Duckie Brown F/W 11

Photos: Julian Schratter for
Text: Jonathan Shia

After a Spring collection of neons, clashing plaids, and oversized bug prints, the Duckie Brown designers toned it down for Fall. The suit was the key silhouette here, but designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver demonstrated their sense of playfulness with quirky twists to the classic proportions. One outfit paired a skin-tight blazer with crinkly, baggy trousers. Another featured a sweater that slouched low in the front with a bottom hem that crept up the lower back as it circled around. The dominant color was gray, in its many shades, with a hint of lavender towards the end. The clothes were on the whole considerably more wearable than last season, with a number of sharp overcoats and tailored jackets, held down to earth by the Florsheim shoes built on a design over a hundred years old. But there were, as always, the eyecatching show pieces—like a pullover covered in pearls that cascaded and rustled down the runway—that reminded you that Duckie Brown never takes itself too seriously.

1-Yuri Pleskun
3-New face Miles M/APM holding up coat
4-New face Joseph T/Fusion holding up coat
5-Josh Beech
6-Bastien Bonizec
7-New face Louis G/Fusion holding up lapel
8-New face Sam G
9-Detail of sleeve
10-Josh again
12-Guntars Asmanis
13-Jacob Coupe
14-New face David M/APM with fur
15-David M/APM, one half of Duckie Brown: Daniel Silver, new face Miles F
16-The Lineup
17-Duckie does it with American crew

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