Model Curators

(from left-right) Jacques Naude, Vincent LaCrocq, Boyd Holbrook and Jamie Strachan in front of their collaborative painting. Photos: Betty for

You know their faces from the blue chip magazines and runways, but Boyd, Jacques, Jamie and Vincent are inspiring a whole new audience with their creative vision. The opening of their new gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, EKE Studio, was an intimate gathering of their fellow model, art and fashion contemporaries. The crowd was filled with our favorite faces like Behati Prinsloo, Julia Stegner, Julia Dunstall, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and Sara Blomqvist and casting directors such as Andrew Weir, Natalie Joos and Mark from Calvin Klein but just as exciting was the energy we felt from the local artistic community supporting their venture. We spoke to Jamie to find out more about EKE. “Our plan was to create a gallery where people like us can actually afford to buy art that wasn’t ridiculously expensive, have fun and to try to do a new thing in Bushwick.” With the kind of talent displayed and the legions of beautiful people we saw milling around, this has the potential to be the 21st century Factory. Andy would totally approve.


One of our favorite pieces; by Alex Passapera, ink on paper. Other artists featured included Boyd who is himself a sculptor,  jewelry designer Hannah Warner and artwork/installations by Barbara Garcia (another talented model), Dana Bunker and Ulrike Theusner.

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