1. This looks like Francisco Lachowski… I’m pretty sure it him, not Luke Stevens. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Francisco’s just everywhere…Like a Karlie Kloss of male models… But he deserves it, he’s amazing

  3. I was talking about the pictures inside the MDX link… there is Luke. I don’t want to comment about Francisco

  4. Francisco is just too pretty. Clearly, it’s his moment, and I hope it will last.

  5. francisco is amazing and i’m happy for to see him at this ck presentation.

    he’s going to be a star

  6. It’s great to see Jullien Herrera in this presentation. He definitely has that Calvin Klein look!

  7. Don’t you worry, Francisco fans. He’s just been added to top 50, it’s always just a matter of time.


  8. It’s about time he gets on that list and i’m happy MDC finally put him on teh list.
    He’s a fantastic model and deserves his spot

    Thanks betty for telling us

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