For F/W 24, Botter Goes Into ‘Dark Waters’ for The Climate Crisis

Caribbean couture and the ever-pressing issue of ocean pollution serve as continual themes for Botter and for their F/W 24 show, Lisi Herrebrugh & Rushemy Botter skillfully intertwine these elements for their “Dark Waters” collection, seamlessly fusing corporate office aesthetics with sportswear. The show, cast by longstanding collaborator Maida Boina, had Tass Sarr open the show adorned in a cerulean beanie emblazoned with “Caribbean couture” and complemented by a teal threaded cap. Beyond the realm of accessories, a noteworthy piece emerged in the form of an army green tailored jumpsuit, accentuated by a baby blue belted bag. Utility clothing remained a recurring theme throughout the collection, styled by Imruh Asha, exemplified with a classic white button-down shirt fused with suit-like material on the cuffs. The collection also showcased a tie-dye plaid suit with a distinctive arctic reference on a t-shirt tucked into pants, alongside a floral suit paired with sneakers from the Botter x Reebok capsule collaboration. Integrating cozy knitwear into the mix, Elvis Tagoe wore a striped sweater with a sheer collar paired with a saddle bag. Standout pieces included dress shoes Frankensteined with sneakers, a leather trench coat with a crackled finish seen on Shuting Yang and a hoodie worn with matching sweats worn by Mamuor Majeng. The latter’s look brought back the cleverly incorporated Shell logo reference, minus the ‘S’, as the oil and gas company deepwater drilling has contributed to the decline of aquatic environments in many countries. While this collection may be perceived as the duo’s most “wearable,” it remains a symbolic statement urging action on climate change, contributing to a collection that not only captures attention but prompts reflection on the urgent need for environmental responsibility.

All photos by Elodie Chapuis for

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