More than a number


They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The rankings return with a new look, a new attitude and more top models than you realized you could handle.

The fashion industry has changed dramatically in the years since the rankings launched. A model’s covers and campaigns still matter (the mainstay of the Top 50 in the past), but so does their presence in pop-culture, their interactions on social media and the longevity of their careers.

In this fast-moving new age there isn’t just one road to supermodeldom, as such the old numbered rankings needed to evolve. Looking to the factors that matter not only to clients, insiders and fans alike the revised rankings focus on the many facets of a model’s career.

Top 50 loses the numbers and hones in on the top girls working today. With an added sort feature you can track the list and see who’s on top based on the amount of top covers a model has scored, how many top campaigns she’s racked up in the past year and her following on social media.

Trending is a list that moves at the speed of fashion and shines a light on the models making headlines on and off-duty.

Industry icons adds a slew of seasoned modeling vets of the next generation along those who have become standard bearers within the business.

The Hot List refreshes with a new set of up and comers.

New Supers tracks the trajectory of this generation’s bonafide supermodels, an oft-overused term whose definition has shifted drastically.

Legends focuses on the incredible careers that have stood the test of time – models who have become moguls, television regulars and household names.

Runway clues you into who is walking big shows and making their presence felt on the runway.

Social media skills have a big payoff on the Social List and the models with the strongest fanbases on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all right here (with China’s Weibo coming soon.)

Men’s Sexiest is potentially too hot to handle with all the stars of those scintillating underwear campaigns, editorials and swim ads front and center.

Icons men gives you the rundown on the boys who are fixtures in editorials and campaigns and have been raising the bar for years.

Male supermodels focuses on the rarest of the rare – male models worthy of the title supermodel.

  1. Very interesting MDC. I do however think that since Top 50 is actually 50, they SHOULD be ranked numerically. IT KILLS ME!! :-( On the other hand I do like the newer rankings (New Supers, Legends and of course Sexiest Men.) I guess I just gotta get used to it.

  2. I like the updates but the top 50 should always be a ranking, otherwise it doesn’t have a purpose and shouldn’t it be called top 50 anymore. Edie or Amanda would have made a great number one (Saskia is obviously an icon).

  3. Top 50 should always be a ranking. (2)

    Edie Campbell is the model number one.

  4. I disagree with niknak and anlabe.. congratulations MDC on finding a way to not depend on a number. Being an active member of the fashion spot and other fashion forums I know first hand how difficult it is to make everyone happy with numbers, it’s basically imposible. At the same time it’s extremely tiring to keep up with who truly deserves certain number at the correct moment. Like the MDC staff said… fashion moves extremely fast, so “the right number 1” for a whole year is just utopian, or even for a whole season, it’s totally unpredictable and a number not always will be fair in all cases. Congratulations to the team who worked on this brilliant idea, finally there are organized lists for both men and women. Only time will tell which other improvements will be needed in the future as the industry changes, but please, now just keep it fresh and correctly updated, `cause I think you guys are doing a really good job! Bravo! ;)

  5. I like the ranking as well. This change is including every model on the list but I find it messy.

  6. sorry, but its a mistake. the ranking was the major thing here, it was whats make a diference with others hundred sites and blogs. And meghan c., edita and anothesr are icons? dont get me wrong, they are good models but u cant compare with raquel ou carolyn…

  7. Ilike the new list . My only problem is that some of girls should not be in top 50 and then there is for example Zuzanna Bijoch that is missing!!strange…

  8. Cool stuff! Love Edie and Anija Rubik but where is Bijoch Zuzanna ? Go Poland!!!

  9. ok, they changed the industry icons list. but just one thing, daria w must be in the same list with raquel e karolina.

  10. I just lost interest in First they stop the ranking update. And now they decided to stop including the number. The tradition of crowning the #1 model should be continue every two years. Or set up an automatic system where it automatically update the ranking when each model scores a major campaign or cover. Top 50 isn’t the same anymore and the new changes isn’t necessary positive. Bad decision.

  11. Would mdc also place Nadja Auermann on the list of Legend or Industry Icons? She deserved this because she’s been in the industry for over 20 years and still keeps going strong.

  12. Miranda Kerr should be in” new super list ” because she´s so popular around the world. I always see her in magazine she well known than girls like Daria Werbowy,Karen Elson and Liya Kebede. She´s on tv , magazines, social media, i can´t understand MDC.

  13. I completely agree with Caroline, above my comment: a model is relevant by how many covers, runway shows, presentations, campaigns and fashion endeavors he or she creates around themselves, not by how many followers they have on their Instagram lol. Linda didn’t need facebook followers to become a fashion legend: she POSED and did her job, she received the indudstry’s blessings and the public still adores her to this day, no need of social media to become a great model and stay on top. On a casting they don’t ask you how many followed you have lol, they ask about how many shoots and big names’ clients you have under your belt.

  14. I like the new lists, sorting by covers/campaigns it’s clear who’s on top, makes perfect sense. The rankings always seemed so arbitrary, this is definitely an improvement.
    I get what you’re saying Bertrand and Caroline, but I’ve seen client casting requests with social media number requirements. Brands and magazines are obsessed with this.. Not saying it’s what makes a great model, but it is relevant to a models career.

  15. oh wow ! interesting , i thought Zzuzanna will be in modeling icons but the fact thta she is totally out causes many questions… i dont quite understand how the new ranking was created !

  16. Finally Miranda is in new Super List. Now MDC should add Cameron Russel and Julia Stegner in Industry Icon List. There so many times they are in this bussiness .Julia and their campaigns to CH fragance are iconic and Cameron for Prada last F/W 13 campaign is so remarkable for fashion world.

  17. Zuzanna can celebrate… She have one super fan…

    Please guy your insistence in comments are ridiculous… But the world compreend you love so much Zuzanna, all right?!

  18. Is that 1 person who’s complaining about Zuzanna? Can’t believe there are so many people who care about her.

    Guys, Daria Werbowy is on both the New Supers and the icon’s list. She should be just on the New Supers.


  19. Great to job to all involved in this huge project! I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes!

    It’s 2014 and the scene is so different and it changes at an incredibly rapid pace! I can barely keep up! And nowadays, there are more models working than ever before, on more campaigns and covers that have previously existed. And there doesn’t seem to be a focus on a specific group of girls. Veterans like Linda Evangelista and Natalia Vodianova scoring major US covers is quite a feat but it shows that age doesn’t matter anymore. Freja Beha Erichson might not be a campaign or editorial queen this season but she still manages to snag a major September cover. And then there’s Binx, the newcomer who is surprising everyone!

    No one can seem to predict what’s going to happen but at least MDC is there to help gage it for us.

    Thank you so much, MDC!

  20. I think MDC should create a list for “legendary former models”. A lot of models were so important for fashion industry, they pioners in this business. But they can´t placed in none MDC´s list because they´re not in scene anymore.Historical models like Karen Mulder, Chritley Brikley, Jean Shrimpton, Elle Mcpherson, Twiggy, Beverly Jonhson, Veruska, Gia, Kathy Ireland, Margoux Heminghay and other models are forgotten by MDC.

  21. I dont get why you get so obsessed but agree that Zuzanna should be included on a list

  22. It’s nice and all, but I still don’t like it .. the old one was better.

  23. I’m looking for Zuzanna Bijoch and can’t find her on the list?! Where is she? She’s such a great model. Covers,ads,campaigns,runway… It seems weird to me that she’s not on the list. Not cool!

  24. I do like a new list- you did a hell lot of job / all social media etc congrats!!
    But also i don really get the while supers / becoming super lists because it seems to be quite same thing.
    You have also removed few great models and replaced them with others that are not working a lot , amlmost at all .
    Im not a huge fan but the other s are right – Zuzanna should be on it…
    Anywya great job!

  25. Zuzanna Who?

    The impression that I have is that have only one people clamouring for her inclusion on VIP lists… Sorry guy, but this is ridiculous, not every model that reserve for the great roll.

  26. Zuzanna Bijoch the girl did like 16 biggest ads and over 160 shows past last few seasons !
    I alos think removing Anais was a mistake .

  27. What happened to Gemma Ward? She should be on the ICONS list. And why Agyness Deyn and Alessandra Ambrosio is still in the ICONS List? They should be in the supers alongside Natalia and Liya!And lastly why The Top 50 models are not ranked? That’s not Top 50 anymore! MDC should work on that.

  28. I dont like a new list ,it doesnt make sence to me at all .Girls like Zuzanna def should be on the list !!!