Top 10 Newcomer NY : Toni Garrn


Toni Garnn/Women. Photographed exclusively for MDC courtesy of Women NY

The question was, could NY break a star during the SS08 season, something it hadn’t done in two years? Would any NY house be bold enough to platform a complete unknown to a prime position and send phones ringing from Milan back to Paris? And would any agency be able to source, develop and position such a star from its NY office. The answer came last night at the Calvin Klein in the form of Women’s Toni Garrn, an incandescently beautiful German teenager who has now leapt to instant stardom after opening and closing the show. OTM has been aware of Toni’s presence and had long penciled her in as a Top 10 Newcomer but when we were summoned to the Calvin Klein yesterday afternoon to snap exclusive digitals of Toni, little did we know the booking frenzy that would ensue the following morning. They say timing is everything in modeling and because of Women NY’s careful and astute positioning, right this minute, this is the most wanted, most exclusive model in NY. You can bet your house that her future bookings are triple blue chip.

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