Girl Model

As much as modeling trades on fantasy, at the end of the day it’s a business, one that is on occasion riddled with pitfalls. For every model who achieves superstar success, there are hundreds whose careers begin and end with heartache, debt and misfortune. The documentary, “Girl Model,” directed by Ashley Sabin and David Redmon, is an exploration of one such cautionary tale. Following the progression of Siberian model Nadya Vall, the film shows the dark side of the industry; from girls as young as 12 being told to lie about their ages to entice clients, to girls let go from their contracts for gaining a centimeter around their hips. The sobering and at times distressing take on modeling is a must watch for anyone interested in the at times harsh realities of the business.

Following 13 year old Nadya as she navigates the Japanese market, lives in a cramped model apartment and struggles with dwindling finances is at times heart-wrenching. The debate over how young is too young for a model rages on in fashion circles, but Girl Model effectively answers the question by showing exactly what happens when minors are placed in adult situations. Take a look at the trailer below for deeper look at what the film is about and be sure to catch it at the IFC Center.

Girl Model Trailer from Ashley Sabin on Vimeo.

Girl Model opens at the IFC Center September 5th. Get tickets here.