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Designer Zac Posen with stylist Christopher Niquet at 16W21st.

Zac Posen is not your typical designer. From New York Fashion Week to a Target collaboration to his work with the developers for 16W21, it’s a good thing he has plenty of energy to spare. At the unveiling this week of Zac’s interior design duties for the luxury residences, we spoke to the man himself about the sumptuous Flatiron digs. It turns out he worked on everything in the “model” apartment from the lighting to the molding placement to designing many pieces of furniture to overseeing every bit of the incredible kitchen. Many of Zac’s personal collection of artwork is present, from Nan Goldin/Chad Pitman photographs to artwork by his father Stephen Posen and the carefully curated rooms give us a peek into Zac’s glamorous world. All of the other 8 units sadly won’t have his artwork and the richly colored walls but they will have signature Posen touches throughout the gorgeous condos (like the marble zebra tiles in the bath). What’s his favorite room? “I love the guest bedroom, I wanted to create something that would photograph well, look graphic and have a creative element of my own: pieces that I curated or designed. It’s definitely a supermodel bedroom, a Naomi bedroom.

Zac’s favorite room. So ready for its Vogue Italia closeup

The artfully arranged tableau made poignant by the image of artist Dash Snow.

Maybe my personal favorite, the ridiculously decadent mirrored dressing room. (All pics Betty for

  1. Um, not only is he an amazing designer,, but he is pretttty beautiful also, non ? wowow

  2. WOW, he’s doing well.
    So glad he’s showing his collection in Paris next season, he’ll get better appreciated there.

  3. Well, made it fantastics! it is a well-combined art work!! on these great perfected pieces of creactive works you have put the two industries into one context and concept!! wish you the best ahead….

  4. Please return as a judge on Project Runway, you had the the most relavent comments and seemed to enjoy the process.

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