It doesn’t matter if they are bigger (or smaller or average), they are still too perfect to be real.

  359. Fran says:

    to be honest: cutie girls but pls don’t tell they are sexy gorgeus and stuff like these

    if you are anywhere you like and two nice girls are in front of you, the first is one of these chubby ones and the other one is a “normally sized” which one would you find more attractive? which one would you consider first?

    be honest!

  360. Rachael says:

    The ‘average’ size of women has increased over the years, and just because Society says that a size 12-14 is ‘average’, it DOES NOT mean that it is healthy. It means that we have an alarming number of people who are NOT TREATUNG THEIR BODIES CORRECTLY!!! resulting in an average size that is increasing!

    The human body requires regular exercise and NUTRITIONAL food. If you treat your body well, as it is SUPPOSED to be treated, then the ‘average’ size would be more of a 8-10.

    I agree that skinny models are not the average woman either, so a variety of sizes must be displayed. HEALTHY bodies is what should be promoted.

  361. 小丹 says:


  362. Martine says:

    Beautiful and very sexy!! I admire these women, they are beautiful!!

  363. Moi says:

    I’m all for diversity, but…how about dressing these women in clothes that fit and flatter their particular body type!? Rolls of skin showing at the waist is not sexy! It’s also a health issue!

  364. Moi says:

    Wanted to add this:

    These “thick” (let’s call it what it is!) women are just as enslaved to current fashion/beauty standards and ideals as are “regular size” women: jeans so tight they can barely breathe, mile-high heels that deform the feet, shampoo commercial type of flowing hair, too much make up, etc. This is liberating and a step forward for women?! I don’ think so!

    Too skinny = bad
    Too thick = bad
    Balance, balance, balance, people!

    One thing more: only one model (Pring) is non-white. Why?

    (I’m white, 125 lbs. 5 foot 5 inches and have never dieted in my life. I love food!)

    We really haven’t come a very long way, baby.

  365. t says:

    The young lady lying on the floor in nothing but heels and jewelry is an absolute goddess. She’s not sexy “for a big girl”. She’s a sexy girl

  366. Jeremy says:

    Seriously? People are going to talk about these folks being “too fat” and “not normal” and this spread somehow encouraging/excusing unhealthy eating habits? These girls are not morbidly obese. They are on the plus side, true. But they aren’t rotund. They are curvy, sexy, beautiful, and HEALTHY LOOKING. Way more healthy looking than the average anorexic model that looks like she’s living on tic-tacs and cigarettes.

  367. Jeremy says:

    t said “She’s not sexy ‘for a big girl’. She’s a sexy girl.”

    Amen, t!

  368. SexxiMamma says:

    The blonde girl in the leopard print outfit is currently on America’s Next Top Model!

  369. Natalie says:

    THe photogrpahy and models are stunningly beautiful but I do not think that these women represent all ‘real women, yes they present on body size and shape and is challanging our perceptions (which is a job well down!) of beauty but I disagree on the comments that state things such as “Finally real women”, this does not mean in anyway I support anorexia (for those who like to put words in others mouths), syaing that I support anerexia and unhealthy thiness is out of context.

    These photos are hopefully a stride towards a future in fashion and beauty where models of ALL shapes and sizes are portrayed, when I state ALL shapes and sizes dosen’t mean one group such as all shapes and sizes in the curv group but I mean every body shape that is positive, curvy and non curvy.

  370. Scott says:

    CURVES refers to the hip to waist ratio in WOMEN, otherwise fat men could have curves. Not even most skinny girls have curves. Idiots. Obesity is NOT sexy or healthy, there is nothing sexy about having diabetes, heart attacks, or bed sores.

  371. Anne says:

    These are real women, beautiful women. Please advertise more of this kind, and less of the starving. In your hands there is the point of view of the masses. ‘beautiful’ is a word whose meaning you invent. And after that, the expectations depend on you, so are cheating men / starving women. Why, when look how beautiful REAL women are.

  372. MdAmor says:

    These women and photos were done with style.

  373. Lenka says:

    So…my opinion on this is. I consider this for a step foward. These girls are not obesed or fat. I am about size 12 more or less. I take care about myself, I eat nutritional food, I exercise at least 3 times a week, I LOVE sport, I LOVE running, I LOVE touristic, I LOVE dancing, I just LOVE TO MOVE… I used to be on diets 5 years to be size 10 or less, horrible diets and I don’t want to do it again, never! Why could’t I be consider to be beautiful just the way I am. I don’t think I am unhealthy or fat or I don’t know…
    So what if we start to be more open’minded and start to accept diversity. In my opinion some skinny models are beautiful, some curvaceous as well and something between as well…
    It is just too ridiculous to say size 8 is average and the most healthy!
    you should consider more aspects for this than just the size of trousers, don’t you think?
    I am for diversity that’s all ;)

  374. Ellyn says:

    I love the usage of curvy models, showing us that there is another body type that is just as beautiful. There is just one thing, why are the women all in passive poses? When is that going to change? These photos should be powerful and aggressive showing the power beauty possesses.

  375. Megan says:

    I’m an 18 year old girl I’m 5’6″ and weigh 170lbs, and I cried when I saw these pictures shared on facebook. I thought finally that I wasn’t fat and disgusting and was overjoyed to think that any of my friends with similar self-esteem issues could see this and think the same.
    I just hope to god they don’t read the comments. I was crying of joy and now I’m crying because of the cruelty. I’m only a size 14. I’ve been battling multiple eating disorders. But I haven’t battled against them I’ve battled for them.
    So I can be “pretty”.
    Thank you cold hearted people who say that these rolls of skin are nasty.
    I appluad your kindness in thinking before you typed and ruined something that could’ve been detrimental to hundreds of women and girls out there.

  376. Lauren says:

    No one, not the media, fashion magazines, television, not anyone can please everyone. If these models can make a few women happier, then the point has been made. No one is perfect, and not one of us deserves to judge. Women are beautiful….period.

  377. Claudia says:

    These girls are too fat. Unhealthy fat. Healty “big-boned” girls do not look like that.

    Visceral fat (the fat on your stomach) is directly linked to a number of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Belly fat is caused by an energy imbalance—basically your energy intake (FOOD) is greater than your energy consumption (MOVEMENT).

    While yes, many girls on the runway would be labeled as underweight, models.com has gone too far. These girls are NOT at an ideal weight class.

    The average “size” (however you calculate it—weight, BMI, etc.) of men and women in America is NOT where the average healthy person should be at.

    And don’t give me that Marilyn Monroe was a size 10/12/14/16/insertdoubledigitnumber bullcrap. American sizing for women’s clothing has changed dramatically over the years as its consumers have ballooned up. Judging from her photos, Marilyn was most likely a healthy size 4/6. Anyone who’s seen her old costumes in museums knows.

    So really, it’s not terribly difficult. Cut down on processed foods (high fructose corn syrup is not good for you), don’t overeat (the majority of Americans eat over-sized portions), and go jogging every once in a while.

    -Med Student

  378. Kathi says:

    Irene (and all those like her): Wow, you’re a real asshole. I wouldn’t have you as a friend for all the money in the world. And I’m pretty sure nobody else would. You must be very depressed and self-hating to say all this. There’s a little thing called diversity. You know, variety is the spice of life. You don’t like these women or find them sexually gratifying for you, then don’t look at them. GO on binging and purging and allow other people to express themselves, okay?

  379. Kathi says:

    Megan: You’re already pretty.

  380. Unique says:

    Most beautiful looking ladies EVER!!!!

  381. Rhinoplasty Melbourne says:

    I think beauty is on the eye of the beerholder. LOL. Kidding aside.

    If you ask a room full of people on what is beauty, you would probably find yourself a myriad of answers. This is because beauty is something relative. If you sit through a cosmetic consultation, you would probably hear varying requests from patients on their specific preferences and their view of what is beautiful in their eyes.

  382. sophie says:

    shes beautiful

  383. kellbell says:

    Since when is ‘rubuenesque’ not embraced? We embraced it back it the ‘olden days’. “David D.-What you said about these thick woman was a disgrace!!” “You’re a sick man!” I’m not saying women all across America should go out and become thick like these gals but clearly lighten up on the whole ‘thin’ thing. Imagine how much more attention these models would get if they were thinner?Could it be that being a little thicker is a protection for them, and who could blame them? Maybe their focus is on higher goals like a degree to go along with their modeling careers, thus their priority isn’t to be ‘pin thin’. Notice how from the waste up this African American gal is thin then balloons out from the waste down with thick thighs?Do any of you know what it takes to lose weight in just the areas below?…very specific targeted exercises perhaps as well as running would do the trick; It’s not easy being pear shaped.I am pear shaped but I have a beautiful face. It’s sad how rejected I get when their eyes meet my body. To change these gals shapes, if they so choosed, would take and the only thing that ever rid me of my fat lower extremeties was a walk/run and a high level of committment and determination combination as well as 1200 diet. Nevertheless, I say, “enjoy your life and keep your esteem nice and high no matter your size!” Love others and yourself because life is too short to usurp your priceless energy on anything less. Obviously, you can expect a high level of critics critiquiing an ad like this but everyone has their own opinion. “Opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and some stink more than others.” Look at the faces on these women? They are ferociously beautiful! Women are special no matter what size. They are delicate, complicated, emotional beings and we as a society need to understand that. Can you imagine being in the modeling industry? I, for one, could never do it!

  384. test says:

    your size!” Love others and yourself because life is too short to usurp your priceless energy on anything less. Obviously, you can expect a high level of critics critiquiing an ad like this but everyone has their own opinion. “Opinions are like armpits, everyone has the

  385. Amanda says:

    I think these photos make people think and use their heads. The debate between skinny or overweight is funny to me as I’m a size 16 which most people deem over weight, but i have no rolls on my tummy, i have smooth skin, i am slightly muscular and i can do everything a healthy person can such as run, swim, dance and enjoy life without feeling the strain of being overweight. So why such a concentration on skinny or fat? what about if all these women featured in this are just like me? healthy…. isnt that whats really important? And how about we drop this skinny and fat labels and go for healthy women? thick or thin every type of body should be featured together in a shoot labeled healthy and we should accept out shallow insecurities as just shallow insecurities… be who you are and be healthy who cares if your not the skinniest or the curviest you are unique and that is what these magazines are actually trying to take away from you.

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