1. How is it that some people just look “cool?”
    I like her a lot. Clasically beautiful with a little something extra.
    I love the name too.
    Very cool.

  2. i agree with u ryan

    i love her look and reading her thing she seems cute and spunky :D

  3. Yes. Pretty cool chick!

    Don’t know about her music taste but nice to see she’s into Herzog :)

  4. I absolutely would have to agree with the distinctive eyebrow comments. They are lovely. The saying ‘eyebrows frame the face’ really holds true for Bex. I love going through all the new faces here on models.com because I find it very refreshing to see non-generic looking girls who are beautiful and not your typical ‘mall girls.’
    By mall-girls I mean, orange skin, face plastered in MAC or any type of colouring device, bleached hair and the ever so popular “side swept bangs.” Not saying it’s a bad thing per se however a little creativity never really killed anyone.

    “Trainspotting” – I love how we are able to capture her wit and dry humour through that one word. What a doll. I love the English. GO BEX!

  5. Just discovers more polaroids of bex on this stylist blog.
    Looks pretty cool can’t wait to see more

  6. Rebecca F is it not?? I have been following her for a year while she was at Models1, so she’s not new. And BTW, she’s Irish….. Get your facts right MOTW!

  7. Cherrylips,
    This is what the agency sends us. “Get your facts right”? Are you telling us or her? We put what they send us. So what if she’s not BRAND BRAND new, she’s still new in the larger scheme of things!! (Big picture, big picture, Ms Cherrylips).


  8. I think she is magnificent. She is rising to the top and well deserved!! Go Girl! Do not listen to the begrudgers!!

  9. bwwaahahahaa…sorry Betty but this time you’re wrong girlfriend. Everyones seen this face b4 in London….and she aint no spring chicken at the tender age of 18 sweetie, she’s just an agency switcher who’s been repackaged so I’m goin to co-sign Cherrylips comments. we’re all a sucka sometimes aint we?

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