Pure Chanel

[flashvideo filename=https://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/11/chanel.mov image=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2008/11/otm-video-chanel.gif width=480 height=360 /]

Can you believe Ford‘s fabulous Chanel Iman hasn’t quite turned 18 yet. She’s about to (this December)  so we can expect this California beauty to complete her transition to being a fixture in the modeling biz. OTM caught up with Chanel at our infamous glass table  for a  quick clip on her personal style. Look how pristine this girl remains!

  1. kate moss said it best: the less a models says the more compeling she usually becomes. carla bruni might be the exception.

  2. Love CHANEL!!!!! She has that “around the way” quality while still being gorgeous….

  3. She has that “LA girl” vibe around her…..warm, sunny and smiley…..i hope she wont changed! ViVa Chanel!!!

  4. She has such great charisma and presence. I love her personality and how although she has done so well she is still so humble and sweet. I seriously hope she continues to do well and even better!! Plus her leggings are totally fabby!

  5. Peace to you…Chanel. You’re such a sweet young super model. Enjoy “Turkey Day”.

  6. i met her at a casting in paris and she was complaining about how they didnt even want to to look at her… HEHE now its a different story!!! shes uber sweet btw

  7. chanel iman is doing it up as a woman of color…..but on another note i dont see what the fuss is all about, there are more talented black american models out there, that i would love to see more like Sessilee Lopez and Lilly.

    but you gotta love that ms lopez

  8. Love Chanel Iman! Her look is so NOW!! I remember wanting to book her for a Kai Milla show but they said she was too thin for the show! Just look at her now!!! BTW- How tall is she?

  9. Pure beauty at its best. She has all the qualities of a super model. Hey lets get married.

  10. Olá ?

    Sou modelo agenciada pela “MEGA MODELOS” de Governador Valadares-MG-Brasil. Mas ainda não realizei trabalhos a mesma. Vocês podem me ajudar a aparecer nas revistas, na mídia, na TV, etc.

    beijos (kiss)

  11. Chanel is so beautiful.I want to be a model to but I have been told Iam to old at 20.I belivethis is not true I will achieve mt dream.

  12. 20 is just right… go for it!!!
    all the girls at 16 are wrecking my nerves on the catwalk cause they have no personality and no control over their bodies yet.

  13. i dont get the hype around her. she is ok.
    I wanna see more of Sonja Wanda, Mimi Blix, Amaya Louis, Rahma M. They are the true sensations..

  14. she’s cute, she’s one of my favourite model(the other is samantha harris)


  16. She is 19 she was born in 89 she will be 20 duh they don’t k what they are talking about.

  17. I LOVE CHANEL!!! she is one of the most gorgeous people i ever seen! I hope wee can meet some time in the fashion world!

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