Exquisite Chrishelle!

Chrishelle/Next. Image courtesy of Next NY
Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to witness the achingly fragile beauty of Next ‘s Chrishelle, a new face we have been tracking for the last six months, waiting for the right moment to platform her gorgeous presence. Beauty this delicate is destiny, no?

  1. omg!!!she’s so pretty!! my name is Chrishelle too!! but i don’t think you pronouce it te way she prnounces her name. anyway,my friends said its funny when you go to google and type in your name and then press enter, then you could see stuff wih your name in it. so i tried it and i find out that there’s a beautiful model out there with my name. igot my name from my dad, his name was chris. i always thought that my name was unique and that nobody else in the WORLD had my name.but now i know!! =)
    ——from georgia
    ——i am eleven years old going on twelve in seven months!!!
    ——going to middle school this fall!!!(nervouse)
    ——3-27-09,it is 10:48

  2. i always dreamt of becoming a model!! my frends think im weird but in a funny way!! i wonder if im going to like that when i grow up?you never know??? this could be like daysavou later on in the years!!! =P hahahaha!!!
    (o o) —bunny!!! dont judge me!! im just a kid in 5th grade!!
    (> <)