Top 10 Newcomers FW11: Carola

Carola Remer: PH Daniel Jackson for Vogue China Image courtesy One Model Mangement

Her circle of shows was select and stealth including Ralph Lauren, Rad Hourani, Hakaan and Tom Ford but more importantly Carola is that one first season girl heading into the FW 11 booking sweepstakes with major editorial credits already piling up. From Self Service and Vogue China with Daniel Jackson to Harper’s Bazaar with Glen Luchford, all the early warning signals are flashing that this girl has the kind of presence and beauty that will make her a true breakthrough star of the season.

  1. Stunning, would love to know her ethnicity/ancestry, as well as Daphne’s, they both look so exotic. Love Daphne in some photographs, other times not too much, but Carola is a classic beauty, hope she will go far.

  2. @ Lily..

    Thats funny that you say that cause i thought the same thing… Also thought if it was in fact her that she was the winner of this cycle.

    Carola’s jaw line is in credible and i love the distance between her eyes.

  3. If women could create babies with each other Carola would be the daughter of Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie.. Lovely!

  4. I thought she looks like Kate Moss, too! And a bit of Arizona, and a bit of Daphne… But she’s just very beautiful in a high-fashion modelly way… maybe not much commercial appeal, but…

  5. Not the kind of beauty / model I prefer, but I have to admit she looks very interesting, fascinating and with such an intriguing femininity – even if she doesn’t meet my taste, it’s kind of objective I guess.

  6. I see that she’s very pretty and she did very well, but I don’t see why Daga Ziober or Maud Welzen are not on the list while they did better.

  7. She’s beautiful, but I wouldn’t exactly call her a ‘newcomer’…she used to be with Fusion nyc. She looks so much like Magdalena F.

  8. She is stunning!!!! I remember when she was at Fusion models……..

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