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Perhaps more so than any other current beauty trend, nail art allows beauty aficionados a chance at artistic expression. The possibilities offered are limitless and with the right amount of creativity and patience, almost any look imaginable can be achieved. Manicure maven, Jessica Washick of the wonderfully addictive U Need A Manicure shares some nail looks designed to inspire.

Photography – Julia Chesky
Manicures – Jessica Washick
Makeup – Amanda Rodriguez


“I think this manicure is a little advanced to try at home but you can try getting tight netting, painting the nails nude (I highly recommend Deborah Lippmann’s Naked) waiting for it to dry, then taping netting over the top of your nails and lighting painting–almost dry brush dabbing Glamourous Life by Deborah Lippmann in the negative space of the netting. If that’s too difficult, just mix and match honey colored jewels on the inside or outsides of your nail bed; try varying the stones in size for a beautiful but different look.”



“In this image the skin tone is flawless – almost glowing, and the nail art is made to look like blood. The unspoken message here is that, again, beauty can also be dangerous.

This nail look can be easily created with DL’s Lady is a Tramp (the most beautiful red EVER) fading into Dark side of the Moon. Begin by painting 2 coats of Lady is a Tramp, next dab Dark Side of the Moon onto the tip of the nail, dry brush it off, and keep dabbing and dry brushing until a smooth gradient is achieved. Or, for another look, you can just French tip Lady Is a Tramp with Dark Side of the moon to get a tonal darker red French manicure.”



“This nail look is really easy to create at home with the right elements. The star of this show is Deborah Lippmann’s “Pseudo Silk” which is a white matte tipped with DL’s Glamourous Life.  The metallic gold of Glamorous Life makes the nails looks like porcelain. For this look I tipped Pseudo Silk with a tiny, tiny, baby tip to make it more of a modern take on a French manicure. I also painted the underside of the nails red (using Lady Is a Tramp) and jeweled it with red Swarovski crystals.”

IMG_9599_2 (1)



PSUEDO SILK KIMONO – an incredibly modern matte white that adds a graphic touch to any manicure.

NAKED – the barely there basic that elongates the look of nails.

GLAMOUROUS LIFE – A unique rose gold for that added touch of glitz. Beautiful when combined with other colors or when worn alone.

LADY IS A TRAMP – The perfect red, need we say more.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – almost black but not quite, an elegant eggplant that can look glamorous of goth depending on how you use it.

  1. Great nail story. Photography is perfection (so is that matte white nail). More!

  2. Just a produced a huge shoot in NY where nails featured prominently so I know the importance of a great manicure or pedi for shots like accessories or sandals. But this post seems like an ad/endorsement for a certain brand rather than a feature of nail art or nail trends.

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