Top 10 Newcomers FW 07 (Europe): Ali Michael


Ali Michael/DNA. Photo courtesy of DNA Models

All American Ali Michael exploded on the scene with consistent bookings in NY (Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler), London (Marc by Marc) and Paris (opening slot at Lanvin). Expect to see this classic beauty in all your blue chip fashion mags in the next few months. She’s that coveted!

  1. Ali Michael is simply stunning. She is also smart and wise about the pressures of modeling. She is not only a fashion model, but a role model too. I hope to see her more and more and hope that she continues her rise to supermodel stardom!

  2. Unfortunately Ali did get caught up in the modeling world and
    succumbed to the pressures to be thin. I support her for being
    brave and speaking out about the industry and how it contributed
    to her anorexia. It could happen to anyone what happened to Ali,
    because you are rewarded with more work and better quality
    modeling assignments the thinner you become. Teen Vogue are
    hypocrites because although they published Ali’s story
    and went on TV with her on the Today show, there will be no more
    editorials with Ali Michael in their magazine, they used Ali at
    the height of her anorexia. Even when they did the story on Ali
    they did not use any current photos but republished the anorexic
    photos of Ali. Im also glad she spoke out about how she was first
    asked to lose weight when she first started modeling locally in
    Dallas, so it is not just New York that has perpetuated this
    sick trend of fashion at any price including permanent health
    damage and death to our daughters. Anorexia is a very damaging
    illness. I cannot recommend anyone becoming a model anymore.

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