Made in Brazil #5

Posted by stephan | June 1st, 2012 presents an exclusive preview: Made in Brazil #5

You wanted more. Well, here you have it. More boys, more beauty, more fashion, more fantasy and more BRAZIL than you can handle. The action-packed lineup of Made in Brazil 5 doesn’t allow for dull moments and this issue pushes the envelope with more than just flesh. Fashion is at the forefront of the spectacle, with a full range of edgy menswear looks appearing in the pages for the first time — but don’t worry, there is still plenty of skin to enjoy. Watch Luca Finotti‘s hypnotic video put a psychedelic twist on male beauty and take a glance at Brazilian actor & all around phenom Cauã Reymond like you’ve never seen him before. Star turns from Rodrigo Braga, Gustavo Krier, Diego Fragoso, Alexandre Cuhna and Francisco Lachowski are guaranteed to entice, and try not to faint over that revealing Felipe Anival shot. Experience all the Made in Brazil goodness for yourself with a look at our exclusive MDX preview and be sure to turn up the AC: things are about to get hot.

UPDATE: COVERS REVEALED + GIVEAWAY – Tell us which one of the two Made in Brazil #5 covers below is your favorite and why on twitter (make sure you include @models and @blogmib in your tweet) or in the comments below and our favorite 5 answers will receive their own free copy of Made in Brazil #5

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Directed by Luca Finotti
Francisco Lachowski wearing Dolce & Gabbana
Alexandre Cunha wearing Calvin Klein Collection
Marlon Teixeira wearing David Beckham for H&M

Music by:
Michel Cleis’s “La Mezcla” [download link]
remixed by Paul Kalkbrenner

Styling Paolo Zagoreo
Camera and editing Federico Forlani
Mapping projection Roberto Ortu
Grooming Nancy Gallardo
Sound designer Andrea Ratti
Assistant Director Marco Crema
Second Assistant Lorenzo Fanfani

Knit pants by Bernard Wilhelm, axe necklace by Ransouen, bracelets by Miansai

Trainer shorts by Charlie by Matthew Zink, unisex connector necklace by WeSC + Biba Magazine, sunglasses by Dsquared2, hiking shoes by Bernard Wilhelm x Camper

Stripe knee-high socks by American Apparel

Lifeguard brief by Charlie by Matthew Zink, denim shorts by Jeremy Scott, blue jacket by DSquared2, unisex connector necklace by WeSC + Bing Bang, bracelets by Miansai

Photography: Marcelo Krasilcic (New York: De Facto)
Stylist: Juliano Corbetta
Grooming: Yoichi Tomizawa

Archive pieces by Alexandre Herchcovitch menswear from fall/winter 2001 to fall/winter 2012

Photography: Cristiano Madureira, Fashion Editors: Flavia Pommianosky and Davi Ramos, Grooming: Silvio Giorgio

T-shirt by American Apparel

Tank top and pants by Calvin Klein Jeans

Denim overalls by 2nd Floor

Photography: Cristiano Madureira, Fashion Editor: Paulo Martinez, Grooming: Carlos Carrasco

Photography: Rodrigo Calazans, All clothing model’s own, Model: Max Motta

Left: Embroidered sweater by Coven, suspenders by Minha Avo Tinha, leather basque by Joao Pimenta, leggings by American Apparel. Right: swimsuits by Blue Man, headpieces by Davi Ramos.

Left: Neoprene hooded vest by Osklen, pritned shirt by Minha Avo Tinha, cummerbund and skirt by Joao Pimenta. Right: neoprene vest by Vitor Zerbinato, swimsuit by Blue Man, headpiece by Davi Ramos.

Left: Silver heart by Dthales for Surface to Air. Right: Printed jacket and suspenders by Minha Avo Tinha, leggings by American Apparel, silver heart by Dthales for Surface to Air.

All swimsuits by Blue Man.

Left: Shorts by Joao Pimenta, suspenders by Minha Avo Tinha, leggings by Cia, Maritima, boots by Ellus. Right: Embroidered tulle bodysuit by Joao Pimenta.

Photography: Gui Paganini, Fashion Editors: Flavia Pommianosky and Davi Ramos, Grooming: Daniel Hernandez

Black leather cap by The Leather Man, stud earring by Mark Davis, tear tusk post oxidized earring backing by Made Her Think

Left: Belted wool gilet and long wool skirt by Alexandre Plokhov, white/bronze cuff by 1-100 for Alexandre Plokhov, oxidized sterling silver rings by Made Her Think. Right: Black velour felt hat by Albertus Swanepoel, black semi sheer wool jacket and black wool pants by Maison Martin Margiela, double tusk pendant necklace and oxidized sterling silver rings by Made Her Think, sterling silver curb chain ring by David Yurman, sterling silver tiger head ring by John Hardy, belt stylist’s own.

Black cotton shirt by Tim Hamilton Redux, black leather tie by The Leather Man, black wool bermuda shorts by Jean Paul Gaultier, sterling silver chevron cross necklace with armory cushion charm by David Yurman, neoprene cuff by The Leather Man, streamline band ring in black titanium by David Yurman

Left: Black wool trousers by Dolce & Gabbana, neoprene cuff by The Leather Man. Right: Black leather perfecto jacket by Tim Hamilton, “New York Fuckin City” t-shirt by Tim Hamilton Redux, latex jockstrap by The Leather Man, boots stylist’s own.

Photography: Greg Vaughan, Fashion Editor: Kiel Kong, Stylist: Jonny Lichtenstein, Grooming: Scott Mcmahan, Models: Bruce Machado, William Jagnow, Rodrigo Braga

Photography: Cristiano Madureira, clothing all model’s own, Model: Natan Machado

Photographer: Hugo Toni, all clothing model’s own, Model: Gustavo Krier

Lifeguard brief by Charlie by Matthew Zink

Lifeguard brief by Charlie by Matthew Zink, towel and glasses stylist’s own

Photography: Cristian Madureira, Stylist: Julian Corbetta, Grooming: Carlos Carrasco

Photography: Rogerio Cavalcanti, Fashion Editor: Paulo Martinez, Retouching: Breno de Faria. All bracelets stylist’s own. Models: Paulo Dalagnoli, Pedro Bertolini

Shirt by Amapo, earring and neck pin by Skull, eye pendant by Boogie, necklace by Camaleoa, headpiece by Davi Ramos

Left: Track pats by Adidas by Jeremy Scott, headpiece by Eduardo Laurino. Right: Shirt, jacket, leggings, and cape by Vitor Zerbinato, swimsuit by Butch, hat by Diego Cattani, scarf by Dabdab by Surface to Air, creepers by Cavalera.

Boots by Coca-Cola Clothing, fan by Walerio Araujo, braceles by Armani Exchange

Swimsuit by Butch, boots by Coca-Cola Clothing, headpiece by Davi Ramos

Left: Shirt stylist’s own. Right: Skirt by Agatha, bracelets by Camila Klein, turbant (made of flags) stylist’s own.

Photography: Hugo Toni, Fashion Editor: Heleno Manoel, Grooming: Ricardo dos Anjos, Retouching: Breno de Faria, Set Design: Frank Dezeuxis

Hat and short stylist’s own, stripe socks by American Apparel

Boots by Dr. Martens, hat stylist’s own

Photography: Marcelo Krasilcic, Fashion Editor: Heleno Manoel, Grooming: Helder Rodrigues, Set Design: Frank Dezeuxis, Model: Diego Miguel.

Shirt and denim pants by Bottega Veneta, shoes by Marc Jacobs, shirt, sweater, and pants by Bottega Veneta, shoes by Burberry Prorsum, jacket, pants, and shoes by Bottega Veneta.

Left: Blanket by Louis Vuitton, Jeddi hi-tops by Alejandro Ingelmo. Right: Shirt, jacket, and pants by Louis Vuitton, sunglasses by Silver Lining Opticians, scarf, shirt, and shorts by Louis Vuitton, sweater and shorts by Louis Vuitton, all shoes by Louis Vuitton.

Pants, shirt, and silk scarves by Prada

Jacket and pants by Burberry Prorsum, sunglasses by Silver Lining Opticians

Photographer: Stewart Shining, Fashion Editor: Brad Goreski, Hair: Brian Devine, Makeup: Gianpaolo Ceciliato, Retouching: Regis Panato, Models: Alexandre Cunha, Diego Schibeloske, Arthur Sales, Rodrigo Braga, Rodrigo Calazans

Want more?

PURCHASE YOUR COPY of MADE in Brazil Magazine #5 TODAY
(quantities are limited, please allow up to two weeks for delivery)

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  1. TeeVanity says:

    Sweet Jesus! Wow!

  2. Bertrand says:

    I like the fact that it all looks very high fashion quality, I mean don’t get me wrong, the previous issues were amazing too but had more of a very sexy/commercial vibe and this is true fashion. The images look upscale, some of those male models could really become top models for huge brands because they have the right features and physiques. Hopefully the cover and more images surface soon coz so far so cool, very modelesque. Good work ;)

  3. GP says:

    You done it again!!! Awesome:)

  4. Guga says:

    I am from Brazil, SP, I think the magazine is great, I would defenely buy it if it wasn’t so expensive, 70 reais (about 35 usd) for a magazine is out of reality, hope you guys can re-think the price.

  5. Barrio Dimitri says:

    What can say? The definition of male models and menswear is back! And with yet another wonderful preview by!

  6. Kitty Kat says:

    OK, first time being really blown away by this magazine. Did it get better or was I just blind before?

  7. ashantiqua says:

    these brazaillian photo shoots always seem to have a slight air of gay porn.

  8. NATY says:


  9. Angel says:

    La mayoría de éstos chicos son muy jóvenes y ya les encanta desnudarse y enseñarlo casi todo, son muy exhibicionistas. Yo creo que disfrutan enseñando sus encantos aunque algunos aún sean muy jóvenes. No me gusta estar viendo culetes y slips todo el rato que se pongan una chaquetita o algo.

  10. Trevor says:

    this would have been a perfect issue if it wasnt just the European-looking Brazilians. Brazil is just as diverse, if not more than America and it would have been amazing to see Brazilians of color

  11. Eric says:

    alex is cuteeeeeeee:)

  12. Roi says:

    Angel, eres realmente pendejo (y morboso).

  13. Fernando says:

    Great shots, although some of the stories seem pretty bland, overall it’s look good!

  14. Roger Leal says:

    I love the picture of Rodrigo Braha in those blue shorts but I think Pedro Bertolini in that sofa is my favorite picture. Can´t wait to see Lucas Bernardini pictures.

  15. Afonso Braga says:

    Cauã Reymond sem dúvida está em sua melhor fase!!! Não poderia ser mais HOT!!! xxx

  16. vitor abrantes says:

    It’s hard to choice about the ‘best cover’, but i loved max motta looking like jay adams hahahha

  17. Lui Iarocheski says:

    Capa favorita: Cauã Reymond com o look Givenchy, sem dúvidas. A aposta da MiB foi certeira. Cauã expressa brasilidade em todos os sentidos, de beleza, lifestyle… to fashion!

    Aproveito para deixar um: Parabéns pelo trabalhO!

  18. asrul says:

    i like the 2nd cover. it’s fresher than the 1st..the element of fun makes the fashion comes alive..why so serious?!

  19. Eduardo Leandro says:

    Fotos incríveis! Cauã está ótimo! Achei a melhor capa!

  20. Nathan Lilja says:

    Minha capa favorita é a passada, com o Diogo Miguel <3

  21. Alisson says:

    As duas ficaram boas, mas achei melhor a segunda, com o Cauã. Pelo sorriso, a beleza tropical das flores e dos modelos, toda a beleza brasileira, essa edição não poderia ter capa melhor. Mostra também o que esperar das outras fotos, que ficaram lindas. MiB #5 está perfeita.

    Parabéns pelas fotos e pelo ótimo trabalho.

  22. ND says:

    My Favorite cover is Rodrigo Braga.
    His youth is natural, one can picture him coming from the amazon forest.

  23. João Ker says:

    It’s hard to not choose a shirtless Rodrigo Braga, but I’ll stay with the Cauã Reymond cover, just because of the exclusive Givenchy look. ;)

  24. Julio Cézar says:

    Acho a melhor capa com o Rodrigo Braga por ser mais sexy e por me lembrar das florestas

  25. Natasa says:

    I need this issue.I just need it,i would gave 2 month of life without internet just to get one copy,and you don’t know hiw important internet is in my life.

  26. Enrique Hoek says:

    my favourite is Caua Reymond. Reason being is that he has a tattoo and very nice luscious lips… Also a very naughty sexy face…

  27. Alisson says:

    Preciso dessa revista! Se não, vou chorar para sempre, tá perfeita demais, preciso!!!

  28. Juliano Silveira says:

    Cauã Reymond is the best!!!

  29. Gabriel Ni says:

    Me apaixonei desta vez, ta bela a mag, ha gostaria de saber de onde é este colar conector que o rodrigo usa.

  30. GPJ says:

    My favourite cover is Rodrigo Braga!!
    <3 <3 <3

  31. dreamsoflenny says:

    best. issue. yet. I think I’m about to faint.

  32. Andrea says:

    Every year a new star starts brighting in Brazil, and this is year that star is Rodrigo! That’s why the perfect cover must be his’!

  33. Gian Carlo says:

    Cauã Reymond COVER!

  34. Renato says:


    Can I have one of the free Magazines?

  35. Thiago Rodrigues says:

    The fashion take on this issue definitely brought a refreshing atmosphere to the plate. Everybody knows Made In Brazil is all about the unique brazilian beauty, so put it together with exquisite taste in fashion and you get an amazing cover: Cauã Reymond with the exclusive Givenchy look.

  36. norman says:

    i already place my order! now the waiting part :D

  37. eric says:

    put marlon on the cover, back, and the middle.the whole issue should be marlon(if you want your mag to sell out) not what you asked ,so for this upcoming cover :caua reymond in givenchy fashion +celebrity

  38. kaedenstone says:

    My favorite cover is Cauã Reymond photographed by Cristiano Madureira.

  39. Jose says:

    These boys are pure Brazil: Hot, sexy, beautiful, unique… They have this “joie de vivre” in their faces, in the way that you can only see in Brazil. I like Caua Reymond’s cover better, because I believe that no one can resist a man with a beautiful big smile.

  40. P. Figueiredo says:

    Minha capa preferida é a de Caua Reymond.
    My favorite cover is Caua Reymond’s.
    He is gorgeous.

  41. matt says:

    Of the two potential covers, I believe Caua Reymond’s shot is the better option. Though Rodrigo Braga certainly entices readers with his piercing eyes and pouted lips, Reymond brings Givency’s SS12 collection to life. His smile is enough to draw readers, but the fashion adds that something extra that will get readers to continue to the page. Overall, from the previews available (thank you MDC!), it seems that MIB is taking a more playful approach to celebrating Brazil’s most currently celebrated faces. From the Rodrigo Braga exclusive to the all out bonanza with Alexandre, Diego, Arthur, Rodrigo B. and Rodrigo C., MIB isn’t afraid to have some fun with great color and style. Simultaneously, and not unexpectedly whatsoever, MIB injects great fashion, allowing the models to shine at their greatest. Great work MIB and thanks MDC for the exclusive preview of the new issue!

  42. Joel says:

    The Cauã Reymond cover is the BEST!
    It’s Made in Brazil meets Jesus Christ in Technicolor!

  43. Joey says:

    Best cover? Cauâ Reymond is winning me over with the sexy scar on is face!

  44. Janis says:

    Cauã Reymond cover is the best! True Brasilian taste,smell and look! Like it!

  45. Wagner Silva says:

    Minha capa predileta é a Beleza brejeira de Rodrigo Braga;foto que transmite uma delicada e doce masculinidade.

  46. Matt Harding says:

    Rodrigo Braga for the win! Hope I do. que guapo!!!!

  47. Guilherme says:

    Cauã Reymond’s Cover is flawless. The smile, the scar, the Givenchy hat and shirt, amazing.

  48. Antonio Choy Kay says:

    @models and @blogmib my fave cover is the one with rodrigo Braga i think its sensual in a poetic way with a raw edge. love it!

  49. Elza Dantas says:

    Cover 2
    My favorite is Cauã Reymond, because he was made in Brazil and is now the father of the year!

    Meu favorito é o Cauã Reymond, pois ele foi feito no Brasil e agora é o pai do ano!

  50. Nathy says:

    Both cover are awesome, but I really loved the one with Rodrigo Braga!! So beautiful and clean =]

  51. pdr pinho says:

    the one with cauã is way better! GIVENCHY!

  52. Braden says:

    Rodrigo Braga’s cover is one of the most stylish and innovating covers I’ve seen recently. So insanely gorgeous and perfect for summer. Also unlike anything out right now

  53. proto2 says:

    I was really waiting for the issue 5. I love both covers, and photos inside is fantastic. I can’t wait for this to come out.

  54. proto2 says:

    I like both covers, but i prefer Rodrigo Braga’s. It shows the beauty of his youth, and I can really feel the summer. I like flower on his hair. It’s fantastic and it sure is the best cover of Made in Brazil!

  55. Raza Shah says:

    Im from Karachi, and Its freakin hot here 40 to 46 is an everyday business… and then I bumped into this HOT HOT Issue …. I mean how much heat can U possibly take ….. The Guys are too hot and the way they are shot is so candid and so cool that It simply makes me take my clothes off !!! Its truly that SEXY and HOT …… Great work guys…. Its really hard to decide which cover is better.

  56. bob hilsson says:

    My favotite cover is Caua’s one. The big laugh makes the difference in the issue, that’s brazil, happinness!! Put more models with beautiful laughs, to light up our days… and I hope to see more “brazilian model faces” it’s almost european with this guys…ok?

  57. Nicholas C says:

    Cauã Reymond – transformational! He redefined the stereotypical image of beauty & sex appeal. We often associate beauty with perfection & sex appeal with flesh but Cauã opens our mind & shows us what beauty is with the scar on his eye brow & what sexy is with his big smile, fully clothed. MIB is always communicating a new perspective & it is time we look into beauty & sex appeal that is exude from the inside rather than just surface.

  58. Csaba Zsikla says:

    I would most definitely choose the Cauã Reymond cover.
    It is very fresh, it’s cheeky and it’s all about the fun – For me, these qualities represent not just the cover but Brazil itself as well.

    The Givenchy pieces are very edgy and they give a modern twist to the whole cover. I would say that the cover represents high fashion at it’s finest!

  59. Angel says:

    Roy, soy muy morboso en todo, pero no me llames pendejo, porque no se lo que significa. Eso seguro que os lo llamáis en tu país y cosas mucho más raras.
    Y tú que eres?

  60. Isadora says:

    Am I the only person who thinks that Cauã sucks? OMG, he’s so not natural…

  61. Alisson says:

    Capas perfeitas, difícil escolher… mas fico com o Cauã. Tem algo de especial não só nessa capa, mas acho que em toda esta edição. Lindo, sorriso irresistível, look Givenchi com tema tropical, ele conseguiu ficar sexy e ao mesmo tempo fofo e descontraído. A capa foge dos padrões das outras capas de revistas de moda, está com um ar leve, divertida, natural, e o Cauã consegue representar muito bem a beleza que é a Made in Brazil, os belos rostos que já passaram por aqui, uma beleza que só o Brasil tem, e tudo isso + moda só poderia resultar no incrível trabalho que ficou essa edição que se destaca de todas as outras. Essa edição não poderia ter capa melhor.

    Ótimo trabalho, parabéns!

  62. André says:

    Where is The Blacks Here? I Live in Brazil, This That You Are Showing Is NOT BRASIL. FOR GOOD’s SAKE, TERRIBLE.

  63. Skinny says:

    these guys go for ever when the body is in fine shape

  64. archiemb says:

    the best issue – editorial wise! :)

  65. Carey says:

    The cover with Rodrigo Braga resonates with me. The depth in his eyes slays me.

  66. susie says:

    I prefer real men!!! These guys are just making themselves look stupid and “fruity”!!

  67. TÓ says:

    WHERES THE BLACK GUYS?! wheres the REAL brazilian guys?

  68. Mimmi says:

    Oh my God!!!!!

    Brazil you are the BEST!!! I love you<3<3<3

  69. Skiddy says:

    A man who can carry a pretty flower on his head yet still look manly will always get my vote! Rodrigo Braga cover for sure!

  70. Rebeca says:

    For people who are saying that these guys are not the true Brazilian beauty, you need to research about Brazil before it is talking nonsense. Stop talking as if here in Brazil only had black people, most of the population is white, damn. I have no more patience to explain it.

  71. roman says:


  72. Rex says:

    In the shoot identified as Paulo Dalagnoli, David Martins, Pedro Bertolini, below the pics it says Models: Paulo, Pedro. The first pic is Paulo. The second photo, of the guy lying on his stomach on the couch, is in fact David Martins. Several websites (tumblrs) have that second pic id’d as Paulo, when it is David Martins.

  73. junebug says:

    It’s just look natural. The way those pants fit into the bodies.

  74. Awesome Celebrity Smile says:

    Those Guys are too Hot and SEXY.Well done but frankly speaking that it’s very hard to choose which cover is the best.Anyhow,I think each one’s smiling can be a final judgement.

  75. Angie says:


    Where and how can I find men like this?
    (Oh right, Brazil.)
    Maybe I’ll pop along to a fashion show? Then I can really meet you guys. You’d better say hi :)
    Anyway, this is really great. I really like the fun and playful (not in THAT way haha) pictures – you know, with lots of smiling – ’cause they’re sexy. These guys have great physiques and I like their hair!



  77. celebrity smile says:

    Love those smiles.

  78. jnobles101 says:

    wow very very nice.

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