1. am i the only one who is disappointed by the last two covers? I mean, who cares about Sienna Miller?

  2. I am actually wuite dissappointed in the Love covers. I don;t dislike them, but they could have chosen better cover girls, I like Kelly brook, but she is no thecover of playboy, Love is fashion. Also I am boredofRosie’s sex face, she always pouts. Agynessis out of fashion for me and I don’t get the doll, Sienne is unrecogniseable and notapin up. I am ok with Alessandra, Giselle, and Lauren’s. I wont berushign to buy my issue. I tihnk my biggest issue is that is was voerhyped and didn;t live up to my expectations, also they could have gotmuch better cover girls, liu wen, sasha P, Karlie.

  3. They should’ve picked a better aka,”The Sweetheart” didn’t really translate in this shoot but stunning none the less.

  4. Why magazines always use stars or super models for covers, I want to see more NEW FACES on covers, I have seen everywere the old faces, I want something new!!!

  5. Kelly Brook is definitely one of the hottiest celebs! she should be VS angel for sure!!!! why hasn’t they used her? stupid! she’s the ultimate sex symbol yet has the model height and long legs!!!! plus that amazing smile! VS wake up and contact her please!!!

  6. Kelly is stunning!!! Amazing and healthy body!
    Sexy like a real woman! Thats it!

  7. kind of men’s mag but so healthy and beautiful. wish there was more like this. i like it!