1. WOW, she reminds me of Jaquetta wheeler, same kind of aristocratic look.Very interesting girl.(DUTCH GIRLS RULE!!!!!)

  2. another amazing dutch…

    starting with bregje, dioni, jenna k., anouk h…. and now totally agree with you “new jaquestta” .

    different and interesting.
    love the look she is giving.

  3. This girl looks AMAZING!
    She has great bonestructure.And yes, I see it to…………………JAQUETTA WHEELER.
    But I even like this girl more I think.
    great find.I’m sure she will be in the top 50 very soon.

  4. Great girl, who is she with in New york??
    Anyone knows?
    She also reminds me of a Young Stella Tennant.
    This girl is going to be HUGE.

  5. just one of the natural girls in holland.
    there’s only a few like Doutzen Kroes, Bette Franke, Lara Stone and Kim Noorda who have that something that make them special..

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