In Remembrance of Ruslana

Ruslana Korshunova, image courtesy IMG Models

We at MDC were all shocked and saddened by the untimely death of Ruslana Korshunova. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends. Ruslana will be remembered as the shining star she was.

Image courtesy of IMG Models.

  1. I wished someone could of saved this young girl..
    Her Mom must be just heartbroken!
    God Bless Her, she was gorgeous!

  2. Ruslanachka,

    Shto oo tebe bila pakoy v sertze, i shto to nashla v ryu to shto ti zdes ne smagla nayti.

    Its just so sad, she was in such despair and couldnt see an end to it. Ugh. I work right next to where she once lived.

  3. Ruslana,
    she was amayzingly beautiful and it is sad that she didnt saw a reason to live but i send all my deepest love and sorry to her family!

  4. To a beautiful girl, I understand you may have felt alone in the world and just needed to be with the one person that understands you.

    Like Aaliyah, Ruslana was a young beauty that left us to soon.

    Blessings to her family and friends.

    May she rest in Heavenly Peace.

  5. She was so young too! :[ So sad..
    I still wonder why she did it!
    Rest in peace.

  6. Sorry for such a loss….She was so pretty and seemed to have everything going for her. My thoughts and prayer go out to her family.

  7. Sweetest angel may you find peace in your heaven now. Your breathing beauty is ever so missed! Your broken heart was beyond understanding and reason to your sorrow…

  8. What a gorgeous human being. May she rest in peace and be remembered for the gift to the modeling world that she was.

  9. Its tragic period.. Yes she was beautiful..

    It makes you think more with what’s going on in the mindset of young people of today..

    My heart goes out to anyone who feels so alone in this world to do such a thing..


  10. So sad she had to leave. Don’t know what was crossing her mind at that moment.
    What i think is that this terrible event is not clear yet but anyway…

  11. Poor girl! I have had my heart broken too and I know how much that hurts.
    I went through a stage of self harm but never considered jumping from a balcony…
    she must have felt so worthless and alone I feel so sad for her.
    I just hope that not only do the police dig a bit deeper and find out exactly what happened but I also hope this will be a valuable lesson to all those morons who didn’t pay any attention to her and realise how sad she was.
    She didn’t deserve to die in such a violent and scary way, I hope she has a beautiful yet low key burial so she goes out the right way…bless her soul.
    Sorry to her family and friends anyone who knew, all the best for the future. x x x

  12. I have to say guys and fans of ruslana that I could not stop punching my room wall for hours when I heared that she died I love ruslana very much and she makes me feel like a better person I hope that nobody that are fans of ruslana will try to punch there room wall nonstop like I did because I am a boxer and I have a very strong fists aswell
    well anyway I did not just punch my room wall but even brick walls I tried to smash apart because I really did love ruslana well thanks for your love and memorys ruslana thanks see ya and peace out

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