There’s Something About Mina

Mina Cvetkovic is a charmer. Whether she’s talking about her native Serbia or discussing her plans for her birthday she manages to be effervescent and engaging. MDC catches up with the friendly catwalker just before the Anna Sui show for a quick chat.

[flashvideo filename= image= width=600 height=450 bufferlength=15 duration=299 /]

  1. she is one of the best in the biz…
    she has personality, charm, beauty and smarts… she is great!

  2. oh my, what a beauty. this one is stunning. why GORGEOUS girls happen to not become huge in the modeling world, but giselle bundchens and kate moss creep to the top with much lesser looks, is beyond me.

  3. I’m absolutely amazed how English is her second language and she is able to clearly express/portray herself and her views i.e. her take on why all models love Anna Sui.
    She seems like a very strong and well-rounded girl with a great head on her shoulders. Not to mention the fact she is an absolute doll. Kisses from Canada Mina!!

  4. warm smile but a little bit over.
    Die Lächeln sind nicht so natürlich,glaube ich.

  5. Mia cara MORGANA , mia cara MINA , SONO DI TUTTO FORCHE’ JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR …… el contrario LIVED …. OLOVAID !!!!!

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