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Tatiana Cotliar.

One of the most hotly watched slots of NY Fashion Week is Girl 1 at Marc Jacobs. This year, the Argentinean, Tatiana “Tati” Cotliar, bounds onto the fashion world’s radar as the opener for one of Marc’s most critically acclaimed collections. A few weeks ago, we got into the mind of this dynamic young lady and it’s easy to see why Marc, Michelle Lee and the creative team at MJ fell in love. Look for our up and coming editorial with Ms. Cotliar where she proves she’s just as compelling in front of the lens as on the runway.

What is your favorite creative outlet?
I attended The Cinema School in Buenos Aires and have directed two short films, and like to personally style and create the wardrobes for all the characters. I cut all the clothes and reconstruct everything.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like to show my personality with the way I dress. I try to show character in my clothing. Everytime I create and outfit it has to show my quirky personality and how I feel each day. I always feel different. Sometimes I dress like a boy like Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and sometimes I like to be sexy and feminine like Jane Birkin.

If you were one actress who would you be?
Jane Birkin, the wife and muse of Serge Gainsbourg or Diane Keaton in any Woody Allen film.

What is your favorite city?
That is too difficult for me, it depends on my mood. I like different corners from every city. Chinatown in New York, the edgy Shoredich area of London and every corner café of Paris and of course my city, Buenos Aires.

What do you like most about being a model?
When I can perform and understand what a photographer, a designer or a stylist wants to transmit in their art. It’s all about this great exchange of energy.


(Special thanks to Jason/Next for the interview)

  1. Wow, aside from being beautiful and stylist, she has such an enlightened mind. I love this girl.

  2. How I love her!

    She’s an artisit. How lovely! She does resemble Suvi in that one photo. But she’s Selma Blair all the way.

    was enarmoured When I saw her at Burberry last London Fashion Week. Thank God she made it through and is getting some much deserved visibility. She is so captivating.


  4. Wow finally some real questions other than where are you from and how did you get discovered. Would be great to get to know these girls on a more personal level.

  5. Brazil has the sexy models, but the stylish southamerican ones are the Argentine girls!

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