Elite Model Look 2013


The Elite Model Look 2013 contest held its grand finale in Shenzhen, China. With 52 countries represented and one week of bootcamp to prepare before the grand finale, the competition was intense. You will be able to follow all the action in a reality series that starts airing Feb 14th on HULU, but in the mean time take a look at the four winners and future Elite stars below!

In addition to the HULU reality series, the 2013 final contest will be on Shenzhen Satellite TV on December 8th 2013, and in early 2014 on the SMG regional network in China.

Portraits by Bojana Tatarska
Photos courtesy of Elite / The Society Management


Eva (Czech Republic) | 2013 EML Winner

Alexandra (Monaco) | 1st Runner-Up

Dalma (Hungary) | 2nd Runner-Up Tie

Amilna (Angola) | 2nd Runner-Up Tie

  1. My favorite faces in this final: Viktoria (Austria), Kailin (Usa), Anita (Russia), Bianca (South Africa), Patricia (Romania).

  2. I have to say Amilna is stunning and seriously…. the winner is just ….. she should be the second or third ….

  3. My favorites this year were: Eva (Czech Republic),Iga (Poland),Bianca (South Africa),May Bell (UK),Filippa (Denmark).

  4. Amilna should have been the winner. She has an interesting face – the eyes a lil too far apart but has yet some commercial appeal.

  5. Wow! Amilna was robbed, she clearly should have won; she’s stunning beyond belief! The other girls are no different from the current girls in the industry!

  6. oh wow Amilna is so stunning for me Nr.1 ! Great great great. But the winner girl is also very pretty! All these girls are super nice!

  7. Alexandra!!!! The girl has an amazing face!!!

    My faves were Iga (Poland), May (London) and the korean contestant who didnt make it on the event due to VISA problems. Also, there is this Dorota Kullova, a finalist in Elite Model Look POlska this year who is a total stunner…


  8. amilna is incredible. also, she reminds me of may andersen when she first started out…

  9. Alexandra has Josephine Le Tutour’s vibe while the winner could be Sasha Luss’ long lost sister. Most promising is Amilna.

  10. Amilna is beyond gorgeous! Hope to see much more from her soon, she’s a stunner! The winner is a beautyful girl and a safer bet I guess. There were many good candidates this year, I also liked the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

  11. Amilna was super beautiful and can be both high fashion and commercial. Simply stunning and gorgeous!

  12. Eva was a safe choice, a choice that would undoubtedly work. All four will work, but of these four, Amilna has the most stand out look. Would’ve liked to see one of either the Danish girl (Filippa Rønhof), Norwegian (Sunniva Tufte Halkjelsvik), British (May Bell), Romanian (Patricia Paty) or Swedish (Trixi Johnsson) representatives be in the top 4, too.

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