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Omahyra/NY Models. Ph Betty Sze for MDC

Omahyra Mota was made for fashion and fashion for Omahyra Mota. Individuals like her vindicate the idea of fashion as a form of self-expression, as an act of defiance and as a means of escape .That’s the sentiment that comes to mind when flicking through the new Ellen von Unwerth homage to Omahyra and her beau, Boyd, titled succinctly enough: Omahyra and Boyd. (See exclusive snippets below) In the five years since Ms. Mota made the modeling scene, this Dominican rebel beauty has highlighted virtually every major magazine and runway in the business. She’s walked the extremes from Micheal Kors to Gucci. She has posed as a seductive dominatrix for Dutch and in a shot that still burns in memory, as Prince for Vogue. She’s been a campaign icon for Gaultier in Paris and for Roc A Wear in Times Square. And in all of this Omahyra hasn’t lost her mind, still remains unaffected, still lives with her Mom in Queens and still marches to the beat of her eclectic drummer. OTM caught up with the coolest girl in town on the hottest day of the year for the low-down on her latest doings.

This is the story. (click for our exclusive interview with Omahyra)

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