Ford’s Fabulous Force: Johanne


Ford enters the  Spring 2010 New Faces sweepstakes with this pristine Norwegian beauty, Johanne. Miss Friis is in town right this minute so to be sure to put your go-see bid in asap. This girl is already poised, composed and extremely camera ready.

  1. If Alice Burdeu dyed her hair blonde, she would look just like Johanne. Or does Johanne look like Alice Burdeu?

  2. Ford has always been good at finding promising new girls. Keeping them after they’ve had their first blush of success, that’s another story lately.

  3. I second the Hanne Gabby Odiele comparance, they’ve got the same jaw in the third picture and same face in the first.

  4. I love this Norwegian girl!!! Johanne’s features make her the ideal blank canvass for blue chip designers and her movement is abosultely impeccable! She was a semifinalist at the Ford Supermodel of the World last January :D

  5. Wow. She really does look like Alice Burdeu and Hanne Gaby Odiele had a child. Really stunning.

  6. OMG she is amazing. And only 17 years old. If this girl doesn’t do it big, is something wrong with the world. GO JOHANNE. we love you

  7. Spectator- did you really say she looks “older”???

    Why, because she’s not prepubescent???

    Come on people, you don’t have to be 14 to be beautiful!