Exclusive: V Man To Hit Stands

Front Image: Actor Elias McConell Ph by Mario Testino for V Man

Let’s face it, the US men’s fashion market has not been the most scintillating place in recent years. While the more directional of men’s fashion designers have been crafting gorgeous runway moments, the American editorial reflection for this world has been somewhat sedate. That’s why when word surfaced that the resourceful minds behind Visionaire and V magazine were brewing a new men’s publication, our anticipation level flew off the charts. It was clear a major publication opportunity was being seized by the parties best suited. MDC caught up with Stephen Gan, Founder and Editor of Visionaire, V magazine and V Man, and Creative Director of Harpers Bazaar in between his many duties for this exclusive preview of V Man. And that’s not the end of it. Stay tuned to MDC for more exclusive sneak previews of what promises to be the most exciting men’s magazine in years.

Models.com: We’re hoping V Man is going to be oversized, bi-monthly and very very glossy.
Stephen Gan: Yes V-Man will be as glossy and well printed as V…everyone seems to want that…but it will only come out twice a year in the beginning. The premiere issue is Fall/Winter 03 and the next will be Spring/ Summer 04 until we choose to quicken the pace. V Man has to develop its own separate identity from V, which is why it has its own logo for branding an image, and also why it is the size of regular magazines. Yes it’s smaller than V because we just had to imagine V Man being able to be rolled up, stuck in a briefcase, a backpack or gym bag. Guys need to be able to grab it and go.

MDC: What new elements do you see V Man bringing to the men’s magazine market.
SG: We like to think we can offer “full on fashion” for the American male. Everyone keeps talking about a new breed of males, we’d like to think we address them…

MDC: Who is the V-Man. Is he young? Rich? Decadent?
SG: We think it’s a matter of taste more than age, and there are guys out there who are interested in looking good, who have money, but are young and cool, and have a wide eyed openness to style, fashion, design…and who are interested in a new concept of “male chic!” Think Karl Lagerfeld meets David Beckham meets a skateboarder meets a young executive…we’d like to think all these aspects are covered…

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