Be Stung

We all wish we could be Angelina Jolie. Or at least, have her two most enviable possessions: Brad and her yes-I-sin-all-the-time-to-die-for bee stung lips! I guess we imagine – or I know I do – that if I had her lips, I, too, could live such a sensual life and get to kiss Brad all day long! Though I may not be able to get Brad Pitt, I can, however, have bee stung lips just like Angelina’s. The creator of POP Beauty, Sara Strand, who is herself a pop diva in her own right, came up with her version for full, enchanting lips: her lip boosting glimmer gloss aptly named Bee Stung. It comes in three delicious colors: Velvet Sting, Ruby Sting and Coral Sting, and boosts an injection of collagen which increases lip moisture and adds dimension and volume to them. So, within an instant, I can channel Angelina’s lips as mine and be the glamorous goddess that she so poignantly is. It’s instant va-va-voom!

Available at, $12

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