Bojana Tatarska


Based In

  • Paris


Born in Bulgaria, Bojana Tatarska came to Paris at the age of 18 and worked as a fashion model for almost a decade while studying Art and Communication at the Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Initially she wanted to be a journalist before becoming a self-taught photographer.

In 2006 she began to photograph professionally as a freelancer and her photographs have appeared in many major magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Harpar’s Bazaar, Dansk, Vision, Glass, etc.

Bojana Tatarska is currently based in Paris.


Glass Women Summer 2018 Covers
Glass Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: June 2018
Minimal Elements
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Summer 2018
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Glass Magazine (Magazine Cover)
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season: Winter 2017
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published: November 2017
You are built not to shrink down to less...
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Summer 2017
Glass Magazine Spring 2017 Covers
Glass Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: April 2017
People will stare. Make it worth their w...
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2017
Individuality will always be one of the ...
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Winter 2016
You must give everything to make your li...
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Winter 2016

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