1. Beautiful collection, minimalistic as always which I love….. However, only ONE BLACK GIRL??? No Asians? Everyone looked like robots almost lol.

  2. i love the new face Marleen Gaasbeek!! those eyes are WOOOOW!!
    you go girl!!

  3. Considering how many gorgeous Asian models out there. And not one is walking for Calvin Klein. It’s discrimination, it’s not even about aesthetic anymore. Shu Pei would be perfect for this show.

  4. The collection was Plain Jane but i guess it sells so who knows !. The shoes are pretty amazing . The models looked like copies of one another with the exception of the black girl gorgeous face

  5. A beautiful show, amazing models, truly refined natural beauty, and beautiful, lovely clothes, great colors and fabrics, very pure and elegant. As for some of the comments, I understand your sentiments for more racial diversity, but unless one works in the fashion industry, one can not truly know the reality of the situation fully… it is not that designers as CK discriminate against more varying races- on the contrary, Calvin Klein are always on the forefront of diversity and daring and progressive ideals…but designers and houses can only work with the rosters that agencies and bookers have to present, and agents and bookers can only work with the market of who they can find to scout and who comes through their doors. My management firm for example has scouted plenty of ethnic variety however models face many challenges. When a model is not booked out, she is unemployed, and when she she is not working, she may have to take a day gig and be unavail, or move back home where she came from, or any number of things…also for example, for minors, some parents of a certain ethnicity are more supportive of their kids in the biz than of another ethnicity… this is fact, and certain ethnicity models will attest to this, each culture and nationality is unique…regardless, CK is a great company that I know first hand to be open to all races and looks..a great show here with great girls, and yes, diversity is important…great job!

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