Omahyra does Sprite

Picture: Omahyra with the young members of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants — (from left) Multiple Man (Eric Dane), Callisto (Dania Ramirez), Arclight (Omahyra) and Pyro (Aaron Stanford) – from the X-Men 3 movie

OTM fave Omahyra is back in town again doing what she does best: strut the catwalk in cool girl style. She’s been a busy girl starring in feature films like the upcoming “X-Men: The Last Stand,� so it’s a pleasure to see her work her irreverent charm down the runway in person again.

This time she’s collaborating with Sprite to help relaunch their brand and participate in their very first ever fashion show called the Sprite Street Couture Showcase which will highlight the fall 2006 collections of five leading streetwear designers including Triple Five Soul, WESC, Rocawear, Etnies and LRG, all under the spectacular roof of the gorgeous Guastavino’s (which just recently reopened). Like most top fashion shows, the audience will be filled with a mix of celebrities, stylists, and editors who will cheer on our girl once she comes down the runway… Kanye West and Missy Elliott are reported to be coming…

» Tonight at Guastavino’s (underneath the 59th Street Bridge), 409 East 59th Street, between First & York Avenues, 9pm (on invitation only)

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