Island Life

Nakiesha Robinson/1 Mgmt+Colet Buckley/Major NY glam it up at MDC’s/Saint Intl’s cocktail bash at Strawberry Hill, Jamaica. Ph. Tim Pohl/Filter Inc
A caravan of SUV’s speeding perilously down winding mountain roads to the hallucinatory beauty of the Caribbean Sea…Ex-Gucci girl Nadine Willis fearlessly comandeering a Fashion Television camera crew backstage while revealing plans for her autobiography “Stolen Childhood”…Bikini clad beauties stalking a 100 foot catwalk in the middle of a Kingston boulevard with a kaleidoscopic video backdrop highlighting their impossibly long legs…Rail thin, shimmering young things in next to nothing writhing on the rooftop dancefloor of Pulse’s New Kingston penthouse till six in the morning….Collected scenes from what was an intense scouting trip to analyse Jamaica’s vibrant fashion scene. Stay tuned for more highlights from Jamaica Styleweek in next week’s OTM as well as a comprehensive feature on Caribbean Fashion Week.

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