I Know What You Did This Summer…


Emanuela/Marilyn Model Mgmt Images courtesy of Marilyn Model Mgmt.

Emanuela de Paula ! You lay languid in the sun in Ibiza with your friends, romping about in a  beautiful house  with a stunning view. And then you frolicked in a bodacious bikini, taking a quick shower poolside while Kwok Chan snapped away, capturing you as you looked totally like a VS empress, even though you were off duty. You are the myth made flesh and we worship!



  1. Although she lacks the edge from other models i think Emanuela represents black beauty at its best. She´s far from being ‘high fashion’ like Jourdan Dunn and Iman, but there´s something in her that reminds me of Beverly Johnson and Naomi Sims, which is good. I follow her career very closely here in Brazil and she´s been evolving into a great character of the modelling biz. I hope she gets lots of good works and a beauty contract/VS contract because this girl is so stunning and beautiful that she really deserves to be on top!

  2. Emanuela is just a perfection on Earth,she deserves all the success. We in Brazil always cheered for her and now that she made it we`re more happy for her
    Emanuela, you`re stunning!!! keep going girl

  3. gorgeous! this girl is soo stunning. I’m so happy for her VS work getting her recognized, but I can’t wait for more editorials from this girl!!! I can tell this is only the beginning for her

  4. Yap,Emanuela is god damn smart and beautiful,She can expect all the good things,she has got some amazing power,i like her style, facial expression, smartness and so on,
    emanuela carry on dear!u can do it,u can deserve it(success).

  5. There is nothing more shining then her eyes,
    nothing more forgiven than her charming moves,
    nothing more exiting than her curves,
    nothing more inspiring than her smile.

    simple as she is,
    most beautifull girl of our times.

  6. Emanuela de Paula is our pride Brazilian … is a pity she was not on the same level of Sessilee Lopez, Chanel Iman and Arlenis … but then it is our Adriana Lima in VS!

  7. Brazil loves her, USA is so slow to her…….. her beauty is the defintion of my country…. she beautiful in face,hair,body, appeal… she needs more editorial work. I think she can be that edgy fashion moca, mira sus cheekbones.

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