Semi Permanent is here


Rick Gradone in Semi Permanent.

OTM caught Semipermanent, the one man solo show of a longtime friend from the fashion and modeling industry, hairstylist Rick Gradone. Brilliantly funny and completely engaging, this must see show is for anyone inside or interested in the intense world of high fashion and models. References to Anna Wintour, supermodels Linda/Naomi/Amber and John Galliano pepper the show with information that’s fascinating especially to those in the industry who came of age in the 90’s. Not just for insiders though, the show is for anyone creative that’s ever questioned themselves and the choices that they’ve made. See the videos below of Rick talking about the show and Heidi/Gisele/Coco.

Part 1 Part 2

9 Great Jones St.(inside Acme)
Sundays at 8pm
Feb 3 – Mar 23

Buy tix here: Spin Cycle

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