Quick Questions: Barbra-Lee Grant


It’s a remarkable career milestone to walk for shows like Alexander McQueen but when that brand stands as your exclusive debut onto the fashion scene? The cards are definitely in your favor. Enter Barbra-Lee Grant, the newest Jamaican stunner signed to Trump Models who’s turning heads with her jet black Afro cloud of hair and killer looks. Since her first show last season’s she’s gone on to appear in Wonderland Mag and Topshop and is ready to take the industry by storm. We asked a few quick questions to the burgeoning beauty about her discovery, dreams, and who she looks up to in the business.

So where are you from?
I’m from Central Village, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

How and when were you discovered? Did you always want to pursue modeling?
I was discovered at my alma mater Cumberland High school by Deiwght Peter of Saint International Model Agency, and his assistant Andrew Mullenings. They took digitals of me, Mr. Peter’s interviewed me and after he handed me an envelop and specifically told me to hand it to my parents. And yes, modeling has always being my dream career for as long as I could remember and I thank God and Mr. Peters for making my dream a reality.

What have been your favorite experiences modeling so far?
Honestly, every experience is my favorite they all stand out in different ways. Now that I have become an international model another chapter has opened in my modeling career, where I get to work with amazing designers, stylist, & photographers.



You exclusively debuted at Alexander McQueen, tell us about that experience.
It was my first international runway show and it was mind blowing, splendid and exquisite. It was a tremendous honor walking for the legendary Alexander McQueen, where I am recognized globally. All thanks to the amazing casting director Jess Hallett and stylist Camilla Nickerson for casting me.

What is your dream modeling job?
My dream modeling job would have to be walking the runways of the major fashion brands and doing major magazine editorials.

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling in your off time?
I love to hangout with family and friends and have a blast. I can’t leave out laughing because I love to laugh and to be the sunshine in someone’s life.


Are there any designers that you really like to wear? How would you describe your style?
Absolutely! I love Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Balmain, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada, Miu Miu and Max Mara

Who do you admire the most – fashion or otherwise?
I absolutely admire Naomi Campbell because apart from her beauty she is humble, caring, hardworking and a dedicated individual.

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