Tom’s Time

Natasha Poly by Tom Munro

Tom Munro is one of photography’s most formidable talents; bridging the gap between fashion and celebrity photograhy, Munro has shot Naomi, Natasha and everyone in between. Get to know the man behind the incredible artistry, his thoughtful and introspective answers touch on several of fashion’s timely issues – see it all in our exclusive interview – only in MDX

  1. Golly! Natasha looks amazing in this photo! I really liked her so much more a couple of years ago… before the bleach blonde hair and that awful tan… She is so naturally beautiful that she doesn’t need anything!

  2. Is this a new picture? If so, I hope Natasha didn’t change her hair back to brown.

  3. natasha has it all! her face is flawless in this photo but i do prefer her blond!!

  4. I love her with brown hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg she looks so different, so much more natural……………Pleeeeeaase KEEP IT KEEP IT Natasha!!! :)