Paris Market Report: Top 10 Newcomer SS08(Europe):Egle


Egle Tvirbutaite/Major Model Management, FM Agency (London) . Image courtesy of Major (Paris)

The signals started to glimmer in London but it was Paris that made Major’s Egle a star this season. From Givenchy to Balenciaga, Dior and Vuitton, Egle sparked her path down some of the most coveted runways in the business. The beautiful thing about this 19 year old’s narrative is that her overnight success was four years in the making. Due to the diligence of the Major team who kept the faith in those four years that allowed Egle to finish school and fully evolve as a model, this girl now sits at the nexus of some serious editorial and campaign bookings. It’s very encouraging to see that the industry did indeed wait on the awkward fifteen year old Lithuanian until she grew into the graceful runway swan that she is now. Her visage was on all the kiosks of Paris as the cover star as L’Officiel but as visible as she was Egle still remained disciplined and focused on making sure she was prompt and professional for every Paris casting, fitting and show. OTM was hunting for tips on where you’d find a girl most wanted, hanging out socially, “Sushi Bou Bou, a very intimate and cosy Japanese restaurant downstairs to my apartment, but sorry, I can’t give the address or it will become too popular,”said our Top 10 Newcomer with a smile and a wink. Speaking of popular, that is exactly what Egle is about to be and in a massive way too. Stay tuned!

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