Meghan Collison x Creatures of the Wind @ the CFDA



Photos by Casey Vange for
Instagram photos courtesy of Meghan Collison for
Hair: Clay Nielsen (Aveda)
Makeup: Magda Ogbe (NARS)

As Meghan Collison was getting ready to accompany Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters of Creatures of the Wind to the CFDA awards (where they would take home the Swarovski Award For Womenswear!), photographer Casey Vange was on hand to capture the preparations during fittings and to chat with Shane & Christopher about Meghan’s look.

What kind of look are you guys doing with Meghan tonight?

Shane & Chris: For Meghan, what we’re doing is playing with this 70’s, witchy, but very light, glammy sort of thing going on. We called our friend Irene, and we said that the jumpsuit that Meghan was wearing would look really great with a piece of jewelry.

We were also trying to play off of Meghan’s personal style, too. Whenever you’re dressing a girl for something like this it has to be an extension of them. It’s really obvious when they’re not comfortable or when it feels foreign so you have to make it comfortable and cool.

Why do you guys like working with Meghan?

Shane & Chris: Meghan is totally rad! When we go to events like this, we always want to go with someone who is a fun and chill person. That’s so important especially if it’s a stressful evening. Going to events is great because it is kind of like a bonding experience because they’re always very unusual and kind of weird, but fun events.

We met Meghan backstage last night. We just have a lot of mutual friends. You can kind of tell who’s going to be cool. That’s an important thing, we don’t really like the kind of inauthenticity of someone who you don’t genuinely like. It has to be real, it has to feel normal and comfortable.

Tell us a little bit about the makeup look that you put together for Meghan

Magda: He wanted something that was more ethereal and more witchy, but with a modern twist. So, you don’t want to do too much of an eye. He just wanted to do a dark, Bordeaux lip with a clean skin and a little bit of a dew/glow. Obviously, with a bold lip like that, if you have a lot of matte-ness going on it would be uneven so we gave it a little bit of that dewy/glowy fresh skin. That was the focus and then bold lips. His theme was to make her like a pretty witch! Very clean, very simple. A lot of mascara but no eye shadow… just very clean.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing with Meghan’s hair tonight

Clay:We did a really simple look. We wanted to keep her, looking like her. We didn’t want to do anything to crazy. She’s a pretty girl and I like it when pretty girls kind of, keep it simple.

We just did a messy bun and a four stranded braid with a few pieces kind of pulled out to give it a little more texture. We left her fringe down, she’s got a great fringe and it helped to highlight her face.


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