2. oh my goodness, she’s astonishing

    there’s something really compelling about her face

  3. I’m a modelagent and I have to say that I have almost never seen such an amazing face.Skin like porcelain. This girl is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrets to elite Copenhagen.

    gr. Michael

  4. Wow. I have a feeling she’s going to be really successful in the industry! She’s young & gorgeous!

  5. Wow she is so young only 15. Thats the same age as me. She looks really great but she looks older than 15.

  6. Great look for someone so young. She has a very versatile look which will only increase throughout her career.

  7. She is beautiful, I liked this photos because they are not sexy. God bless you , you look like cool ;)a embrace from Brazil!

  8. My God she is gorgeous. Actually…are there any words for her kind of beauty?!

  9. From the side and she looks beauitful and standing up she is Firce. But her in the face dead on she not that great to me. She gose dull.

  10. She was in the Elite Model Look competition in Denmark, but did not win… really quite strange that she didn’t

  11. Kind of annoying that male models like the current male MOTW can be 23 and up but all the girls have to be so young. It’s really kind of insulting. Aside from that she is insanely beautiful.

  12. she did’nt win the Elite Model Look competition in Denmark because she wasn’t high enough. Even though, she is one of the most talentet new face, i’ve ever seen.
    I dont know if any one have seen her pics for Elle, but they are just gorgeous!
    And i think her brown hair, and dark eyes is some of the most fascinating thing, i could just look into her perfect eyes forever.
    The first thing i thougt when i heard she was going to be a model, was “wow, she is soo supermodel material”

  13. i like everything about about her – her sexy skin, eyes and frontside. wish to have the features she has

  14. “Kind of annoying that male models like the current male MOTW can be 23 and up but all the girls have to be so young”
    No one ever said the girls have to be young or there is some sort of MOTW criteria regarding age. Younger girls are usually put up so they can be introduced to the industry as soon as possible and make a lasting impression that can help their modeling career as they get older. If there were girls who were say 23 that were striking I’m sure they would be put up. Not to say that there arent any but the focus is always on the younger generation and what lies ahead in the future.
    I must say Clara is gorgeous and I love how a redhead nabbed MOTW. I really dont feel there are enough redheads out there but as soon as a new one comes about they are always striking. Clara has proven just that.
    And shes 174 – Im sure she’ll grow but nonetheless Im happy to see a “shorter” girl again! Proving that shorter girls have just as much to offer as their 5’11 counterparts. x

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