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Alexander McQueen

As much as fashion is a business, the true power of our industry lies in its ability to inspire an audience, no designer understood this better than Alexander McQueen. His flawlessly tailored work and his theatrical shows, managed to innovate as well as captivate: even the most jaded fashion follower stood up and took notice of what McQueen did each season. His work was unique, daring and instantly iconic, in the wake of his tragic death, it is more important than ever to remember his groundbreaking and visionary contributions to the world of fashion. We ask MDC readers to share their favorite McQueen memories here.

McQueen S/S 2008

Spring / Summer 2008

Spring 2010

Spring / Summer 2010

Fall 2009

Fall / Winter 2009

Spring / Summer 2005

Spring / Summer 2005

Fall / Winter 2006

  1. McQueen was the very first designer to inspire me, even back in 1995, when Naomi went down the runway with golden horns on her head… it was groundbreaking. I think we will never fully realize the extent of the impact he had on art, neither our loss.

  2. A true fashion god that mankind has and will ever see; with his insanely unique mind he showed = we watched, he taught= we learned. r.i.p. Lee Alexander McQueen


  4. sweet peace baby, thanks for all you did for fashion. watch over us.

    much love!

  5. As for many If there was one designer in the world I had to choose who was most inspiring it is McQueen. RIP
    Love and Light!

  6. I deem that the death of Mcqueen is a big lost of the fashion world. He had created so many things which is impossible.

  7. This is very tragic news indeed, a great loss for all of us.
    His talent and craft were beyond design or mere seasonal fashion. It was Art from a genius.
    Rest In Eternal Peace, Lee Alexander McQueen.

  8. R.I.P Alexander McQueen.You will be remembered forever.
    For me, the work of F/W 09 is “the best” collection in our time.
    And i will never forget. YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS.
    THANK YOU !! McQueen.

  9. it’s heart-broken to hear one of my most admired design genius die….i was hoping to attend his show and meet him in person someday, well now it’ll forever be a dream…..RIP Lee the fashion world will miss you forever!!!!

  10. Alexander McQueen meus Deus não acreditei quando soube que o mago havia morrido, a moda está de luto e acabamos de perder um criador insubistituível…
    Fica aqui nossa admiração pelo seu trabalho muito bem realizado.

  11. Solo coloro che sono abbastanza folli da pensare di poter cambiare il mondo lo cambiano davvero” Einstain A. good by alexander

  12. I really admired his theatrical aspacts. We miss him.
    Love to Lee McQueen

  13. One of the highlights of the year for me were the Alexander McQueen fashion shows. To think that we will no longer see his genius on the runway is tragic. The world is diminished by the loss of his talent. Goodbye Lee. Hope you find peace in the land you have traveled to. You will be missed by so many.

  14. Such a significant loss. It’s very, very hard to believe. RIP, Lee. You were, and always will be, a genius.

  15. What an AMAZING talent!!! Artistry to the MAX!! He is gone and will be sorely missed. Lee McQueen R.I.P.

  16. repose in peace mister mcqueen , i think you was one of the best designer of the world oh fashion , love u so much …

  17. He truly was an artist..Always so unique…
    I loved his shows!!Summer 2010 is brilliant..I love the space shoes.Amazing job!
    Rest in peace Alexander,we will always remmember you,and how original you were!

  18. Unlike a lot of people here (I assume), I’m not an avid follower of fashion. Clothes are clothes in my opinion. But his dresses made me feel something. I wish I could be more eloquent, but I’m in shock and I don’t know why his death affects me as much as it does. So I’ll leave behind a quote that sums up what his work meant for me: “…not the sad memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones – those impressions of one’s most distant past in which dreams and realities blend – and they laughed with quiet enjoyment.”

    Rest in peace Mr.Mcqueen. As many have stated before me, you were not merely a designer, but an artist.

  19. Spring Summer 2005 – The Most entertaining show of the decade, undoubtedly.

    He made his whole work repertoire a show. Continually finding ways to reach & entertain an audience, who would think upon & be inspired by the fashionable production of his work over the years.

    Rest In Peace – to the tragic loss of a modern industrialist hero – Alexander McQueen.

  20. all i remember about Alex is his gorgeous fashion show.
    his design is just chic and funny!

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