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This Friday kicks off another season of men’s shows with the first day of London Collections: Men. The fashion business—and, indeed, the world at large—are in a confusing state of flux, as seasons run together and gender boundaries crack and the high-low divide continues to dissolve. But one guarantee is that, for now at least, male models will continue to walk down the runway twice a year. Here, Kosmas Pavlos captures an eclectic group of today’s show favorites, from established veterans to the newest Hot List members, all dressed for the summer days ahead by Giorgio Ammirabile in Versace’s latest lightweight collection. Looking fresh and runway ready, this baker’s dozen of winning faces offers a reminder that fashion week continues to unite an industry increasingly intent on splitting off in a million different directions.

Photographer – Kosmas Pavlos for Models.com
Stylist – Giorgio Ammirabile
Groomer – Gabriele Trezzi (Paris: AGENCE SAINT GERMAIN, Milano: CLOSE UP MILANO) using Bumble and Bumble
Models – Conrad Bromfield, Kit Butler, Parker Gregory, Hao Yun Xiang, Filip Hrivnak, Oliver Kumbi, Matthew Noszka, Victor Perr, Alessio Pozzi, Ryu Wankyu, Julian Schneyder, Xavier Serrano, and Bertold Zahoran
Casting – Jonathan Shia | Photographer’s assistant – Elisa Garosi | Grooming assistants – Daniele Villanueva and Salvatore Pennisi
Digital operator – Michelangelo Chiacchio | Digital imaging – Alexandra Heindl | Location – Milanostudio.it | Special thanks to Angelo Salonia, Ezio Donnarumma, and Eva Maroto

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