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September 21st, 2012 by betty | Fashion Week, Menswear, Model News
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New York- There’s nothing we love more than a model proving himself off the runway, and that’s one reason we’re such fans of Armando Cabral‘s footwear line. The other is, of course, the shoes themselves, especially the elegant, classic sneakers, loafers, and lace-ups (for both men and women) he showed in an intimate presentation recently during New York Fashion Week. Cabral demonstrated that all those years he spent with innumerable pairs of footwear as a model have helped him sharpen his eye for color and design, and the options on view for Spring 2013 were uniformly cool and smart. A romantic video featuring the new collection—and shot in his native Lisbon—gave some sense of Cabral’s enduring and timeless vision: classy, charming, and always in style.

Text: Jonathan Shia
Photos by Betty Sze for models.com

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  1. Eskinny says:


  2. devon says:

    good for him! great accomplishment!

  3. adrian says:

    Great show great shoes… well done Armando

  4. George Brown says:

    Congrats Armando! You told me years ago you had a plan….so proud of you!!!

  5. caitlin says:

    thats awesome! great looking shoes!

  6. Riziki kateya says:

    Hi Armando! this is great creativity I love it, well done and keep it up.
    Am proud of you.!!!!

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