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Fashion moves at the speed of light and finally there is a ranking that reflects the business’ fast pace. Trending shines a light on the fascinating faces who are doing big things - whether it is scoring a major cover/campaign, landing a role in a feature film, or making headlines worldwide, the faces featured here are excelling. With news coming in constantly and different people making waves throughout pop culture this list will always be growing, changing and updating. Check back often to see just who is on trend.


- If a model, they can be ranked or un-ranked.
- Must be engaged in a relevant or newsworthy activity i.e. getting a major cover, appearing on television or on film, or participating in a noteworthy event.
Akon Changkou
Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls
Paloma Elsesser
Sibyl Buck
Dara Allen
Quinn Mora
Binx Walton
Mika Schneider
Dua Lipa
Hailey Bieber
Irina Shayk
Maike Inga
Alek Wek
Maeva Marshall
Nabou Thiam
Hana Jirickova
Oudey Egone
Lara Mullen
Lara Mullen
Mona Tougaard
Sophie Koella
Jazzelle Zanaughtti
Mayowa Nicholas
Nina Marker
Susie Bick
Tami Williams
Toni Smith
Mica Argañaraz
Anok Yai
Cyrielle Lalande
Chiara Scelsi
Bella Hadid
Aleya Ali
Ambar Cristal Zarzuela
Hiandra Martinez
Tami Williams
Blesnya Minher
Hana Jirickova
Viktoria Lulko
Estella Boersma
Lauren de Graaf
Grace Clover
Malika Louback
Mayowa Nicholas
Palmyre Tramini
Shanelle Nyasiase
He Cong
Adut Akech
Nicole Atieno