You’ve seen her work everywhere now get to know Katie Grand, the dynamic force behind LOVE. Christopher Michael talks exclusively with the super star stylist and discovers the story behind her legendary career and the secrets of fall’s most anticipated magazine. Plus, an exclusive preview of LOVE’s new iPad app, be sure to catch it all only in MDX.

  1. Thank you! thank you! thaaaank YOU KATIE! <3

    Yours Sincerely: Alessandra Ambrosio Fan Club!

  2. This is why they call her ” Grand a minute ” worth every penny.. Leader in the market force.

  3. Grandiose indeed! Ms. Grand is not the 1st to launch an iPAD application (interview did it 1st and really well), nor was she the 1st to use “bigger” girls. I believe Givenchy began the trend with Adriana and Balenciaga with Miranda kerr. Prada was merely following that trend, but because of their visibility, they get credit for it. Yes Ms Grand used “boobs”, but i hardly think that is revolutionary. All signs were pointing to sexy.

    i just think give credit where credit it due.

  4. I loved last season’s covers, but this season’s covers were disappointing (besides Ale, Gisele, & Rosie). The Love website is also very weird and confusing. Ms. Grand has tons of potential, but I don’t think she has achieved it, yet.

  5. She is a leader and an innovator and the world of high fashion would be dimmer without her and her influence