00 Project

Posted by janelle | August 20th, 2012


Miles Aldridge, Nicola Formichetti and Kaimin, Creative director of Zero Zero project join forces for a full on visual extravaganza involving a fashion film, exhibition, and a limited edition 00 Volume 2 book including the artists’ sketches, limited edition t-shirt, interviews and DVD. And did we mention it features four of the industry’s biggest male models? Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of 00 Project Volume 2 – only in MDX.

Photographer: Miles Aldridge
Fashion: Nicola Formichetti
Hair: Peter Gray
Makeup: Dotti

Yuri Pleskun
David Agbodji
Cole Mohr
Mikkel Jensen

Zero Zero Project / Kaimin.co.uk

Behind the Scenes Photos & Video: Billy Rood & Casey Vange for Models.com

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